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  1. Maddy

    Maine hiker disappearance 1450 posts to date. Spoke to a ME warden ~2-3weeks ago. He said they were looking at all options including foul play.
  2. Maddy

    Steve Barbour finishes the Grid

    I don't know Steve but that is an outstanding accomplishment. Hearty congratulations to you!
  3. Maddy

    Loose Dog spotted on North Tripyramid

    Call the local PD's where the dog might exit and notify animal rescue/shelters also and let them know where you last saw him. His folks will most likely contact these people if they don't find the lad. Hopefully he is wearing a collar and/or microchipped. If he doens't turn up, his folks...
  4. Maddy

    solo 100-mile

    I have hiked solo with my dogs most of my adult life. I knew very few folks who were into hiking and the few that liked it most often had work schedules that conflicted with mine. Long ago I made the decision that I could hike solo or grow old in my rocking chair. I have had countless...
  5. Maddy

    Grand Canyon in July

    Because you are solo in territory that you are unfamiliar with, and heat will be a big factor, have you considered renting a PLB? Your life is certainly worth $39 bucks. Even if by chance you became really sick with heat exhaustion or had any other life threatening issues come up, you...
  6. Maddy

    Ladders on Everest

    Reflecting on that pic, I am shocked there are not more fatalities on Everest.
  7. Maddy

    REI Changes Its Warranty Policy

    What premium are we paying? Seriously, I have no idea. I might be paying for something I am not aware of. I love my dividend. Use the REI VISA all year for everything I buy and I just got a nice Thule bike rack for my Outback, a new sleeping bag, and nice mattress. I got my PLB with my...
  8. Maddy

    Healthier food coming to national parks

    As long as they don't take away all the delicious popovers at the "Jordan House" in ANP!
  9. Maddy

    REI Changes Its Warranty Policy

    It's a shame to wear something down to the bare bones, use and abuse it over time, and then march in, head held high, and tell them you are dissatisfied with said item. I knew someone who hiked the LT and then returned his hiking boots because he wanted new ones. He bragged about doing this...
  10. Maddy

    New grist for the SAR debate from Brown University study

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have read some of the incidents and will finish them up later. Interesting 2nd link that describes all SAR's being done by volunteers. That seems like such a great option. They are obviously very dedicated and love what they do.
  11. Maddy

    New grist for the SAR debate from Brown University study states where people have to pay for their rescues, is there any documentation of how many people have died or been seriously compromised because they did not call in a timely way? What are the percentages? Do we have any idea? I wondered if you have access to this kind of data.
  12. Maddy

    Ladders on Everest

    The comments are very funny!
  13. Maddy

    REI Changes Its Warranty Policy

    Not surprised to hear this. I always wondered if that might be the case. "Different strokes for different folks."
  14. Maddy

    REI Changes Its Warranty Policy

    I was told by EMS staff each time I bought boots or trail shoes there to NOT wear them outside if I thought I might have to return them.
  15. Maddy

    New grist for the SAR debate from Brown University study

    Excellent points, Roy. I'm not a pro on this topic but what you say makes a lot of sense.
  16. Maddy

    New grist for the SAR debate from Brown University study

    I listened to a gym full of people one Sunday morning a while back when the news was on and they were discussing the latest fiasco on Lafayette. The conversation revolved around money. They expressed very clearly that these hikers should be held liable financially for their mistake, folly...
  17. Maddy

    Ladders on Everest

    I like that approach. "It will be up to the climbers themselves to coordinate their schedules to avoid overcrowding. This is going to be very hard to do. Personal ambition, a herd mentality and summit fever all too easily overwhelm good judgment."...
  18. Maddy

    Ladders on Everest I am conflicted. At first I was against it but there are ladders in the Whites and elsewhere. Why not Everest? What say you?
  19. Maddy

    Grim photos of the dead on Mt. Everest

    Well said, E Rugs!
  20. Maddy

    New grist for the SAR debate from Brown University study

    I for one am not ignoring anything. I listen to all the arguments, pros and cons, and try to see what might work. Working in human medicine for years there were drastic changes in how we billed patients. Same with my vets. There are no more "free rides". I was shocked when our FD put out...