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  1. leaf

    Protect Mount Washington

    After writing this thread, I did notice there was a thread about this earlier. But I'd like to still keep my post as a new topic. Thanks. To the hiking community, As many of you know (and this may have already been posted), but the owners of the Cog Railways have presented a proposal to the...
  2. leaf

    Poles on Cannon

    I left my green black diamond poles leaning against the rail at the bottom of the obs tower. If anyone sees them and can grab them. I'll pay for shipping to get them back to me. Thanks. Courtney.
  3. leaf

    NH 48 Dirrettisima

    Update from the source: They got off the road and camped last night. The Kilkenny trail was a blowdown nightmare and awful blisters and some foot issues forced our dirrettisima duo to stay at Appalachia last night, but they hit the last part of the asphalt this morning and are ready for some...
  4. leaf

    An iPhone app equivalent to Google Tracks for the Droid

    Hey all - I recently "upgraded" my communications to an iPhone. The only loss I'm feeling at the moment is my Google Tracks App.. That thing was killer. Just wanted to see if any Apple users know of a good tracking app. Here's what Google Tracks can do: While recording tracks, you can...
  5. leaf

    Video Trip Report for Denali National Park, Alaska

    I'm on the classic route Thin Air (5.6) at Cathedral Ledge in North Conway.
  6. leaf

    Video Trip Report for Denali National Park, Alaska

    these are awesome! i need to hire you to film my next adventure. ha.
  7. leaf

    Flume Gorge Loop

    Ooh.. yeah that was the section I was referring to. Along the gorge walls.. id say that's a little more than 20 feet..? maybe 100 or so the least. I've honestly haven't hiked the loop in 10 years.. so I don't remember there was a boardwalk in other places. :)
  8. leaf

    Flume Gorge Loop

    Just so you know, they remove the boardwalk in winter. In fact I'm shocked they were still up when you went. This ice season is off to a slow start, still need to go to higher elevations to climb... two years ago Flume Gorge was IN over new years weekend!
  9. leaf

    Flume Gorge Loop

    Thanks for the pics! I was wondering how things are shaping up in there. Looks like another few weeks though for the river bed and the ice routes to freeze up before I can get in there and climb. Cheers!
  10. leaf

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification. Certainly.. the original question is "it" - meaning attempting the climb ice in the early season in northeast and the other "it" being the drive, the time, the energy, etc is doing the first "it". Being there's a good chance conditions will turn you around...
  11. leaf

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    Yes, I understand when I post stuff online then I do open myself up for others to chime in. Negative comments or differing opinions don't ruffle my feathers. Most importantly, I have never felt the need to justify what I do. On the other hand, I don't like to simply ignore people's responses...
  12. leaf

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    I don't need affirmation or validation for what I do. Nor do I care what others think, honestly. I was just thinking about what I've been hearing lately and made me think about what climbing really means to me. So I thought I'd share that. 'Was it worth it' was a rhetorical question.
  13. leaf

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    Over Halloween weekend, I went into Huntington Ravine with Frodo to catch some early season ice. I had watched the weather all week, read the forecast for that weekend, looked at the webcams every morning and talked to a friend of mine I knew was headed in there a day before I was to climb...
  14. leaf

    Fourth Iron tentsite

    Hey Hammy! Yeah, I think so. I drove through Crawford Notch this past weekend and I didn't notice it was closed. Of course I didn't notice it was open either.. ;)
  15. leaf

    Lodging in Gorham

    Most hotels in Gorham are closed in the winter, which doesn't make much sense. The only place I've stayed at in Gorham in the winter time was the Royalty Inn. Its a shame, really.. The main street area has alot of potential, but North Conway sucks all the tourism up.
  16. leaf

    MT. Liberty

    I retained two words from reading this. Frozen and water.. and even better that one came right after the other.. :cool:
  17. leaf

    Droid Apps

    I have a droid and use mytracks.. its awesome. yeah, you can upload it to google maps. I've used it up landslide and shoestring gullies on mt webster and it picked up the gps signal and tracked me.. pretty accurate. If the map doesn't show up on your phone, but it still says "recording new...
  18. leaf

    Sickos on Hale and Zea-Land and Guyot

    i'm so glad i wasn't there.
  19. leaf

    thanks! it was sweet.

    thanks! it was sweet.