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  1. Barkingcat

    Summer Hikes Planned

    Try Adblock Plus -- that should help with seeing any ads.
  2. Barkingcat

    Mount Stanton Trail

    That is one fine trail, once you get up on the ridge, and up through the Crippies. After that, up to Langdon, it loses its charm a bit, in my opinion. We did it a month ago as an out-and-back from the eastern end, looking for a nice snow-free hike, and there was no snow until just shy of the...
  3. Barkingcat

    RIP John Harrigan

    Yes -- I heard about his death, yesterday, from one of his (many, many) writer friends. I so enjoyed reading his column over the years. I remember, too, seeing him at a Northern Pass protest in Concord several years ago. (The IndepthNH piece is a good read; thank you for posting the URL to that.)
  4. Barkingcat

    Redlining racist?

    Exactly. I knew of the term as it was used in the 1930s before I knew of it as applies to the WMG. But then, I grew up in the south, so perhaps the exposure to it was different because of that.
  5. Barkingcat

    Mask mandate on Federal property, including WMNF

    Regarding: 6. In government-regulated institutions such as nursing homes and prisons, COVID-19 continues to rip through, despite strict masking and other requirements. In many of these cases, it's a compliance issue -- masking requirements are not being followed, or if they are, sporadically...
  6. Barkingcat

    NH Mask Mandate in Effect

    Yup -- and there's the rub. Avoiding dying, after catching COVID, is a worthy goal. But I don't even want to contemplate what life might be like with said post-survival impacts. It's not a risk I want take.
  7. Barkingcat

    Upticks in Infections in Mass and RI

    In New Hampshire, virus transmission precautions taken -- and enforced -- are definitely business-by-business. A couple of small bed and breakfasts in the Lakes Region are enforcing a mask-in-all-common-areas rule; others are not. Some flip rooms the same day; others wait 24 hours, like the...
  8. Barkingcat


    From three days ago:
  9. Barkingcat

    NH governor proposes general fund $$ for SAR

    (Infinite accolades for the spot-on comment.)
  10. Barkingcat

    12/7/12 Mt Wantastiquet and the Madame Sherri Forest

    Yes; upon entering the parking lot on Gulf Road, the ruins are perhaps 20-30 yards up the main trail (leading to the Ann Stokes Loop), across a small foot bridge, and then up a side path -- they're partly visible now from the parking lot, given that there are no leaves on the trees. The town of...
  11. Barkingcat

    Bill Schor is #29 Grid finisher

    But -- might he have finished sooner if he hadn't included Mt. Nancy in his efforts? From the U-L article: Each mountain peak during each season holds its own challenges, so the grid is a particularly demanding and rewarding goal for a New Hampshire hiker. Mount Nancy, for example, although...
  12. Barkingcat

    Snow Spiders?

    Bingo -- spot on. It does look, however, like a mutation -- a complete insect with part of a second insect fused to it. (Poor thing.)
  13. Barkingcat

    Opinions solicited - Greenleaf Trail to Lafayette in the winter

    Both the Greenleaf Trail and Skookumchuck Trail are excellent in the winter. I love snowshoeing through Eagle Pass (Greenleaf Trail), or heading over North Lafayette (up the Skook and then south on the Franconia Ridge Trail). Sure, you may have to break some trail, but these options are lovely...
  14. Barkingcat

    NYT: Developers of Wind Farms Run a Race Against the Calendar

    Thanks for posting this, Tom!
  15. Barkingcat

    Need recommendations for Mont Tremblant & the Laurentians

    About snowshoeing in Tremblant, I can help you a bit with that... Tremblant has some fine snowshoeing, amongst other winter activities. We were up there in March, looking for decent powder (given how sad conditions were in the Whites last year). We were not disappointed. The Parcs Québec web...
  16. Barkingcat

    Question about Megalloway in winter

    Jodi, from the Cabins at Lopstick, in nearby Pittsburg, has this to say about Magalloway Road in the winter: "Magalloway Road is limited to just logging trucks and snowmobiles; [the latter] are supposed to stay on the trail that is to the side of the road. Magalloway Road...isn't kept up for...
  17. Barkingcat - Move over Acmemapper?

    Very cool -- in particular the historic topographic maps feature. Thanks for posting this.
  18. Barkingcat

    Birch Tree Die-Off in the Kilkenny?

    Birch trees do not tolerate heat stress... Remember, too, that temperature/rainfall conditions the past few months can stress trees -- in particular, birches, regardless of the age of the tree.