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  1. NeoAkela

    Mount Eisenhower via Edmands Path, Saturday 11/8

    Beautiful shots!! I love the one with the hikers heading down - definitely an ad-worthy photo. Great to be up above treeline this time of year on days like these. :)
  2. NeoAkela

    New slide in Franconia Notch?

    I don't drive through Franconia Notch as much as I used to, so I was struck by the sight of a new slide across from Profile Lake when driving south this afternoon. At least, I am fairly certain it is new.... unless I have been really blind the other times I have passed through. It is only...
  3. NeoAkela

    Holden out for Noble - a Waterfall story

    Hey Billski! Glad you found Noble and Plimpton - those are some neat little gems out there in the woods! The well-trodden trail you saw above the falls is the one I take to visit. It intersects the Tuckerbrook trail fairly close to the falls, and is marked with colored ribbons on trees. It...
  4. NeoAkela

    Guns on the trail

    I have a friend who several years ago had a gun pulled on their black lab along one of the more popular Franconia Notch trails. The lab, a friendly dog, was unleashed and the armed hiker demanded that the dog be leashed because he "feared for his life". He threatened to shoot the dog on the...
  5. NeoAkela

    Garfield via Garfield Trail

    4/10/2014 Trail Conditions: Trail in good shape. Minor blowdowns to walk around or stoop under - most within first half mile. Water crossings still bridged, but it won't be long until they cave in. Water level not high enough to cause concern. Snow went from an inch or so at the base to...
  6. NeoAkela

    Boott Spur trail

    Has anyone been out on the Boott Spur trail recently? Was wondering if it had been packed out as far as Harvard Rock, or if anyone even uses that route in the winter.
  7. NeoAkela

    Your Top Ten Photos of 2013!

    Thanks, Kevin & Tim. I know that spot up on the Ammo trail - great shot! I was thrown by the moniker.... I'd never seen the official Upper Ammo looking quite that fine :)
  8. NeoAkela

    Your Top Ten Photos of 2013!

    Tim, beautiful shots! I don't recognize Upper Ammonoosuc falls, though... is this the one along the Base Road? John in NH - it was good to meet you at Pondicherry for the full moon shots - glad you got some good ones!
  9. NeoAkela

    Ammonoosuc in the winter

    Ammo is a fun trail in the winter after there is good snowpack. Steep, but can be done with snowshoes without much difficulty. One year, the trail actually migrated to follow the brook from Gem Pool instead of the normal route... a bit more challenging, but still manageable with snowshoes.
  10. NeoAkela

    Favorite fall photos

    Here's a few from the past week:
  11. NeoAkela

    Mount Success via Austin Brook Trail, Mahoosuc Trail. Loop back via Dream Lake.

    Date of Hike: 5/8/2013 Trail Conditions: Austin Brook trail wide and dry up to intersection with Dryad Fall trail, then narrower and wet in areas to beaver pond below Gentian Pond. Ledgy scramble to pond where the first snow appeared. Mahoosuc Trail north of Gentian Pond wet and ledgy...
  12. NeoAkela

    GPS questions

    I also have a 60csx and have for years - still going strong and has not lost a signal yet, even in Mahoosuc Notch and other remote places. A hiking friend has a smartphone app that he uses, but quite often his cell service cuts out, leaving him with absolutely nothing. So, I'm keeping the...
  13. NeoAkela

    Bonds Photo Op

    30 seconds is enough time if you run. Gotta watch out if the rocks are slippery, though. At least your last minutes will be recorded for others to enjoy.
  14. NeoAkela

    Snapshots from a presi traverse on a perfect day

    Beautiful, Bombadil! :)
  15. NeoAkela

    2-26-13: Monroe and Washington Via Ammonoosuc Trail, Crawford Trail, ?

    I followed those same posthole tracks up to the Davis Path junction, then up Davis to the Crawford Path again. On the way down was able to follow the good path Kevin's group had broken out. The ice field was an unpleasant surprise - I almost wished I had taken the longer route back. Quite a...
  16. NeoAkela

    What have you done in the mountains that could have resulted in a rescue, but didn't?

    A beautiful mid-summer day with a clear forecast - perfect day for a hike. A friend whom I had recently introduced to the mountains says he is now eager to try a 4K peak, so I suggest Mooselauke. Now, this guy tips the scales at well over 300 pounds, but he is an avid skiier and I've been on...
  17. NeoAkela

    Your Top Ten Photos of 2012!

    I love the views from that old slide :)
  18. NeoAkela

    Thornton Gore cemetery from Tripoli Road

    All those blowdowns - that poor cascade! :) Nice to see the spot in winter dress, though - thanks, Mohamed! Thanks for posting those mill photos too, Sidekick. :)
  19. NeoAkela

    Thornton Gore cemetery from Tripoli Road

    I have one of the cascade: I had some shots of the old foundations, but I think they are on a storage drive somewhere. I did look at some bike-trail maps that show quite a bit of possibilities using Hix Mountain Road & Thornton Gore Road in-between Mill Brook and Tripoli. Definitely an area...
  20. NeoAkela

    Your Top Ten Photos of 2012!

    Great to relive all these moments with everyone. Tim, Burgundy Muffins With White Frosting are my favorite - thanks for sharing! :) John in NH - love those undercast shots! My photo was from 2 days before yours... quite a special week up in the high peaks. Jim - I love those foxes! :)...