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  1. --M.

    Sea shells in the middle of no where in the woods

    The swallow may fly south with the sun, or the house martin or the plover seek warmer hot lands in winter, yet these are not strangers to our land.
  2. --M.

    Winter Hiking Season over before it started.

    I'm sorry to hear it, best wishes for a clean and speedy recovery!
  3. --M.

    The moose are back in the roads

    I saw a moose drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's.
  4. --M.

    Parker's Motel in Lincoln

    Who knows, maybe they're part of a horrible child-exploitation ring in a pizza shop, but my experience has been four or five visits (between 2008 & 2016), always positive. Yes, clean rooms and a generally professional approach. No idea about pets. Anecdote: I was checked in there one winter...
  5. --M.

    Which Forums Would You Sorely Miss?

    I voted NOTA, but am still very appreciative of the forum and check in often; Thank You, Tim, and to everyone who helps keep it alive.
  6. --M.

    Hiking and Iron deficiency anemia

    Is she cooking with cast iron? Sure she's got this one, but just in case....
  7. --M.

    2020 Funding

    Thank you to Tim, to everyone who helps moderate, and to all who still participate; Happy New Year.
  8. --M.

    Sleeping bag for winter 67

    I have done a dozen or so winter overnights (Ethan Pond, Santanoni, Hermit Lake, Kinsman Pond, that kind of thing) and have always been grateful for both a -30* (EMS) bag and my down parka and snow pants. You never know when the calculus of food, exertion and insulation conspire to make you...
  9. --M.

    Old Bridle Path or Greenleaf?

    Chocorua immediately went to a top-ten experience for me (and you know all about it), so I'll recommend... The Moat Mountains: some similar views, and good stuff in any case, much easier. Also a fun and easy ridge walk. Now, if you really want a ridge walk, try the Shelburne-Moriah trail...
  10. --M.

    Sandwich Range Traverse

    Hey there, Wow, this sure is a piece of ancient history. No, I did not do the trip as envisioned (no partner/crew for that one), so I just cut it into pieces and did Chocorua (Champney Falls), Whiteface & Passaconaway from the south, Tripyramids from the north slide, and Sandwich/Jennings/Noon...
  11. --M.

    Pedaling around the Pemi - Proposed wilderness regulations allowing bikes

    Question: Doesn't the Lincoln Woods trail still have RR ties in it? Wouldn't this make the ride kind of a jarring annoyance? I could see this being the tipping factor if I were a biker.
  12. --M.

    Winter Arrives This Weekend Above Treeline (Pack for it)

    "I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' he's out there, 'The Dude.'"
  13. --M.

    Latest Glacier NP intel, in case you're planning a trip

    Thank you. I had heard that Montana was getting it bad this summer (and that the news wasn't getting coverage). I'm sorry for the losses and hopeful for recovery.
  14. --M.

    Latest Glacier NP intel, in case you're planning a trip

    Hi there, What I thought I was going to read was some content on the condition of the park in the wake of this summer's fires: Does anyone have any first-hand commentary on this? Thank you! --Mike.
  15. --M.

    Are You With Me Dr Wu?

    "But imagine my surprise When I saw youuuuu."
  16. --M.

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    I have been into the Wild River Road area well into November and heard (and seen) that it gets significant hunting activity..., and that they keep it open longer into the season to accommodate this; it may operate under a different rule-set than other roads. Just what I heard....
  17. --M.

    Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

    Hi, I was too tired after hiking to go out; I just caught the game on the radio (quite a blow-out!). I did, however, call J's Corner Restaurant beforehand; they said that they would indeed have it on. Thank you all again for the info!
  18. --M.

    Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

    Thank you for the update and other options, Breeze, good to know and most appreciated. Thanks to you also, Stan, I enjoyed meeting you at Black Mountain Cabin so many years ago! I'll check out Berlin perhaps, but will also consider just catching the game on the radio. Hoofing it back to...