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  1. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road

    Thanks again for the info!! We were pleasantly surprised with the road conditions- much better than in the summer. We enjoyed the hike and successfully reached the summit of Goose Eye. The tracks that you saw went all the way to the summit.
  2. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road

    Thanks so much for checking on that!! The information is really appreciated.
  3. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road

    Hey Lefty E - have you been by Success Pond Road since the recent snow on Christmas? We’re debating attempting Goose Eye on our way from Rangeley to Berlin tomorrow.
  4. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road

    I'll be heading out there in March for sure. If there's been a lot of snow before I do the hike, I'll check in with you. The info is much appreciated!!
  5. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road

    Thanks for checking!! I decided to stay home because I'm coming down with a cold or flu. Breaking trail to Goose Eye would surely do me in.
  6. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road

    How soon is Success Pond Road passable after it snows? I didn't get out there in December and am hoping to do Goose Eye via the Goose Eye Trail this Saturday. I know it'll be a lot of trail breaking but my concern is whether the road will be passable or not. Thanks in advance for the help!!
  7. Adventurous

    Maine/NH Road Status

    Thanks for the update!! I tried to get to Goose Eye two years ago but the road was a sheet of ice and we turned around after a couple miles. We're prepared for the hike - we have quite a bit of experience with remote/seldom traveled peaks.
  8. Adventurous

    Maine/NH Road Status

    I'm looking to hike some of the NEHH next week and was wondering if anyone knows the current status of the following roads: Success Pond Road to the Goose Eye trailhead Wiggle Brook Road...wondering if it's plowed or if I'd have to hike it to get to Snow Cup. Stratton Brook Pond Road to the...
  9. Adventurous

    Success Pond Road Q&A

    Thanks for the update - I was going to pose that question.
  10. Adventurous

    South West Twin - FINAL Solo Winter Trailwright's Peak!

    It didn't take you long to realize your dream. Congratulations on another fantastic accomplishment!!
  11. Adventurous

    Mt Guyot - final Winter Trailwright Peak :)

    Wow - congratulations!!!
  12. Adventurous

    1/2 a Grafton Notch Loop Hike

    I'm looking forward to the next weekend out in the woods with everyone. I really enjoyed doing the half loop this time. That Woodsum Spur Trail definitely threw us off. I bought my map last fall so I would have assumed it would be up to date but it wasn't. I was also surprised when I looked...
  13. Adventurous

    You know might be addicted to hiking...

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane - I thoroughly enjoyed rereading all of the responses. The best was Dr. Wu's response in 2007 to his post in 2005 - I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. I wonder what he'd have to say now. An addition to my reply 7 years ago: When all of your...
  14. Adventurous

    The Bonds, 3/15/14 to finish my W48, finally

    Some of us are driven by goals and when you're that just want to finish. It has nothing to with what anyone else thinks and has everything to do with the self satisfaction of accomplishing a goal that we've set for ourselves. Most people don't understand that and you don't need to...
  15. Adventurous

    Convertible pants vs side-zip rain pants?

    I've been hiking in Mountain Hardwear Yuma Convertible pants but they're women's. I'm not sure if there's a similar men's version but these pants are super stretchy and very comfortable. I don't wear them when it's real hot though because the shorts hang down to my knees and they're a bit too...
  16. Adventurous


    Congratulations again Donna!! You had a great crew to finish with. Sorry to have missed it but such is life.
  17. Adventurous

    Winter Gathering NH 2014

    We had every intention of going but with a late start after driving up from RI and a much later finish than planned because of snow conditions, we couldn't muster up the energy to drive another 1.5 hours to Barnes when we had an offer to stay at a friends house 10 minutes from the TH. It would...
  18. Adventurous

    Winter Baxter Expedition Advice

    A group of us camped at Slide Dam (near the Marston Trailhead) last March. There is a sheltered picnic table that we enclosed with Tarps, a fire pit which we were told we could use if we could find it, the water source was a very short walk and a there's very large outhouse across the street...
  19. Adventurous

    2013 In Review: Peak-Bragging!

    I didn't finish any lists this year but I did hike the one peak that I thought would be a showstopper for ever finishing the W115 list...North Brother. I still have a bunch in the ADK's so I'm probably a couple years away from finishing it. Oh, and I winter camped for the first time and liked it.
  20. Adventurous

    Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

    I've been dreaming about another trip to the southern Utah area and your pictures are making me ponder it even more. They're just spectacular!!! Thanks for the tips...I'll keep those in mind. I'll also keep Pudgy Groundhog's recommendations on the list of places to visit.