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  1. PA Ridgerunner

    Bonds Traverse, 9-27-14

    We celebrated Fran's 55th birthday by going for a walk from the end of Zealand Road to Lincoln Woods. Passed over four high peaks along the way, not including the one that didn't count, on which we ate lunch. Nice views. Pretty leaves. Experienced some vertigo on Zeacliffs...hadn't had that...
  2. PA Ridgerunner

    Bears above treeline on Baxter

    Someone on ADKHighpeaks posted some pics of a bear on Hamlin. Scroll down to post #8.
  3. PA Ridgerunner

    Great piece on Ticeteneyck Mtn. (Catskills) in current Adirondac magazine issue

    Sounds great, Ralph! We'll be in touch. BTW, I posted a link to the article above.
  4. PA Ridgerunner

    Great piece on Ticeteneyck Mtn. (Catskills) in current Adirondac magazine issue

    Ralph, your pic is in the magazine with Alan, Tony, and Boo. Fran and I are thinking we might try to squeeze that hike in before the dinner on April 5. Looks wonderful!
  5. PA Ridgerunner

    Great piece on Ticeteneyck Mtn. (Catskills) in current Adirondac magazine issue

    Thanks to Alan (Peakbagr) for a great piece in the current Adirondac magazine. This looks like a sweet little hike! You might see some familiar faces in one of the photos. :) Here's a link to the text, but no pics.
  6. PA Ridgerunner

    SW Hunter, Catskills, 2-16-14

    2-3' or more of very soft snow from last week's storm. All the parking areas along Spruceton Road, except Fisherman's, were plowed as of 3pm Sunday. Hiked from end of Spruceton Road to Diamond Notch Falls, then onto the Devil's Path. Trail and HP to SW Hunter now well-tracked. Very tough...
  7. PA Ridgerunner

    Micro-spikes: sharpen, or replace?

    Before last season I sharpened both mine and my wife's with a hand file. Hers turned out great, but mine were significantly more worn (perhaps due to the additional 100 pounds they carry!), and I just couldn't get them very sharp. So I bought a new pair and use the old ones in the shoulder...
  8. PA Ridgerunner

    Burroughs Range Loop - Catskills made some good time! Burroughs Range is indeed beautiful!
  9. PA Ridgerunner

    Jay Range - one of the nicest ridgewalks in the northeast.

    Bravo, Christine and Alan. Thoroughly enjoyed both your pieces. Can't wait to get back to Jay, and to visit Rochester Hollow for the first time!
  10. PA Ridgerunner

    Animal Encounters on the Trail

    Remarkably few notable animal encounters over the years. Naturally lots of chipmunks, squirrels, snakes, and birds. On the return from Allen Mtn. a couple years ago I was nearly attacked by a ruffed grouse -- tail-feathers were fanned, he was strutting straight towards me, hissing. I held my...
  11. PA Ridgerunner

    A Fond Farewell To The Whites

    Thanks for such a heartfelt report, Ed. I'm not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye...your love of the Whites (and of your pups) is so touching. Glad that Fran and I had a chance meeting with you and Lauky on our first trip up Marcy, back in June '09. Bon voyage!
  12. PA Ridgerunner

    Road and trailhead Closures Along Rt. 73 (Cascade, Porter, Pitchoff)

    Thanks for the heads-up, Christine. Many of us will be there this weekend, I'm sure.
  13. PA Ridgerunner

    Adirondack 4000 Ft Options

    Marcy fits the bill, I think. Although at 14.8 mile RT it might be stretching the moderate appellation. However it's only about 3100 ft. of elevation gain over the 7.4 mile climb. It has nice views along the way: the puddle formerly know as Marcy pond, with the tremendous views of Colden...
  14. PA Ridgerunner

    EMS rewards are in!

    Got my $6 coupon yesterday. Guess I'll go get a couple Clif bars.
  15. PA Ridgerunner

    Giant Ledge & Panther on St Patty's Day - 03-17-13

    Very nice, Rob! Beautiful pics from a gorgeous day. We were on Windham High Peak and had similar trail conditions and traffic. We met one solo hiker, but no large groups, Korean or otherwise. Maybe it's just dumb luck, but we have had many, many sunny days for our Catskill hikes. Good luck...
  16. PA Ridgerunner

    Catskills: Friday, Balsam Cap, bushwhack from Moonhaw Rd., 2-17-13

    Sunday, Feb. 17 2-4" of hard, crusty snow at the start. Left snowshoes in the car. Could have bare-booted the first 1000-1200 feet of ascent, but we liked the idea of putting on the microspikes right at the car, shielded from the driving wind. Carried crampons but did not use them. We ran...
  17. PA Ridgerunner

    Catskills: Big Indian and Eagle via Seager and Pine Hill/West Branch Trails, 2-16-13

    Saturday, Feb. 16 2" of fresh snow over hard packed base at the start of the hike. We opted for snowshoes, but microspikes would have been fine, if not preferable all the way to the ridge at about 3100'. The trail to Big Indian had was blown in a bit, with drifts between 12"-18" so the...
  18. PA Ridgerunner

    Catskills: Friday, Balsam Cap, 2-17-13

    As we pulled into the parking lot at the end of Moonhaw Road at 8:20, we could see and hear the wind whipping through the trees. If it's like this at 1100', what are we in for up above? Within a couple minutes, Hermit arrived. After a brief discussion we decided to leave the snowshoes behind...
  19. PA Ridgerunner

    Catskills: Bear Pen and Vly

    Especially on the road. That was pretty tricky going when we walked up there a month ago.