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  1. WildPeaks

    Typical Tom/Field/Willey Report 9/22/12

    Kevin, Judy& Emma, Thanks so much for allowing me to join you on a real nice day up there. It is true, I did just plan to head up to Avalon or the most Field. But it didn't take much to convince me to keep going. Pleasant day and even more pleasant was the company! I'm guessing Emma did...
  2. WildPeaks

    So, one more to go!

    So close Christine!!! 1. Congrats to you and Geneva. Give her an extra treat & hug, cause I can't! 2. It was a friends #47w Sat.. 3. I wonder how much I missed you by, cause we were "across the street" on Jefferson, from Cog lot. That was absolutely the weirdest visit to Jefferson in mid...
  3. WildPeaks

    Mt. Flume & Liberty 3-10-12

    I know you've experienced this before.... "Wow, this is nothing like the last time I was here!" Well.... Can't help but get excited to go up the Flume slide Trail. Waaaay back I took my oldest daughter, 13 at the time, and my nephew and his friend both 12, on a backpacking trip. It was May and...
  4. WildPeaks

    Scar Ridge, Middle Peak 2/4/12

    There yah go...... I found S. Hitchcock a cake walk of mostly open woods! Depends on the route, the year, conditions....... Becca did Clough a couple of weeks before us and hit nothing real bad from what I recalled in her TR, while others wrote a different story all together. We saw where she...
  5. WildPeaks

    Scar Ridge, Middle Peak 2/4/12

    That's a pic Becca of the in your face stuff that you had to somehow crawl through to get up the cone. You couldn't go over it and you couldn't go under cause the snow was actually too deep under, you had to break through the crust on the branches. It was the hardest so far! Going up the...
  6. WildPeaks

    Scar Ridge, Middle Peak 2/4/12

  7. WildPeaks

    Scar Ridge, Middle Peak 2/4/12

    Pucknuts & I planned to hit both Middle & East Peaks. We've both been warned about the "Ridge" but I found West, last year, nothing to write home about, as far as steep & thick. We started a bit late, but that's not rare, as we don't mind headlamps! We headed up from 112 and right away hit the...
  8. WildPeaks

    Hiking the Cog ?

    That was my first descent down from Washington. Early June 1974 17 years, old.. whoo hooo, and just graduated HS. yah..don't do the math..ok First hike period!!! Up Ammo and onto the summit. LoC Hut was closed, but the old wooden summit structure was there. THAT was something to see. I...
  9. WildPeaks

    Mt Isreal

    Jeans and T shirt???? For sure. First backpacking wear. Right? When I got out, or kind of had to be talked into turning around (it was pouring) The only dry area was under my belt.:D I had a ..aghmmm poncho on and it wicked all the way up. Good thing I had a belt on!
  10. WildPeaks

    A Dream Becomes Reality on Mount Major 6/21/11

    Awesome Kevin!!! Don't worry about the rest. It will happen.
  11. WildPeaks

    Oh....that's electrifying!!! I was down the Cape off season once, and just for giggles went...

    Oh....that's electrifying!!! I was down the Cape off season once, and just for giggles went from sauna, as long as I could stand it, then to the pool 3 times (sorry, that wasn't ice water then) but I was so charged, ..much later I looked at the clock and it was about 6:30 AM and said...
  12. WildPeaks

    Used to do it all the time. I think the last time I did, was after that buggy, hot hike up Mt...

    Used to do it all the time. I think the last time I did, was after that buggy, hot hike up Mt. Katadin. Had to do it! But you are so.... right...refreshing!! Ever go in literal ice water?
  13. WildPeaks

    South & North Baldface 6/20/11

    Hey, good to see you enjoyed that as well. Of course i remember it well, that was one of Jerry Horne's round of W4k's!
  14. WildPeaks

    I hinted, but got no response. i think they were set on a cold one back at the lot! Thanks for...

    I hinted, but got no response. i think they were set on a cold one back at the lot! Thanks for the box! Never knew I was getting them for the longest time!! (so smart)
  15. WildPeaks

    South & North Baldface 6/20/11

    Yes, I do remember the summit and about the area. I can see why they're your favs! Will see you at some point out there.
  16. WildPeaks

    South & North Baldface 6/20/11

    Haven't posted a TR in a long time BUT.....have to write this one! After a couple of days in Baxter SP a few years ago, I vowed NEVER to hike in June again!....Ever. It was Hazy, Hot & Humid and the bugs were beyond bad. I set my tent up with full Goretex, hat & gloves on. I must have lost...
  17. WildPeaks

    Pierce, Eisenhower & Monroe 3-19-10

    Crawford Path from lot off 302 to Cog lot down parts of the Ammonoosuc Ravine Tr. Most of the trails required snowshoes excluding the north side of Eisenhower & down the "Gully" to the right of the Ammo Tr. as you descend. Best with crampons down the gully. Some areas along the way were bare...
  18. WildPeaks

    Hale, South Hale, Zealand, Guyot and the Bonds

    Hey Albee, Thanks much for sharing!! Nice trip. I was looking at the back side of Hale this winter on the way to the Twins and thinking..boy, that looks like a much nicer way to Hale than the regular winter route. And S. Hale would be on the plate with Zealand as a maybe. You really went the...
  19. WildPeaks

    Bonds trip from hell, March 12, Winter peaks 46 & 47

    Hey Mark, CONGRATS on your completion!! Hope the eye is ok. You may want to check that puppy out anyway. Don't mess with your eyes. I took one in the eye on the way to Mt. Kanc. & it left a crater like divot in the white area. Ended up ok, but was able to run the symptoms by my brother, an...
  20. WildPeaks

    Weekend backpacks and lower back issues

    Hey Adkayaker, Was just reading your post. Not sure if you already bought one....but, I'll tell you what I found, that works for me. Back a ways when I was young, foolish & unstoppable, at least I thought, I ended up rupturing a disk at L4-L5. I ended up needing surgery. After I healed up...