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    DEC won't rebuild Marcy Dam

    Click here for details.
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    Trap Dike - Best Hike in ADKs - hike or climb?

    Just my opinion, of course ...
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    State buys more Finch, Pruyn lands

    State announced the purchase of OK Slip Falls, Blue Ledge, Indian River confluence, and other lands today. Details here.
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    DEC proposals for Finch, Pruyn lands

    Just posted on a blog on Protect the Adirondacks plan for the Finch lands. You can read it here. You also might be interested in an earlier piece on mountain-bike opportunities on the Finch lands and whether bikes should be allowed on certain trails in Wilderness.
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    DEC proposals for Finch, Pruyn lands

    We have now posted higher-res maps on both the Explorer and Almanack sites.
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    DEC proposals for Finch, Pruyn lands

    Because the maps on the Almanack site are hard to read, I posted them larger on the Explorer site. You can glean info from the maps not in the article. Click here to see the maps.
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    DEC proposals for Finch, Pruyn lands

    Adirondack Explorer obtained a copy of DEC's proposals for the Finch, Pruyn lands. You can read the story on Adirondack Almanack.
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    Map of former Finch lands to open in spring

    Come spring, it looks like paddlers will be able travel down the Hudson from Newcomb to the Goodnow River. Click here to see a map of the former Finch, Pruyn lands that will be open.
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    Ranger report for August/September

    A little late, but DEC's Region 5 just released the ranger report for last August and September.
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    A bigger High Peaks Wilderness?

    Adirondack Council's proposal to expand the High Peaks Wilderness should be of interest to hikers and paddlers. Read about it here.
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    Review of "Life Under the Fast Lane," a guidebook for bushwhackers

    Click here to read my review of "Life Under the Fast Lane," the guidebook authored by Tom DuBois.
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    Rafting guide arrested after client drowns

    State Police say a guide for Hudson River Rafting Co. was intoxicated when his client drowned in the Indian River yesterday morning. Click here to read story and news release.
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    DEC defends decision to kill bull moose

    DEC says it had no choice but to kill an injured bull moose in Wilmington Notch yesterday. Click here to read story.
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    ADK's new guidebooks

    I just posted an article on Adirondack Almanack about the changes to the ADK guidebooks. Read it here.
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    Shingle Shanty lawsuit update

    I can't discuss the lawsuit against me, but those who are following the case can click here for an update.
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    Sugarloaf slabs part of finch, pruyn deal

    We have heard a lot about the hiking and paddling opportunities that will open up after the state acquires the former Finch, Pruyn lands. Rock climbers have much to look forward to as well. I'm told the huge cliffs on Sugarloaf Mountain offer some of the best slab climbing in the Adirondacks...
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    Ranger Report for June-July 2012

    Wrong turns, twisted ankles and other calamities ... Read about them all here.
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    High Peaks SUmmit Journal

    The Mountaineer in Keene Valley has gotten into the publishing business. It recently came out with "Adirondack High Peaks Summit Journal," a pocket-size notebook for aspiring 45ers. I wrote a little about it on my blog.
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    energy bars

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