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  1. una_dogger

    Pepper--One of the greatest New England hiking dogs

    Sending huge loving hugs and eternal admiration to the duo who so very safely & humbly ascended the loftiest peaks year after year after year with love in their hearts, joy in their smiles, and friendship first and foremost. Sending so much love to John my friend - you were the best dog father...
  2. una_dogger

    Katahdin Woods and Waters declared a Dark Sky Sanctuary

    North Wadliegh Pond primitive campsite in the Namankhanta Wilderness ME best stars I’ve eve seen 💕
  3. una_dogger

    Old school VFTT

    Timmus’ picture, to me, was absolutely the best thing that ever happened on VFTT 👍
  4. una_dogger

    When the virus meets the mountain towns

    Sobering consequences for medically lean mountain recreation areas From the Washington Post 4/1/2020 “Tourists brought prosperity to an Idaho ski valley. They also brought covid-19. The snow-capped peaks of Idaho’s Wood River Valley are a magnet for...
  5. una_dogger

    Lincoln Lafayette loop - Plenty of company

    most likely essential workers heading to work.
  6. una_dogger

    All National Parks admission fees are temporarily waived

    Keeping Nat park and monuments open as long as they did was the absolutely worst idea possible, case in point Northern AZ Hospital in Flagstaff AZ, a 200 bed hospital, the largest between Grand Canyon, Pheonix and Salt Lake City is AT capacity with COVID-19 patients...Moab critical access...
  7. una_dogger

    Big list of WMNF toilet facility closures

    For all those flocking to trail heads citing they know better/are safer/better informed/listening to the gov't (lol) I say, "how's that been working out for you?" This health care worker is here to offer a stark message - you don't know better, you are not better, you are not more entitled, you...
  8. una_dogger

    Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

    Thanks for all the replies! Unfortunately this trip has been placed on the back burner for a bit.
  9. una_dogger

    Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

    Hey Skiguy - thanks - that’s actually what I was hoping to do - drive to Asheville, then Cherokee, then start at the Southernmost terminous. Hike/drive camp to Asheville then continue northward until I get bored or it’s time to drive home �� It sounds like you’ve done this...
  10. una_dogger

    Kayaking near North Conway

    The Dead River from Cathedral Pines Campground in Eustis into Flagstaff Lake is one of my favorite paddles in the north country.(Maine)
  11. una_dogger

    Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

    Hello! I’m in the early planning stages of a four or five day trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC next month-looking for info/suggestions for campground & “must see” hikes. We are generally planning to begin around Blowing Rock and exit somewhere near the VA border. Questions for those...
  12. una_dogger

    RIP Paradox :(

    Special person, master craftsman, wordsmith....sending love to his family.
  13. una_dogger

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    Just heard back from Moosehead Pinnacle (Link above in post #4) Frenchtown Rd to Gate where Logan Brook TH is graded, well used and in excellent shape as of today. Happy Trails!
  14. una_dogger

    Most Difficult Trail In The Northeast

    I actually did the Lincoln Slide to a north Owlie BW for my Bachelorette Party (bachelorettes were Jeremy Clark, Eric Rathbun and Patrick LaFrenier AKA Forestgnome) and I didn't find any of it to be what I would describe as the most difficult routes. One that I haven't tried because I do think...
  15. una_dogger

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    Ok I just noticed there is a patch ...... :D
  16. una_dogger

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    I'm not sure of West Branch Camps was operating in 2003 (14 years since you have been up there :eek:) but they are operating now (and full) so I'll thank them for their road service on the way by.;) Last year KI JM stopped collecting Oct 1st, FWIW.
  17. una_dogger

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    You are describing White Brook and the Frenchtown is passable in large part due to Medawisla (AMC) but not all the way to KI Jo Mary (I did two trips into Namankanta last summer). Road odometer readings for turns to that side are pretty reliably published -.I'm just curious about current...
  18. una_dogger

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    Hi, Has anyone been up White Cap recently and/or been up either the Logan Brook or White Brook Trails? Looking for road/route current conditions for a trip to Kokadjo next week. Thanks in advance!
  19. una_dogger

    Eisenhower for Early Bird's Winter Finish

    Congrats! :-)