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  1. bikehikeskifish

    Retired from moderation and administration

    Retired from moderation and administration
  2. bikehikeskifish

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    More of a bourbon/rye guy, but I do enjoy a single malt on occasion. Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey Widow Jane 10 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon Whiskey Sagamore Spirit Rye...
  3. bikehikeskifish

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    You're not wrong, Peakbagger. The way this system works is that it pools together many sources over the collection of sites this group operates, among other sources. There are "known" spammer domains and IPs that are filtered on that alone. Then, new members will get a score, based on several...
  4. bikehikeskifish

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    Hi All, You are getting a taste of the reasons (pro or con) for referral memberships, and for human moderation. The former was a contributor to the lack of new blood. Other things in my life are filling up the time I used to have for care and feeding of VFTT... hence my resigning. What I...
  5. bikehikeskifish

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    It's there in Edge too. I am writing this reply using Edge . . . regularly I do use Chrome. On Safari + Mobile, it's got a three dot dropdown. Tim
  6. bikehikeskifish

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    I see a few options across the bottom left - depends on the style - or ... with a down arrow on mobile - where you can report, edit, delete... Tim
  7. bikehikeskifish

    Finally - Great crust

    I was expecting a Mr Pizza reopening thread. ;) Tim
  8. bikehikeskifish

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    After careful consideration of the options available, and several attempts to find someone who could run it as a "favor" to the community, I opted to transfer it to an entity that specializes in operating and promoting forums. The only remaining option was for it to fade into oblivion. There...
  9. bikehikeskifish

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    Graph shows -46.9 at 0400 today - 20-minute granularity... green line is mine. Tim
  10. bikehikeskifish

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    There it is. And it's not done yet either. Tim
  11. bikehikeskifish

    Winter parking updates ?

    For the Twins and/or Galehead, there is always Beaver Brook along route 3 - out and back is roughly 16 miles and 4500' (depending on your recording device(s) and service(s)). Tim
  12. bikehikeskifish

    How long has VFTT been in existence?

    The wayback machine ( first crawled on November 30, 2001. The result that comes back mentions a previous site hosted at Lexicomm and has Darren's copyright as early as 1994. Tim
  13. bikehikeskifish

    Important VFTT Announcement -- PLEASE READ --

    Thanks, Tom :) 2006-09-09 Tim
  14. bikehikeskifish

    Important VFTT Announcement -- PLEASE READ --

    Dear Members, It is time for me to move on, and thus I am in the process of transferring ownership, maintenance, and administration to a third party. It has been my pleasure to serve as the administrator for VFTT for these past 10 years, and I will stick around to help with the...
  15. bikehikeskifish

    Extremely slow forum load ?

    Keep in mind that we are on shared infrastructure these days, with traffic being under 10% of the peak. There will be times where that infrastructure is being used heavily by our "roommates". August 2005 = 8118 vs August 2022 = 539 Tim
  16. bikehikeskifish

    Reckless Hikers Pay "Penalty"

    I have to repeat this almost every time the subject comes up. Remember that... Negligence when hiking is covered for costs incurred if a rescue is needed providing the rescued party has a hikesafe or other F&G card (license, boat registration, etc.) - there is no fine. Recklessness when...
  17. bikehikeskifish

    Questions for the SAR folks

    I have taken Gryffin (a golden retriever) on bushwhacks and he has exactly retraced our steps out using only his nose. Even if we find a herd path that might a better exit, he still insists on retracing. I find it comical that he can dig a buried cheez-it out from 6" of snow in winter. The...
  18. bikehikeskifish

    How to manage WMNF

    I suspect the fundamental differences stem from National Forest (Department of Agriculture) and National Park (Department of Interior) designations and their corresponding management policies. Tim
  19. bikehikeskifish

    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    Unless it's Tuesday and dark. Tim