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  1. ctsparrow

    Franconia brook trl/13 falls/twin brook trail region beta request

    Awesome info peakbagger! I knew flooding def a spring thing wasn't sure how prevalent rest of season. I haven't done full length of Fran brook trl so very helpful! Thx!:
  2. ctsparrow

    Franconia brook trl/13 falls/twin brook trail region beta request

    Thanks all. I carried bear spray in Denali, ⁵don't think I ll go that route. Have encountered bears on trails b4, they seem happy to move on. Concern is for human acclimated ones near 13 falls, will make noise keep my head on a swivel and eat lunch quickly lol. Thanks for the heads up on...
  3. ctsparrow

    Franconia brook trl/13 falls/twin brook trail region beta request

    So am aware of recent high bear activity near 13 falls backcountry campsite. Any trail issues with encounters in the area? Also, how is the beaver pond area on franconia brook trail? Foot+ of mud? Foot + water? Or just usual? Recent info from past month or so best. USFS not answering...
  4. ctsparrow

    Parking lot beta

    Going into lonesome as a volunteer on an upcoming weekend, any beta on how soon Lafayette/bridal path areas fill up on a Friday am? Thinking I might have to stash a bike somewhere if need to use tram parking. Thx ctsparrow
  5. ctsparrow

    Mount Osceola Southwest Slide 7/21/2020

    WOW! Awesome trip report!
  6. ctsparrow

    Wanderings from Appalachia lot 7/25

    So I got up at 5am for a 530 departure to head up to the whites on a predicted cool, sunny non-stifling day out and about. My plan was to go check out the rebuilt Maddy Hut. Original thoughts were to revisit Airline after 30 years, do the cutoff, chk out the hut, maybe Maddy summit then out...
  7. ctsparrow

    Parking beta cannon tram lot

    Thanks peakbagger, not too worried bout it, mostly checking cause of the holiday weekend and no shuttle. Thinking hikers might spread out abit. Looking forward to the section of KRT that I haven't done. ctsparrow/sue
  8. ctsparrow

    Parking beta cannon tram lot

    Looking a couple diff hikes for Sat, one would involve Cannon tramway parking lot, am aware tram is closed thru summer, just curious best estimate of when hiker lot there would fill, thinking tourist lot more available than if tram running. Would prob arrive bet 900-930am. Thx in advance...
  9. ctsparrow

    Wind in tucks this weekend

    My son has a 5+ hr drive from no maine thus debating.
  10. ctsparrow

    Wind in tucks this weekend

    Thanks peak bagger, Sunday was looking like the best of the weekend supposedly with some sun shining albeit def cooler and windy, thus cooler than cooler. Sounds like you are hearing unsettled pretty much all weekend. That's why I ask, forecasts seem to be so broad,and yes if the clouds are...
  11. ctsparrow

    Wind in tucks this weekend

    NWS saying high winds at summit late sat thru Sunday, however, wind direction is W then NW. Know the ravine will be somewhat protected. Best guess on what to expect? Winds 60 to 75 summit with gusts to 90. Thinking the ravine floor will be a swirl-a-Rama aka toilet bowling with anything less...
  12. ctsparrow

    Lafayette Bridal Path both ways 3/30/16

    Beautiful sunny blue sky day. One inch of new at bottom to 3 inches up high, drifts up to 10/12 inches hut to summit, from previous day small snow and blowing winds. Huge meltdown from sun and warm temps by the time we exited, 330pm. Still advantageous to have atleast something for traction...
  13. ctsparrow

    H2H round 2 A FINE WEEKEND AHEAD for 50+miles in 24 hrs!

    My son, Nate will re-attempt a H2H this Sunday of Labor Day weekend. First attempt end of July, was 30 out of 52 miles done. 2am start from Carter with wet rocks slowed earlier hours esp up to Madison via Osgood. Attempt was called just past Crawford, as his hiking partner was fighting...
  14. ctsparrow

    HUT TO HUT advise

    good to know dave, wasnt aware of a distinction on that one, i do think that if they start at 2am ish, they will complete by midnight, but i will pass the beta along! They are actually hiking tomorrow 7/29, wish them luck!
  15. ctsparrow

    HUT TO HUT advise

    Thanks Chris, I already checked out your Madison Gulf report, will do so with the Osgood report as well. I am going to print up both for the boys. They are not trail runners, but I am sure they will be successful! Sue Ctsparrow
  16. ctsparrow

    Lauky's last hike

    Have enjoyed all the posts over the years from Ed'n Lauky. My heart and tears to you. I am so happy to see you have welcomed a new member to your family and hiking family. Too often the last good night to our beloved four legged buddies hinders us two legged ones from reaching out and...
  17. ctsparrow

    HUT TO HUT advise

    Hi all, I have 2 20yr olds shooting for hut to hut tuesday 7/28. they are going Carter to LLHut directionally. Any helpful advise for them is great. One-my son- has done the NE48, and he works as a backcountry caretaker so he is well versed, his partner while not as experienced has been in the...
  18. ctsparrow

    AMC campsite caretakers in their 50's+...

    Don't have much to add about the specific question, but I am proud to announce that my son, Nate- formerly known as 'Short Stride', NH48-age 12, NE67-age 14, now a college sophomore will be the west rotator for the AMC this year, so if you are in the Kinsman/Liberty/Garfield platform areas...
  19. ctsparrow

    Chocurua beta

    Will be in the Chocurua area for a family event this weekend. Any beta on trail conditions? Will be on the Chocurua/Tamworth side. Thanks!
  20. ctsparrow

    BAX-TAH Beta request

    Thanks all for the heads up. Plan on being at the gate Saturday ridiculously early, prob 5 am, I m going to hike So Turner then head into Chimney Pond to meet them on the way out. I plan on having them start as soon as the rangers will let us in to drive to the trailhead. Surprised about the...