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  1. Becca M

    Busy SAR 2019 Season Continues

    I'm not surprised he lost the trails in there given the lack of blazes and typical wilderness-area trail maintenance plus the usual herd paths around obstructions. I think S&R stated that they didn't think he had a Hikesafe card on file. It seems a bit much that he might actually be charged...
  2. Becca M

    The Gorge on the west ridge of Mt. Lincoln

    Not really sure where I was, but, when I tried to hike Lincoln's Throat a few years back (summer!), I reached a point where I could go no further so I cut up left into the woods. I was probably to the left of where you were describing, anyway where I was, trees were horrendously thick (I was...
  3. Becca M

    F&G activity around Twin Mountain/Route 3 today?

    hmmmm all rain near the MA/NH I93 border area so the snow's mostly gone... so of COURSE no need for snowshoes this weekend up north, right???? :0
  4. Becca M

    F&G activity around Twin Mountain/Route 3 today?

    thanks - pretty sure that was it - and, just to add to the excellent comments (and I'm reading Sandy Stott's book _Critical Hours - Search and Rescue in the White Mountains_) I think some people just don't think about the effort and risk to all these rescuers!!!! There was a LOT of equipment...
  5. Becca M

    F&G activity around Twin Mountain/Route 3 today?

    Hi All - noticed mid-day today quite a few F&G trucks - 2 at the Skookumchuck Trailhead, 2 with snowmobile trailer near the 5 Corners on Route 3, a couple more roadside. Looked like some kind of a snowmobile problem? Was it hiker-related? I searched WMUR and F&G FB page and didn't find...
  6. Becca M

    Cannon Mountain Death

    I am pretty sure the unnamed waterfall is accessible off the Kinsman Glade (ski "trail") near the bottom. Never been but as I was snowboarding the bottom half of Kinsman Glade a couple years ago someone told me the "waterfall is IN! Go ride it!!!".....
  7. Becca M

    Franconia Notch parking survey

    I drove through the notch yesterday (July 5) around 7pm and there were NO cars parked along 93 in either direction. I know it was a hot day and all (and not the 4th) but was surprised - usually there are some cars along that after the holiday.... wonder if anything happened or people really...
  8. Becca M

    Bonds traverse opinions ?

    Personally, I would avoid the Guyot tent site(s) unless you are with a large group. Rumor has it, on popular days, there can be 90+ campers there on weekends. Mid-week, I have found camps (like kids' summer camps) tend to go on overnights there (as well as 13 Falls, etc.). SO, if living...
  9. Becca M

    Franconia Notch parking survey

    They should take a lesson from Massachusetts - tow the cars to the scariest parts of the worst town in the state and post a sign where they can ransom their cars FAR from any public transportation/uber/lyft service..... CASH ONLY and NO ATM anywhere nearby (flashback here.... :( )
  10. Becca M

    Franconia Notch parking survey

    Passed through today (Saturday), mid-afternoon. Plenty of PARKING signs but cars all down both sides of 93 near the usual trailhead, even right under the signs.... will be interesting to see what happens....
  11. Becca M

    Franconia Notch parking survey

    one problem with a Fri nite arrival is gridlock on I93 in S. NH if you're coming that way......Friday afternoons are AWFUL trying to get up from the border area!!!!
  12. Becca M

    Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal - 30 Comment Period for Revised Assessment

    Not at all surprised. From Google Earth it is possible that there are shallower/wider places to cross a bit downstream.
  13. Becca M

    Wow - Black Pond "Bushwhack"

    re: AMC (NH Chapter) leader information: "Accepted Peer Practices" - "AMC leaders must keep to trails and may not bushwhack, or lead groups to any area more than 500' from the trail....Thus, for example, Owls Head, etc. are off limits to AMC hikes." Owl's Head was a very popular hike but...
  14. Becca M

    Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal - 30 Comment Period for Revised Assessment

    hmmmm, as the bog bridges rot away into the swamp in there, personally, I don't want to go in there any more anyway hmmm, well, the suspension bridge over the Pemi is just a memory too.... if anyone wants to bet, this bridge will also be a memory,,,, as will (eventually) the bridge near the...
  15. Becca M

    Wanosha Project Waterville Valley

    thanks for posting that - looks interesting!!!!
  16. Becca M

    Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway 6/18/17 - 6/23/17

    nice report - i really enjoyed it!!!!!
  17. Becca M

    No, pet dogs are not allowed in Baxter State Park.

    I think the litmus test of "not being a jerk" is a pretty good one - that would solve 99% of these issues..... and, I have to say, bringing a dog where a dog isn't allowed, by the property owner, is, in my opinion, being a jerk... YMMV :) Like, do you walk past garbage and not pick it up...
  18. Becca M

    No, pet dogs are not allowed in Baxter State Park.

    hmmmm, all good thoughts!!!! BUT, if you take some of these rules to the limit, you would be in trouble for not returning the dirt and pebbles your boots inadvertently pick up while on the trail that you might shake off your boots at the trailhead!!!! (My front car mats are full of stuff I...
  19. Becca M

    No, pet dogs are not allowed in Baxter State Park.

    ooops - I guess I haven't camped within 200' of the specified streams/trails/bodies of water, nor have others I've met there - I was just assuming within 200' of anything fun was not legit!!!!