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  1. Steve-o

    Trail Maintenance Saw Review - New Contender

    Thanks for the info Peakbagger. I have been using the sawvivor for the last 25 years but, it was time for an upgrade. I bought the spring creek tuff camp saw 21" A little pricy at $ 67.95 after shipping but, had a chance to use it today on my local trails on Wachusett Mtn and it seems like a...
  2. Steve-o

    Finished the 770>>>>

    Nice ! Congratulations ! Dennis always tried to talk me into doing that list and I kept telling him he was out of his mind. Good job, now what ?
  3. Steve-o

    Unknown Pond Tentsite

    I camped there for a couple nights about a year ago but, I think it was mid week. I can certainly see it filling up on the weekend as, there are only 4 sites. There is not a bear box however, there is a cable in a common area that you can throw a rope over.
  4. Steve-o

    9 Circles of Hiker Hell

    It's also bad etiquette to crack open a can of tuna fish in a lean-to that your hiking party is staying in but, it doesn't matter because, you are tenting.. Not illegal but, you get the point.
  5. Steve-o

    Fun hiking project during 2 months of Coronavirus - Monadnock red line

    Nice. I am doing a similar project i started back in January. Redlining Wachusett every month this year. It's about 17 miles of trails plus more, considering you are going to have to do some of it twice. I have narrowed it down to three specific loops that I do to minimize back tracking. I don't...
  6. Steve-o

    Old school VFTT

  7. Steve-o

    Old school VFTT

    Nice ! That was a little before my time but, I know or have met most of those people. Some of them being life long friends. I'll have to see what photos I can dig up. They probably go back to 2002 or so, before I even joined VFTT.
  8. Steve-o

    Guess who?

    R.I.P Neil
  9. Steve-o

    Whitewall Mountain From The East

    I have done it from the south from Ethan Pond trail following the drainage. I don't recall it being that bad. Lots of hobblebush which has a way of wrapping itself around you but, not too bad. I have also done it from the east after whacking to SW Field. It was a little more challenging that...
  10. Steve-o

    Alligator Eggs on Wittenberg!

    Didn't you ever wonder about DougPaul's avatar all these years ?
  11. Steve-o

    North Fork Mountain Trail / Monongahela National Forest

  12. Steve-o

    North Fork Mountain Trail / Monongahela National Forest

    Nine years ago, I offered to drive someones car from massachusetts to florida. I thought it would be great to check out some new places and visit friends along the way. Years before that, I saw a poster of Seneca Rocks in a local rock climbing gym and was like wow, i would like to check that...
  13. Steve-o

    Need a new cross country ski package

    Hot Donna knows all the Mods..;)
  14. Steve-o

    The winter some mountains are not hiked

    Good thing there are more than 48 mountains. I don't see the problem..
  15. Steve-o

    Peak Bragging 2018 - Add 'em up!

    Peak Bragging is so 2000's. 10 years ago, this thread would by 5 pages deep by now. Lol. I didn't do anything worth bragging about but, had a lot of fun hiking, backpacking and kayaking with friends. The highlight was probably returning to the Cascades for a week of hiking and backpacking.
  16. Steve-o

    Long abandoned route of the Osseo Trail from Lincoln NH

    Sounds like the old Whaleback route. Fun stuff !
  17. Steve-o

    Winter Conditions this weekend

    Cold AND snow in november ? OMG !!!
  18. Steve-o

    Most Difficult Trail In The Northeast

    I will go with Huntington Ravine Trail. The Holt Trail on Cardigan is no slouch, either.