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  1. forestgnome

    Canada lynx caught on video at Vermont refuge

    Soooooooo beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing. Lynx need unmolested, quiet high-elevation forest to survive....along with pine martin, bicknell's thrush and others, lynx need the forested high-elevation ridges to remain forested and quiet to survive...every ridge we loose to wind power...
  2. forestgnome

    moose stuck in a pond? Hancock Pond?

    Oh yes, the report I got was that the rangers had no intention of interfering with nature.
  3. forestgnome

    moose stuck in a pond? Hancock Pond?

    Has anyone seen/heard of a moose that fell through thin ice and got stuck on a pond? I got a report from a friend that rangers were heading in to "Hancock Pond, which is near Lilly Pond"? I don't know of any Hancock Pond, but the rangers were at the Sawyer River Trailhead, so I'm thinking it's...
  4. forestgnome

    lone fox calling ("screaming") video

    thanks for sharing...nice start to your day
  5. forestgnome

    Great Gulf Wildflower Extravaganza 7-29-12

    Beautiful!!! Awesome images, John! Thanks for sharing :)
  6. forestgnome

    Terror Bagging: Caps, Hubbies and Sphinx

    quite a hike, Bob! Six Husbands Tr is the scariest trail I've ever hiked because so often you're looking straight up at huge boulders. Which one is ready to roll? :eek:
  7. forestgnome

    a nice day on Mt. Washington

    Hiked the Tuckerman Ravine Trail to summit of Mt. Washington on a steamy July day. A black blob caught my eye as I glanced down one of the ski trails that cross the trail. Upon further inspection I found this young bear. She saw me but didn't run too far and stopped to check me out. She went...
  8. forestgnome

    Unfinished Business on Sawyer Pond Trail and Hancock Notch Trails

    Cool! Hope your knee is ok...I'd tell you not to push it if I thought you'd listen ;)
  9. forestgnome

    Bondcliff!! I made it!! 7/14/12

    Awesome! such a beautiful place...nice pics ;)
  10. forestgnome

    Big Daddy lives...2010!

    Big Daddy Lives!!!!!!! 2012 Still ruling the forest of the Swift River Valley...I had the distict pleasure of hanging out with Big Daddy for about an hour before a hike on Mt. Chocorua....just amazing :)...just after sunrise, accompanied by a wood thrush and a hermit thrush at the same time :)...
  11. forestgnome

    2012 Spring Wildflower Thread

    beautiful images, people! really nice :) I just learned that this is mountain fly honeysuckle...from last weekend in the Alpine Garden... and mountain heath along the Gulfside Tr on Mt. Jefferson...these were the first blooms to open there... happy trails :)
  12. forestgnome

    plant id. help...Alpine Garden

    thanks very much :) I've never noticed this before.
  13. forestgnome

    plant id. help...Alpine Garden

    This was seen today in the Alpine Garden. The plant reminds me of rhodora but the bloom reminds me of rattlesnake root. Any help appreciated :)
  14. forestgnome

    dead coyote pic

    sniffle:( ...Well, first, we share our forest experiences, which includes wildlife such as coyote, because we want to. Your dead cat photo would not be relevent to this forum. Second, you didn't have to click the link. The post title indicates the coyote is dead, so you didn't even "need" to...
  15. forestgnome

    dead coyote pic

    Hi Sabrina, yes he's sad to see him dead, but I still find it facinating to get a look at such a cool forest creature
  16. forestgnome

    dead coyote pic

    this poor creature was hit by a vehicle.....pic is not bloody, but it is a roadkill...
  17. forestgnome

    The hiking season begins!

    ...well, for me anyway. Last Sunday was the end of snowboarding season(boooooo), but it was nice to get into the forest... my first trillium! old weathered moose antler... indian poke emerging... fresh antlers... a beautiful glade... spring beauties...
  18. forestgnome

    Wildcat pass required for hikers?

    Agree with TCD and Ellen... Tim, I agree that the conflicting info has been less than desireable, but I believe at this point there really is no confusion on the major point: you need to buy a pass to hike the slopes. If selling passes to hikers was more than .001 of what they handle at guest...
  19. forestgnome

    Wildcat pass required for hikers?

    Really people? Has anyone complaining here ever gotton something wrong? Do we really need to roast good people on the internet because they may have made a little mistake about information that is coming from the bohemoth beauracracy known as the US Govt.? Do you think the issue of hiker...