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  1. LRiz

    The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Runners

    Toby would like to challenge any Weimaraner to keep up with him in the White Mountains... :p
  2. LRiz

    Anyone doing the Mt Washington Road Race 2013?

    After losing the lottery twice, I'm in this year and am so excited to give it a shot. I've been incorporating a few treadmill-based hill workouts into my training, during which I set the treadmill at 12% and then pace myself based on my aerobic HR range. It's surprisingly fun (and wonderfully...
  3. LRiz

    New England Gems

    Shelburne Moriah. There's something absolutely surreal about that peak...
  4. LRiz

    Trailwrights 72 in 6 weeks

    A huge congrats, Sue. I had so much fun hiking with you, and the WCM Traverse is definitely one to be remembered! Looking forward to more adventures... ;)
  5. LRiz

    Winter nh 48 canine finishers

    Toby completed his winter list today on Monroe, during his second single day Presi Traverse... :)
  6. LRiz

    Three's a Charm! - Lafayette Success - Old Bridle Path: 11/11/12

    Way to go, Jeff! Stunning pictures... Franconia Ridge is just surreal when snow-covered. Can't wait to read about your future adventures... ;)
  7. LRiz

    Kudos to Osprey and Gregory

    I've had the same, wonderful experience with Gregory - they repaired two of my winter packs free of charge. Excellent company with fantastic customer service.
  8. LRiz

    Franconia Ridge Traverse - Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty and Flume - 2012-09-16

    Great to see you and Larry out there, Tim! I couldn't believe how breezy/cold it was above treeline, though fortunately by the time I was on Franconia Ridge the clouds had lifted. Definitely an exciting day to be in the mountains, with the constantly changing conditions... :cool:
  9. LRiz

    Blister Prevention

    New Skin Liquid Bandage - I swear by this stuff for all of my long runs.
  10. LRiz

    Vermont 100 2012?

    I'll be there running the 100 miler... :) Pacing is SO MUCH FUN, especially at Vermont. The course is marked by glow sticks at night which makes running in the dark just surreal. Will you be camping out at Silver Hill Meadow tomorrow night? I plan on arriving between 12 and 1. SO EXCITED!!!!
  11. LRiz

    White Mountains Hut Traverse, 7/1/2012

    A huge thanks to all of you for the comments and kind words... :). Thank you so much, Sue. 2012 has treated me very well thus far, and I feel truly lucky to be healthy, injury free, and running strong. I am going into VT this year with absolutely no expectations... other than to have fun of...
  12. LRiz

    Thanks a ton... :) :)

    Thanks a ton... :) :)
  13. LRiz

    White Mountains Hut Traverse, 7/1/2012

    I must admit that I have a love-hate relationship with the White Mountains Hut Traverse. The route - which winds 49.4 miles from Carter Notch to Lonesome Lake across some of the most difficult terrain in the Whites - is gnarly, relentless, and a true test of character. After a very low-mileage...
  14. LRiz

    Black Diamond Z Poles

    I use the Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z poles (120cm) for all of my runs in the Whites. I absolutely love them - they are incredibly lightweight (to the point where I have no issue simply carrying them in my hands while running on non-technical terrain), pack up very small, and are a breeze to...
  15. LRiz

    Counterclockwise Pemi Loop - a New PR, 6/16/2012

    Nartreb maintains an excellent FAQ on the loop here: I ran the standard loop without any spur peaks, which is 31.5 miles in length.
  16. LRiz

    Counterclockwise Pemi Loop - a New PR, 6/16/2012

    A huge thanks to all of you for the congratulations and kind words! Thank you! 2012 has been the year that I've really nailed my fueling strategy. I've found that training on "low" amounts of fuel (no solid food, no gels until about 2 hours into a long run, and a NUUN/BCAA powder combination...
  17. LRiz

    Counterclockwise Pemi Loop - a New PR, 6/16/2012

    After having to take it easy for a few weeks due to a calf strain, I was just thrilled to see the weekend weather forecast shape up perfectly for my first Pemi Loop of 2012. Heading into the run, I had no idea what to expect. My former PR on the loop was 9:26 back in 2010, so I figured that if I...
  18. LRiz

    Trail Adopters Needed

    Is the Westside trail still orphaned? If not I would love information on how to adopt it (and have sent you an email with my details)! :cool:
  19. LRiz

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    Some great news! The NH State Senate has voted and HB 648 (with the important Bragdon/Forrester amendment) passed by an overwhelming majority - 23 to 1! This is a tremendous victory and brings us one huge step closer to preserving...
  20. LRiz

    Thank you, Maddy! I hope all is well with you... :)

    Thank you, Maddy! I hope all is well with you... :)