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  1. Rhody Seth

    Mt Adams is Holy Mountain of 19 in world

    I also like bumping old threads when appropriate. It's one of the advantages of a message board over most forms of social media which constantly just bury old content in favor of the new. I had no idea Mt. Adams was so powerful. Next time I'm up there I'll try to feel some of its cosmic energy.
  2. Rhody Seth

    saying hello

  3. Rhody Seth

    Mount Wachusett as Everest Training Ground

    I've been watching his videos on the climb. He does a good job of presenting what happens each day. The summit one should drop tomorrow. Wild to think he made his money from Minecraft videos.
  4. Rhody Seth

    Water filter

    I use the Katadyn BeFree for a couple years and have been happy with it. Packs down small and I can use it as an additional water bladder if need be. Some people have had issues with the soft flask leaking but it's worked well for me thus far.
  5. Rhody Seth

    how much fun are group hikes?

    Not really my thing. My mom enjoyed doing those types of local hikes though. Seems like a good option for older hikers or anyone else that would rather hike in a big group. Some people aren't as at ease in the woods. They'd rather hike with company.
  6. Rhody Seth

    Ultra Runner Search and Rescue in the Pemi

    Probably because in this day and age most people are carrying something that allows they to communicate with loved ones if they are running late. Either that or he did a poor job of conveying this timetable to them. I always tell my wife something like, "I should be done around 3 PM. Don't...
  7. Rhody Seth

    Acadia Best day hikes

    Have fun, we visited in April 2021. Fun family trip and it was nice exploring in the off-season as it was very quiet. I took some early morning trips up Dorr Mountain (nice view of Cadillac) and Champlain Mountain which had great views of Bar Harbor and the coast. I could have continued on...
  8. Rhody Seth

    North Percy was hard to beat for the eclipse in Northern NH.

    Great write up PB. Glad you had good weather and a fine spot to view.
  9. Rhody Seth

    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 days and counting - Eclipse in Northern NH - Where you going to be ?

    I hope you all have a great eclipse tomorrow. I'm staying put in RI. Get thee deep into that totality!
  10. Rhody Seth

    Maine Court Rules that Sunday Hunting Bans is constitutional

    Sort of blows my mind that Rhode Island allows hunting on Sunday but Maine does not.
  11. Rhody Seth

    Overnight Stay at Gray Knob - March 16, 2024

    It will be so tough but I shall do my best. (y)
  12. Rhody Seth

    Overnight Stay at Gray Knob - March 16, 2024

    Thanks all. Had the surgery yesterday morning and it seemed to go well. I can walk around with soreness but no pain. Time to head back to PT!
  13. Rhody Seth

    Overnight Stay at Gray Knob - March 16, 2024

    I spent last weekend in the northern Presidentials. Drove up on Friday, parked at the Appalachia trailhead and hiked in the woods a ways for a quick night out. The next morning I met up with friends at Lowe's Path and we took it up to Gray Knob. We arrived just in time to secure sleeping...
  14. Rhody Seth

    Winter - Enjoy what is left of it

    Yes I posted an update video on my site and received several comments from people who have gone through the same thing. So I'm cautiously hopeful about the whole thing. Just wish it wasn't another month away.
  15. Rhody Seth

    Winter - Enjoy what is left of it

    I get little satisfaction out of hiking in this state anymore. It's like eating gruel after tasting filet mignon.
  16. Rhody Seth

    Winter - Enjoy what is left of it

    This has been an absolute dogshit winter for me. The only snow we got here in southern RI was about two weeks ago. Cold temps kept it around for a bit but it's mostly gone now. And I've got a torn meniscus in my left knee which has left me hobbling and unable to do much other than the...
  17. Rhody Seth

    Mittens for really cold hands

    I splurged on a pair of Mainers mittens recently. They should be super warm - now I just need to get into some really cold temps to try them out.
  18. Rhody Seth

    Ya Can't Make this Stuff Up!!

    I gotta say, that sign's a little obtuse. How about a good ol' fashioned "NOT AN ACTUAL TRAIL - DOES NOT LEAD TO SKI LODGE."
  19. Rhody Seth

    Fatality on Mt. Guyot

    Since we're sharing, here's my typical winter daypack. Certainly nothing like @NH2112 but this would be for your standard NH48 ascent, not deep backcountry outings.