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  1. Darl58

    Old school VFTT

    This is going to be fun, I’ll have to dig out some old pics... I was hiking and lurking on VFTT for a few years prior to actually joining and then finally posting.. All trips started with reading trip reports here... looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing from longtime friends that are...
  2. Darl58

    Monadnock conditions??

    Thanks!!!! Planning a group birthday hike tomorrow!! Just the info I needed!!
  3. Darl58

    Monadnock conditions??

    Anyone been over to Monadnock since the snow/ rain?? Looking for parking conditions mostly..I know it will have ice mix...normal for winter up there..
  4. Darl58

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck November 2

    Thanks to Pat & Audrey for hosting and bringing us all together each year! Always a fun time catching up and eating until we are overstuffed!!
  5. Darl58

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck November 2

    I missed this post because it was a sticky..ooops, Thanks Dave on telling me! Of course I will plan on being there unless some Mountain or ocean calls me away!
  6. Darl58

    When does a memorial become trash in a backcountry setting?

    I believe what you saw was in honor of the 10th Mtn Division...once a year they go up and honor them, the large plague on the rock pile is in their honor, not everyone stops and reads it... The Mt Washington staff remove the wreath and flowers in a few days but it is left alone and the flowers...
  7. Darl58

    Emma's last hike... Piper/Belknap/Gunstock 5/4/13

    Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt story for Emma! I have so many memories of little Emma watching over Judy but wanting to lead the way! I always loved how she would position herself on hikes to keep track of you both, she loved you both and was so fun to hike with!! We all lost a wonderful...
  8. Darl58

    Long Trail thru-hike

    Awesome report Arm!! Wish I could of joined you for some of it but i was off trekking and then my Boss was hoping I would work some! Looking forward to catching up in person soon!!!
  9. Darl58

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday October 27 in Lexington, MA

    Thanks to Pat & Audrey for another great night! Always fun to chat and visit with other VFTT's...Hope to see you all on the trails soon!!
  10. Darl58

    2012 Mt Kenya, Africa adventure

    Thanks for all the compliments...:D It was an amazing trip to Africa and so much to reflect on....the Cape Buffalo were quite scary at the time but afterwards were a great laugh. The Porters caught up to us after it happened and the guide told them...they laughed so hard wishing they had seen...
  11. Darl58

    2012 Mt Kenya, Africa adventure

    After receiving an email from my German friend Stefi whom I travelled to Nepal with, I couldn’t turn down a trip to Africa for a Climb of Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro. Of course we had to have a little Safari thrown in too… We flew into Nairobi on 9/21/12 and were picked up by our tour Company...
  12. Darl58

    TR: A hodge podge two week Wyoming adventure

    Beautiful pics...thanks for sharing. Love the scenery out west!!
  13. Darl58

    Route 113 in Maine through Evans Notch closure?

    Not closed yet, we did a backpack from the Basin last weekend and it's fully open.
  14. Darl58

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday October 27 in Lexington, MA

    On my calendar...can't wait to catch up with lots of friends again this year!!!
  15. Darl58

    Hiking in Austria

    Beautiful!! I hope to get to Austria soon, your pictures confirm how amazing it is!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :D
  16. Darl58

    Trailriders Ascend Mt Washington for Sunrise Ascent- Aug. 5th, 2012

    Thanks for all your kind words and support!!! Thanks for the nice link...I also volunteer during the year on off trail hikes with the Trailriders. This organization also do winter hikes with a ski on the trailrider. East Pond Trail on Father's day with Martin and his family, he has Lou...
  17. Darl58

    Trailriders Ascend Mt Washington for Sunrise Ascent- Aug. 5th, 2012

    I volunteered as a mule for the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country, for a Sunrise Ascent of Mt Washington with Team Chester again this year. As many of you know I have known Chester since he was born, so it’s a very important event for me. Chester was born with Cerebral Palsy, but he...
  18. Darl58

    Grand Canyon trip - looking for advice

    I also went in the fall, Sept. and it was perfect, cool at the top and warm as we hiked down. First night we stayed at Bright Angel Campground but stopped over to Phantom Ranch for a cold beer and to write postcards to be delivered my mule.. The campground is right along a stream and we were...
  19. Darl58

    VFTT / VNB Beer Night - Saturday 4/14 at Woodstock Station - 6:00 PM

    Just a heads up that The Woodstock station is under renovations, but it is staying open during the construction. The downstairs bar is open and restaurant..parking is minimal outback so street parking may be the best option...Enjoy!!;)
  20. Darl58

    Women's SPECIFIC Gear (Especially Pants)

    I have had the same complaints for years....I have found that Mountain Hardware fits me the best for pants..I'm 5'4" and have a few curves. :o The waist has a way to tighten it and they have ample room in thighs and butt area. I have found they are worth the price for a great fit!