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  1. loanshark

    Post-knee replacement hiking ?

    I didn't have much choice with my TKR. I could no longer even perform simple yard work. My knee was getting a bow in it from lack of Cartlidge. I'm very pleased with my choice of surgeon and hospital. I have full extention and about 140 degrees on flexibility. Hiker Ed recommended his PT. He was...
  2. loanshark


    Thanks for posting this. What a riot!
  3. loanshark


    Also agree with Rocket 21 MSR Denali or Tubbs Flex Alps are the way to go. Plenty tough enough and help maintain trail integrity. Also for safety issues.
  4. loanshark

    Thanks Marty, Been rehabbing pretty hard hopefully it pays off.

    Thanks Marty, Been rehabbing pretty hard hopefully it pays off.
  5. loanshark

    Good site!

    Haven't posted for a while, just had TKR in September. Hopefully back on trails this spring.
  6. loanshark

    New AMC Hut in Crawford Notch???

    I don't really see the need for another hut, Particularly in this location. Enough is enough.
  7. loanshark

    lost binoculars

    Lost small pair of binoculars on trail to Whitecap Mt in Maine. Anyone who finds them please send me a pm
  8. loanshark

    Silverfox is grid finisher #44

    Congrats Mark, you are truly an inspiration to all who have knee issues!
  9. loanshark

    Big Slide on the Ides of March 2014

    Congrats John, I guess I now know why I haven't bumped into you in the Whites for a while.
  10. loanshark

    Day hike ideas in Colorado

    There are many nice day hikes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Out of Brainard Lake you might try Pawnee Peak. Great scenery and a mellow 10 miles. From the 4th of July Trailhead a nice hike would be to Arapaho Glacier and South Arapaho Peak. From RMNP try Black Lake from the Glacier Gorge...
  11. loanshark

    Scrambles in New England

    Since there are some closed trails on the list, how about the old Passaconaway slide trail?
  12. loanshark

    Congratulations to the latest Grid Finishers - Earl and Sue

    Congrats to both of you. I know how hard you worked at this. And I know how hard all the driving was for both of you.
  13. loanshark

    Ravine Lodge Road

    Anyone know the status of Ravine Lodge Road?
  14. loanshark

    White Cap Mountain (100 Mile Wilderness) 11/22

    Nice report Ed, Did this and Gulf Hagus 3 years ago. I agree the ride in is as much of an adventure as the hike, even with my 4X4 truck.
  15. loanshark

    Heel lifts on snowshoes

    Spend the extra money and get the shoes with the heel lifts. Worth every penny.
  16. loanshark

    Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail Maintenance (28 October 2012)

    Ammo Trail I was on your trail last Friday. It was in great shape then. Thanks for your effort.
  17. loanshark

    Double NEHH Finish on Scar Ridge, 10/13/2012

    Nice one to finish on Earl. Congrats to you and Sue.
  18. loanshark

    Pemi-traverse (Zealand > Bonds) 8/31/12. For a WM48 finish!

    48 finish Well done and congrats!
  19. loanshark

    Zealand / Bonds - Out and back, or traverse? ...for our 48 4K finish!

    The traverse is the way to go. The hike out from Bondcliff goes by quickly.