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    Lydia finishes the 4K list - 4 years old editted

    I don't mind people writing books about their hikes, and it is their personal takes that make them interesting. I read and enjoy your posts whether I've done those hikes or not. Your observations and impressions are what make them worthwhile. I would never want to discourage someone from...
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    Last Minute Harriman State Park Beta

    Well in their defense I almost never do more than nod when I'm struggling uphill. Downhill is another matter.
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    Last Minute Harriman State Park Beta

    You're right, we encountered them one day too. They made nasty comments about my wife, who was in shorts and a T-shirt. Our solution: hike on Saturday.
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    Last Minute Harriman State Park Beta

    I think they're Korean. Generally very friendly. We usually run into them near lean-tos. On Schunemunk one group had this little wood-fueled stove for cooking lunch and brewing tea. There are several much less crowded trails. For instance, if we start at Kakiat County Park and loop around Pine...
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    Last Minute Harriman State Park Beta

    There are toilets available on Bear Mountain summit, at Lake Tiorata, Lake Welch, Anthony Wayne parking lot, Bear Mountain Inn, and other places. Granted it's not convenient for lean-tos, but as Mr. Swanson notes the state is not interested in anything more.
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    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 days and counting - Eclipse in Northern NH - Where you going to be ?

    Great conditions at North Hero, a few high, filtering clouds but the sun was always present. Most of the eclipse matched those I've seen before: some darkening like dusk, or clouds before a storm. The totality was unreal. The last few seconds before totality, darkness dropped like a curtain...
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    Mt. Greylock

    I like that mountain. We park on Hopper Road past the Haley Farm, go up Money Brook, Mts. Prospect, Williams, and Fitch, over to Greylock, down to Stony Ledge, and then out to the farm. My favorite route starts at the Notch Road gate, up Bernard Farm Trail to the AT, over to Greylock, and then...
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    Last Minute Harriman State Park Beta

    From my friends' reports, very little if any ice. Mud not really a problem in Harriman, most of the trails are rock. Don't know about whether roads are open, we arrive by bus or train. Bears are there, I've seen about a half-dozen over the years. Not really habituated to lean-tos in my...
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    Trail From Bog Brook Rd To Wildcat D/E Col?

    Just saw this thread. I've gone that way to the hut, up to Carter Dome, and down Rainbow. A wonderful trail, ferns and beeches, quiet, remote. Down low it was so wet I took my boots off for stretches.
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    NY hiker clung to tree above Adirondack cliff after sliding hundreds of feet

    There is a detailed description on the Adirondack Mountain News facebook page, but I can't figure out how to post the link. Basically the woman was an experienced hiker on her third round of the ADK 46, she had all the equipment she needed to survive, and she hiked out with her responders. I've...
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    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 days and counting - Eclipse in Northern NH - Where you going to be ?

    Will be biking to some viewpoint on North Hero. Will probably be cloudy.
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    Harriman State Park Winter Parking

    Do the Anthony Wayne Recreation Center and Bear Mountain lots remain open in winter?
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    Microspikes are wear items

    Infuriates me to see trail widening for no reason other than runners want to avoid rocks. Throughout Hudson Highlands and Harriman, runners go around rocks, ignoring the marked trail so they can tear up vegetation and erode dirt. Appreciate the work you're doing but it feels like a losing battle.
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    NH Rattlesnakes Article

    NY state has closed portions of Breakneck Ridge to protect rattlesnake habitat. I've only seen one there but it was big.
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    Looking for backcountry camping opportunity near waterfalls.

    My wife and I have hiked Schunnemunk for over twenty-five years and it's never let us down. In Harriman we like the Dunderberg Mt.–Timp Torne loop that starts at a parking lot on Rte. 9, just north of the big ship anchors. Go right on the Ramapo–Dunderberg trail over to Bald Mt. and then over...
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    The Vermont 4ks

    Don't forget to grab Mendon and Pico for your other lists.
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    Mt OJI Trail Route

    We did Fort and the Brothers and then came down Coe. It started to rain, which made the slide tricky.
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    Sleeping bag age?

    My Marmot from 1984 still works okay.