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    Redlining racist?

    I assume the 'hmm' was added to make sure it was '14 words'?
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    Mask mandate on Federal property, including WMNF

    Learning how to reason and debate is a good life skill. Logic isn't political. Helpful website: If a bunch of very confident mediocre white guys people yelling into a computer isn't your thing, I suggest consider going for a hike. :)
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    East Baldpate (ME, WNEHH), 09-Mar-2019

    Congrats - sounds like a fun time!
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    Spring Equinox and Winter Summits

    And meteorological winter Is December 1st thru the end of February. :) Re: The 'Patch' - whomever gives out the patch gets to set the standard. So, AMC says start after the Winter Solstice, finish by Spring Equinox, those are the rules for that patch. Don't like it, make your own! :) I think...
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    TBT Features Mt. Hale Fire Tower

    The wildest part is seeing the summit treeless - that's wild! I wonder what the summit was like before it was logged (how tall were the 'old growth' trees at that elevation?).
  6. T went down on Jan 30, 2019

    It looks like bad luck. I checked a few other things that require permits and they appear to be working!
  7. T went down on Jan 30, 2019
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    Watch the GPS or the Trail

    Counterpoint: :)
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    Watch the GPS or the Trail

    Given the choice, I'd probably follow the trail in this circumstance. But I'd also read the guidebook and study the map ahead of time. The turn at Gem Pool is well noted. I had a friend lead a group astray while attempting to do Isolation at night via Glen Boulder. We ended up hiking the...
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    Winter bag for Grey Knob and the huts...

    I think they try to keep it below 50 or so to help manage moisture. The care taker manages the stove and usually lights it up to help people dry off their gear and then let's it die off overnight. I have found it to be cozy in my late winter trips. Gray Knob got new mattresses last winter -...
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    Winter bag for Grey Knob and the huts...

    At gray knob I just use my 20-degree bag and I am usually plenty warm. I usually only stay on Sunday nights so I imagine with a full house it might get even warmer. If you stay at Crag you'll definitely want a 0 or -30 bag depending on how cold it is supposed to be since there is no heat...
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    Trail Runner Kills Mountain Lion with Bare Hands

    Wow. Hope the injuries aren't serious/long term, but it's a pretty bonkers answer to "How'd you get that scar?", even if it was only an 80lb cat.
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    One big Icy Mess up North

    Woah - that would have been a sight to see!
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    One big Icy Mess up North

    In terms of icy mess, the Swift River in Tamworth (south of the distillery) is now dammed up and flowing each of it's usual channel. It was neat to walk on the 4+ feet of ice that now fill the main channel. Also, looking at the USGS gauge from 1/24, it looks like an ice dam might have broken...
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    Drunk Bloggers Killed After 800 Foot Fall in Yosemite

    I know the terms "intoxicated" and "drunk" are generally used interchangeably, but to me intoxication feels more like a technical term (presence of alcohol in the blood), while drunk feels more like a behavioral description (someone acting drunk). There are studies that have shown that...
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    New Hampshire Stone Wall Project

    When you open the link, on the top left, click the 'Layer List' icon (2nd from the left), then you'll see what JoshandBaron was referencing with regards to lidar data.
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    POLL: Your longest day?

    8 hours of not moving on the Brothers/Fort/Coe hike? Was it the slow going? :)
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    POLL: Your longest day?

    About 18 hours on day 2 of an overnight. From near the top of the Isolation West trail over Washington, around Clay and Jefferson, over Adams and Madison, down the DW Scout trail. First hike of the year (before I winter hiked) and lots of overweight gear. Feet got torn to shreds. Should have...
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    Hale Fire Road Access - Little River Road Winter Access Twins and Hale

    I thought Tim waa talking about the gate on RT 3, not Little River Rd.
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    Funding for continuing VFTT

    Thread bump in case people are looking to donate at the end of the year. Although not sure if this is tax deductible.