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  1. maineguy

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    Seriously, in a different light? Who is shining that light? You think the version of this story where those who were rescued denigrated their rescuers resonates more strongly? I cannot think of a single incident in WMNF rescue history where those rescued talked smack about their rescuers.
  2. maineguy

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    Interesting story. Is this what actually happened?
  3. maineguy

    WMNF Road Status as of May 10th This is the best I can's a long way from me Click on the road segment, just south of Red Lodge for a status
  4. maineguy

    WMNF Road Status as of May 10th

    Not many folks out today in the Snowy Range...
  5. maineguy

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    Emilio Comici (one of many great Italian mountaineers) He probably said it somewhere in the Dolomites, no idea when By his definition, the Direttissma near Pinkham Notch fails miserably...a trail paralleling a highway climbs hundreds of feet for no apparent reason.
  6. maineguy

    WMNF Road Status as of May 10th

    And, on the other side of the country...WY 130 thru the Snowy Range just opened to traffic today. Will check out the area next week. Gotta learn a whole new bunch of websites:)
  7. maineguy

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    This will be our first spring without black flies in 42 years. We will miss them! Out here at this time of year we have Miller Moths. Harmless moths that just seem to be everywhere. They migrate up the Front Range and apparently are good for the environment (which black flies are also) but...
  8. maineguy

    Woodstock Border Checkpoints on hold for at least two years.

    I got caught in one of those on a Memorial Day weekend on 93, but it was over 10 years ago. Border agents just asked if you were a US citizen. What types of minor infractions were they detaining people for?
  9. maineguy

    Maine - Conservation easements have grown

    Maine ranks near the bottom of states with regard to public land vs private. About 95% of Maine land is held privately. Although it may be accessible to the public, it is nonetheless private.
  10. maineguy

    Q: Upper Works Trailhead?

    I believe that camping is not permitted at trailheads in the Adirondacks.
  11. maineguy

    New Hampshire snow in the 3000'-4000' range?

    I think that the GRID is one of the worst things to happen to the Whites since the Hurricane of 38. ps. I am officially out of New England (most likely never to return) so there is one less hiker to muck up the trails. Gee maybe they have a grid out here for the 14ers...LOL
  12. maineguy

    Another Tick Disease Is Here

    Thanks for that info. Will check it out. Was not aware. Usually, when we are out there visiting, we cut thru Fort Collins and pick up I80 in Laramie so we never travel on that section between Cheyenne and Laramie. Right now, I am trying to figure how to "sneak" into RMNP so as to avoid their...
  13. maineguy

    Another Tick Disease Is Here

    Thanks. Looking forward to exploring the Snowy Range which is about the same distance from our new house as the Whites are from our home here. Sunsets should also be pretty nice since the house sits a little high on the prairie ( NW of Cheyenne) and has mostly unobstructed views to the...
  14. maineguy

    Another Tick Disease Is Here

    We are. About 2000 miles west to Cheyenne, WY...
  15. maineguy

    Another Tick Disease Is Here

    Just one more thing to add to the list of things we will not miss about the Northeast.
  16. maineguy

    Cannon Mountain Tram replacement in the news

    Thank you for that explanation
  17. maineguy

    Cannon Mountain Tram replacement in the news

    I don't ski or live in NH, so it matters not at all to me. However, if it is true that only upgrades are needed halfway thru its "engineered lifespan", what is the State's reasoning for replacing it? I'm just curious as a retired engineer.
  18. maineguy

    Found: 1 Hillsound

    Pretty sure it belongs to the nice lady I met today on the Ethan Pond Trail. Email me to get it back: [email protected]
  19. maineguy

    Happy Candlemas Day (AKA Groundhog day)

    But what about their 6 week weather forecast?:)