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    Mt Adams is Holy Mountain of 19 in world

    Interesting indeed...makes me wonder about my obsession with heading up Adams (well, in my climbing/hiking days). I frequented the summit many times and still gaze upon it whenever I travel there. Chocorua has that affect on me as well.
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    Round 2 -Spring Storm

    Totaled 12.5" here in southeast VT (750ft) but now melting fast, snow pack already down to about 9". I havn't needed my snowshoes this winter until the March 23/24 snow dump (20") and probably today.
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    Mt. Greylock

    What's a 'Thunderbolt'...other than that ski/hike trail on...the eastern slope? Some sort of club I would guess...
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    Mt. Greylock

    I have so many memories and stories of hiking and camping there. I'm 72 (today) but in my day: hiked from the south gate to the summit and skied down. Camped on the summit in late March one year, froze our tails off. Painfully post-holed the last mile to the summit one mostly snow-less winter at...