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  1. J

    The Horn.

    The view of the horn from Bishops Pond is one of my favorites
  2. J

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    Why should they be exempt from criticism?
  3. J

    Less People Hiking?

    Somewhat relevant video from one of my favorite you tuber. The last half talks extensively about Baxter and the AT. Too Many People Are Going Outside
  4. J

    Sunset hikes, below 4k footers??

    Middle Sugarloaf is a short hike with a great view to the NW.
  5. J

    Tops of boots above ankles wearing out

    The Aquaseal FD might be a better option for this application.
  6. J

    From The Green Mountain Club:

    Because no one has ever set up shop at Velvet Rocks...
  7. J

    Less People Hiking?

    No one on the Wapack
  8. J

    Nash Stream Rd. / Percy Peaks?

    Bog Dam Loop (FR15) has 14 designated sites. Mill Brook Rd (FR11) is choose your own adventure, just double check that it's on a section that runs through the NF and that it's 1/4 mile from the Unknown Pond N trailhead. There is also at least 1 unofficial spot on FR105...
  9. J

    Nash Stream Rd. / Percy Peaks?

    Whenever we do stuff up there we stay on Bog Dam Loop Road, which is a bit of a haul but free. There is also a small private campground on 110a, Cedar Pond, as well as some rough pull-offs on Mill Brook Rd that don't violate any of the WMNF camping rules as far as I can tell. A few places in the...
  10. J

    Summer Hikes Planned

    Disabling ads in the dashboard on here is still working for me
  11. J

    Mount Stanton Trail

    It's been 6 years since I've hiked that ridge but I remember parking at the Stanton end was very limited, room for maybe 2 cars roadside in a condo development. Mt Langdon trail has room for probably 4 cars with a plow turn around across the street that has room for more. I don't remember having...
  12. J

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    Picaridin and permethrin were effective in the 100 Mile this past weekend.
  13. J

    Woodstock Border Checkpoints on hold for at least two years.

    If my experience is anything to go by, the dogs on the later checkpoints were not trained on cannabis.
  14. J

    WMNF Campgrounds opening?

    These campgrounds will be opening on May 19th. All other campgrounds are anticipated to be open on Friday, May 26th for the Memorial Day weekend. -Dolly Copp -Sugarloaf I and II -Blackberry Crossing -Hancock (open year-round) -Barnes Field (open year-round)
  15. J

    Looks like another one of those Ammo Rescues

    The ones on Mt Washington and all the winter service huts and RMC camps that you can find by poking around the NOAA website. The ones around Pittsburg probably aren't at a useful elevation for you, though. I figure popular routes have monorails and unpopular ones don't.
  16. J

    Looks like another one of those Ammo Rescues

    Do you find the snow stakes to be inaccurate?
  17. J

    Looks like another one of those Ammo Rescues

    The only site anyone really needs for an idea of what it's like on the ground is this
  18. J

    53rd with a view?

    From the document: Note: This document is a work in progress. A condensed version is intended to be incorporated into a future book on the Slides of the White Mountains, with P. Thompson Davis, retired Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences at Bentley University (specializing in glacial...
  19. J

    53rd with a view?

    Steve Smith published this: This is a wonderful resource for spots off the 4k path: Paths and Peaks - The Mountain Wanderer
  20. J

    SAR Discussion -

    You're a better person than the folks on trail that day.