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  1. MichaelJ

    New Hampshire self-arrest practice

    Sadly, I don't know what it was called, maybe the Little Headwall? I took an AMC class and we hiked up past Hojos and somewhere along there on the right was a nice snowfield with more than enough pitch for self-arrest but well out of the way of skiers and not too long, either. I'm sorry I don't...
  2. MichaelJ

    Topo ! (National Geographic software) compatibility ?

    Note that if you do a new install you won't have any of the automatically-downloaded updated map tiles.
  3. MichaelJ

    Post Holes vs. Snowshoe Tracks

    Nope, the video was not Jeremy's work; however, it was indeed created by a VFTT member. You can figure it out from the YouTube channel. :)
  4. MichaelJ

    Sue Johnston redlines the White Mtn Guide

    Woo-hoo!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  5. MichaelJ

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    As of a USFS announcement this morning and updating of the WMNF road status page, just about everything is closed.
  6. MichaelJ

    Baxter Post-Turkeyday

    Don't forget that you cannot use the bicycle if you're planning to count these peaks towards your AMC 4K lists (NE67, NE100).
  7. MichaelJ

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    USFS has announced some roads have closed. In particular, Upper Hall Pond Road, Tripoli Road, and Long Pond Road have joined Bear Notch Road, Hurricane Mountain Road, and Ravine Lodge Road as closed.
  8. MichaelJ

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    The website was updated today 11/21 and that phrase has been removed - while they still refer to NHDOT they simply directly state that Bear Notch Road and Hurricane Mtn Road are closed for the season.
  9. MichaelJ

    MSR model of the year - No more Evo or Pros

    Anyone have any data points on the Tubbs Flex Alp vs the Flex Trk?
  10. MichaelJ

    Mt. Cabot Advice

    It's far more important to make sure you find the real summit, and don't stop at either the cabin or the fire tower clearing adjacent. ;-)
  11. MichaelJ

    Will You Buy a NH HikeSafe Card?

    I'm going to wait and see how 2015 turns out. I want to see if there's a rise in “negligent” hiking as people feel like they can do anything between having a cell phone and their Hike Safe card paid up.
  12. MichaelJ

    Pepper--first canine redline finisher

    Woo-hoo! Way to go Pepper!!! (and John) :)
  13. MichaelJ

    Winter 48 Rules

    It's not just sole-sucking, it's soul-sucking!
  14. MichaelJ

    Bike Path At Skoocumchuk Trailhead

    FYI in winter that's a groomed snowmobile trail. Stay on the edge, use caution, and I recommend having a headlamp set to flasher mode and pointing backwards if you're on it after dark.
  15. MichaelJ

    Gate on road to Boundary Peak CN side

    Those coordinates are within a margin of error of where we parked for Boundary and are off what the map calls Rang-tout-de-joie, and you should have passed the the welcome center on that road which appears to be at approximately 45.3278, -70.9017. From there I *think* you turn at the welcome...
  16. MichaelJ

    Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday, 11/8/14

    Someone had better take a lot of photos for us, as we'll be in the Smokies starting that day and will miss you all very much!
  17. MichaelJ

    Gate on road to Boundary Peak CN side

    I also went in from ZEC Louise Gosford. I think you went too far on Rang-tout-de-joie. The map at shows the southern portion of the road as a dashed line labeled private and shows also the gate you're encountering. Back in...
  18. MichaelJ

    Proposed radio and helicopter clearings on Cabot, Carr, and Carrigain

    So here's a question - does anyone know where any existing helicopter clearings are for repeaters? I've been to the East Royce repeater and my guess is the helicopter can land right there on the open rock. There was definitely vegetation removal there, but I'm not sure it was very much? Middle...
  19. MichaelJ

    Katahdin Questions Part 2

    I'm scared of heights and still have done the Knife Edge twice, with a third planned for next week. I like Helon Taylor up as it's a gorgeous approach and I prefer to spend as little time on Chimney Pond Trail as possible, and Hamlin Ridge down if weather and time permit as it's a spectacular...