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  1. Tim Seaver

    Hiker Rescue 9/4 - Heading down Huntington Ravine Trail

    Or that simple sign could have the opposite effect. Like people taking grinning selfies of themselves next to the "Dangerous Trail" sign before climbing the ravine, and posting it all over social media. Pretty soon there would be a List of Trails With Danger Signs and Dangerous Trail Meetup...
  2. Tim Seaver

    Andrew Drummond sets new Direttissima record

    I have a feeling the next time someone attempts this, it will be Andrew's time they will be attempting to beat. Meanwhile, in some dark and forgotten corner of the internet, people will be having long discussions about "rules". :)
  3. Tim Seaver

    Andrew Drummond sets new Direttissima record

    Good grief. Andrew destroyed the previous record. 56 hours is a HUGE margin. I don't think a stash of batteries or an occasional companion made the difference. It's unfortunate that bickering about such minor details and "rules" becomes the topic of discussion, but that's pretty much par for...
  4. Tim Seaver

    Proposed Huntington Ravine Warning Sign

    Ladders on the Huntington Ravine trail? Gross. Just....NO. Why does every single incident require some kind of "reaction" like this?
  5. Tim Seaver

    Missing hiker. Pinkham Notch. Search is on. (Updated with sad ending)

    Still waiting for them to implement the "Wander Safe" card program.
  6. Tim Seaver

    Agressive Male Spruce Grouse up near Middle Carter

    How odd. All my encounters with males have been pretty mellow, as if they were courting me. This guy was the best model, somewhere between the Baldfaces:
  7. Tim Seaver

    New AT record

    Absurdities Abound What a ridiculous overreaction by BSP. Downright embarrassingly stupid and off-base. What was the unspecified "littering" - a freaking champagne cork? Or was it the spilled champagne, forever altering the summit ecosystem? Yep. The champagne spray. Was LITTER. Right...
  8. Tim Seaver

    NH Supreme Court upholds Negligent Hiking Award

    Classic NH Another great move by NH in the sphere of public relations: "Take that, Old People - you should be smart enough to stay out of our mountains with your crappy hips!'" All for $9000. Fortunately, not many people over 50 are into peakbagging, so we don't have to worry much about any...
  9. Tim Seaver

    How We Got Safely Out of White-Out Winter Conditions Above Tree Line - Share Stories

    We kept on truckin' down the Crawford Path. We were on a 3 day Presi Traverse, training for Denali and were actually hauling sleds roped together for some sections. We had all our Alaskan-grade gear, so we were plenty comfortable. This was the 2nd training traverse we had done where we had...
  10. Tim Seaver

    How We Got Safely Out of White-Out Winter Conditions Above Tree Line - Share Stories

    My most epic adventure in this category would be bailing from The Dungeon at Lake of the Clouds in an insane arctic whiteout. The make a long story short, luckily we had the large scale Washburn Map of the Presi Range, so we oriented the map and took compass bearings of trails we wanted to exit...
  11. Tim Seaver

    Animal Encounters on the Trail

    That's exactly the spot where this guy came out courting me for a good ten minutes. Pretty brave birds!:
  12. Tim Seaver

    2015-02-16: Across the Frozen Face (Mansfield ridgeline)

    Yes, you did the teardrop - Maple Ridge wanders all over the place through thick woods and over short cliffs. It's easy to miss Maple Ridge at the bottom, I've done it before!
  13. Tim Seaver

    Khyber's Slide on Lower Wolfjaw - 2015 February 1 - Icy and Cold

    Gnarly! Excellent report and pics.
  14. Tim Seaver

    Two Rescued From Garfield

    I'm pretty sure that is a variation of the "original". The Alaskan bush pilots say it a lot.
  15. Tim Seaver

    Catamount Trail End-to-End

    Great project, Sue! Congrats on this.
  16. Tim Seaver

    The Himalayas from 20,000'

    In case this hasn't been posted here already - some amazing aerial footage from the Himalayas:
  17. Tim Seaver


    Hey, NOTHING is better than screw shoes! ;) For most winter running on moderately icy trails I have been using Ice Bugs for about 3 years, a winter running shoe with carbide tips molded into the cleats. They are a little pricey, but last many seasons if you use them only on snow and ice. For...
  18. Tim Seaver

    Seen along the trails on Adams today

    It's always struck me as a bit odd the way this board responds to the latest mountain death, as if it should somehow "change everything", and then morphs into these misguided attacks on trail runners and anyone who isn't carrying a 45 pound pack. It's not going to change anything. The person...
  19. Tim Seaver

    Seen along the trails on Adams today

    Crikey Nice straw man! Can you point me to where I have ever made the statement that "trail runners are inherently superior to other outdoor enthusiasts and have no need to carry emergency gear in winter"? Or, if you can't, perhaps apologize for insinuating that I said something which I never...
  20. Tim Seaver

    Seen along the trails on Adams today

    Perhaps they just ran up and down Valley Way? Only The Shadow knows...