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  1. HockeyPuck

    Vermont Timber Rattler Den Time lapse

    Am I seeing about 10 seconds of footage on a loop?
  2. HockeyPuck

    Maine 2021 - Solo P2K Peakbagging

    Wow! Phenomenal Adventure and great beta. Thanks for sharing.
  3. HockeyPuck

    Aziscohos (Maine) trail status

    Send a DM to Tom Rankin. I believe he's been nearby as recently as 9/12.
  4. HockeyPuck

    Hiking with Sticks and Stones

    Was it Fitz? Check out his avatar...
  5. HockeyPuck

    Vaccination Required At Baxter???

    I visited the park July 15 - 18. There is no indication that proof of a vaccination is required. I had conversations with 3 different rangers, one at the Togue Pond Gatehouse, one at Neoswadnehunk field campground and one at Roaring Brook trailhead. Our conversations did not include anything...
  6. HockeyPuck

    Hi Alex, Glad to help a fellow hiker. Good Luck with your redlining. Trevor

    Hi Alex, Glad to help a fellow hiker. Good Luck with your redlining. Trevor
  7. HockeyPuck

    Bootleg sign?

    Waterville Valley Athletic & Improvements Association
  8. HockeyPuck

    My letter to Baxter State Park>>>>

    The most common question at Dollar Tree is "How much is this?"
  9. HockeyPuck

    Hard to come up with an appropriate title

    I'm glad she wasn't left behind...
  10. HockeyPuck

    Engine Hill vs Engine Hill S Peak

    Location, Location, Location. According to, the "summit" is ~250 Feet off the Rocky Branch Trail PeakBagger Link
  11. HockeyPuck

    Busy F&G weekend

    It brings up a great conversation about the use of a cell phone as a valid source for mapping data (perhaps someone should start a new thread). We've all seen several news articles stating lost hikers were using a cell phone as their navigational device. I used to think "what a bonehead" but...
  12. HockeyPuck

    Hiking Boundary Peak Maine

    Welcome to VFTT. I'd avoid attempting to access from the south Canada / Kennebago River Rd as it's gated at Crowley Brook (as shown on the DeLorme Atlas). Not sure about the Northern access approach. the Bushwhack from WhiteCap isn't bad. Pencil woods as you get closer to the border. You...
  13. HockeyPuck

    Wheeler Mountain near Lake Willoughby, VT

    Is that on the Vermont 52 with a View list?
  14. HockeyPuck

    Finished the 770>>>>

    Sweet! well done and congratulations. 8 years is pretty good. I'm 20 years into that list and almost 50% done.
  15. HockeyPuck

    Little Help with Acadia Trail Rec

    The photos have flipped my world upside down. It's probably far too late to emphasize Joe's advice. Dorr mountain. It's east of Cadillac and will have far less crowds.
  16. HockeyPuck

    Can you drive to Success Pond?

    I was up there last weekend (8/20). I didn't go all the way to the pond but Success Pond Rd is heavily traveled and wide enough for 2 cars. I assume, anything that may have fallen would get cleaned up fairly quickly.
  17. HockeyPuck

    Finished the NH 200 Highest Saturday / When your wife sets your truck on fire

    Congrats Spence, Well done! Next time take the Subaru.. Let me know if you want company for those Maine peaks.
  18. HockeyPuck

    Self Rescue on Downe's Brook

    He made enough good decisions to survive the night and I'm glad to hear the story had a positive ending. The article states he spent the night "just off the trail". If rescuers passed him twice why didn't he make more effort to be found. Don't most cell phones have a flashlight feature? I...
  19. HockeyPuck

    Recommendations for MDI car camping?

    I stayed at Blackwoods the last week of July and would highly recommend it. The campground is centralized to just about everything and walking distance to the Ocean Path. Otter rocks, Cadillac Mountain and others. Utilize the Backwoods Explorer bus (free) for additional exploration. Don't bring...
  20. HockeyPuck

    Recommended Hikes In PA

    I can't formally recommend Bushkill Falls as I've never visited but it appears to be similar to the Flume Gorge.