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  1. Raven

    AMC asking for donations

    I appreciate the shout out. It's an extraordinary group of knowledgeable, creative, and experienced people, many with really cool jobs, all with a volunteer's heart. I'm not sure how I got on there, but I try to represent the dirt-worshiping, hiker trash community and try to listen more than I...
  2. Raven

    AMC asking for donations

    Thank you for the clarification as you are correct. They only charge some of their volunteers. I also found it very easy to volunteer for USFS. Surprisingly, there was not much bureaucracy or paperwork.
  3. Raven

    AMC asking for donations

    Interesting conversation about the cost of volunteering. I was the trail adopter for the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail for 7 years. I chose to volunteer for the USFS as opposed to AMC for that very reason. I'm not paying to volunteer. I'm happy to donate time, gas, my tool use, clothing, and some...
  4. Raven

    Want to travel to a NH destination? Not Yet.

    "A scientist, police chief, and politician all sit down at a table." Anyone here ever see Jaws? Recall how the beaches were all deemed safe by the summer season opening weekend? The most dangerous animal in that movie was not the shark. We all make our own decisions. Please make yours with...
  5. Raven

    Dont Mess with a Loon

    I saw this. I swim in a local pond that has a few loons. I was in the middle of it last summer with my daughter when one surfaced not 10 feet from us. As you can imagine, they're not small. And they move like a missile. I wouldn't want to take a hit from one. One of the most beautiful...
  6. Raven

    Self Rescue on Downe's Brook

    I never tell anyone to expect a call by a certain time. I do tell them I have everything I need. If I talk at all. Cell service is sporadic, phones die, and usually the only technology I take on a hike are flashlights. Three of them. He was apparently able to spend the night trail side...
  7. Raven

    First Indications of ATV Corona Virus imits in NH

    I have found myself making this point on a few occasions. There are people who are considering things safe because they are labelled essential. As if the virus has pity on those getting groceries. The universe is cold.
  8. Raven

    Katahdin Woods and Waters declared a Dark Sky Sanctuary

    My darkest skies: 1. Glacier National Park around 2008 when I had the opportunity to stay inside the park for a week. The Milky way was so clearly obvious. 2. Hundred Mile Wilderness in Maine in 2000, I was treated to an outstanding aurora display. 3. Northern BSP on a few camping trips. 4...
  9. Raven

    AMC Huts closed for the duration of 2020!

    I imagine the huts will have a caretaker to make sure people aren't setting up tents on roofs. Search and rescue operations will not have the benefit of having numerous hut croo at treeline ready to volunteer. This may add time to the rescue, particularly to the often vital first responder on...
  10. Raven

    Hiking is less fun in the internet age

    Ouch....I tend to not backpack in warm months so the summer thing I avoid. I've seen Guyot jammed though on the way by. More reason to carry that hammock I've got I suppose. I tend to pick odd locations or very "off" days to overnight. Same reason I visit caves and such on rainy crowd.
  11. Raven

    Hiking is less fun in the internet age

    Brian. An interesting distraction from....well, I wasn't doing much. My thoughts: 1) Parking challenges at EVERY trailhead. I don't often see this but I do hike often in areas farther north and away from the crowds. If I go to Franconia, I'm on trail before sunrise, weekday. I've looked down...
  12. Raven

    A strange "hiking" partner

    This is the most random thread I've read on VFTT. Monty Python, KMart, Bugs Bunny, Jefferson Airplane. :)
  13. Raven

    Mt Langdon Shelter Removal

    I had the pleasure of one night in Resolution Shelter in maybe 1998. Great spot. Got there early, napped on the roof and read "Never Cry Wolf."
  14. Raven

    Traveler Loop In The Rain

    I was thinking the same about the first climb up from the lake. It's rough rock but narrow in spots. Not particularly bad but a spot to take care for sure.
  15. Raven

    Reminder - Berlin ATV Festival on this weekend

    No speculation here, Cap'n. I'll dig up last year's numbers given some time. I've got the figures on ATV accidents from 2018. As my HS math teacher said, "figures don't lie, but liars figure." Your post is tremendous.
  16. Raven

    Reminder - Berlin ATV Festival on this weekend

    The $1 surcharge paid by OHRV registrations may not even cover the S&R costs for OHRV accidents. There were two more Saturday that F&G was involved in. It's not just hikers, folks. There are quite a few ATV rescues as well. "Conservation Officers Respond to Two Separate OHRV Crashes Saturday...
  17. Raven

    ADK 46 completed by 4-year old

    This is what matters here. If she's a happy, healthy kid, good for all of them. Lead an extraordinary life.
  18. Raven

    Tourists making a mess of national Parks

    Carelessly leaving lots of trash in GNP could have some very real, very natural consequences.
  19. Raven

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    The people of New Hampshire have spoken loudly, clearly, and with tenacity and intention. Just. Now we sing. "Na na na na Na na na na Hey hey hey Good bye."
  20. Raven

    Really Hot Humid Weekend Coming up

    Regarding doxycycline, the rumors are true. Avoid shellfish. :eek: