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    Garmin is buying Delorme

    "Garmin’s holding company, Garmin Ltd., is based in Switzerland." Web site financials show nothing more.
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    Building a sled to pull winter camping gear

    Cheap and functional. No problems with brittle PVC. Used a hip belt.
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    Compression Sleeves/Stockings: Do you use them?

    No question that products like this help in recovery. My thought is just that your muscles were designed to support you. If you supplement them then they aren't going to get or remain as strong because they're not working as hard. Kind of like free weights vs. weight machines for lifting...
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    Compression Sleeves/Stockings: Do you use them?

    A thought on these and any supportive gear, including back braces. I can see their occasional use to aid in recovery or provide support under unusual conditions. I would think that extended use would end up weakening the muscles they're supposed to help from non-use...
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    Forgot how bad Polartec Fleece is

    I live in fleece of various weights in the cooler months. Have many brands including Bean's application of Polartec and find they all perform well as intended. I don't ever recall any being advertised as "waterproof". Breathable; yes, but the water tends to bead, not to be repelled. After...
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    Rangers taking pictures of plates?

    Sometimes I miss greenies.
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    Tumbledown via Parker's Ridge Trail

    10/13/2014 Trail Conditions: Clear and well marked trail. Only real crossing was easy. Mix of painted marks and not too many cairns on the upper ledges might make route finding a touch iffy with snow. Special Equipment Required: Good rubber on boot soles for many steep rock walks. Poles...
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    Fungus on White Ledge Trail

    I've moved back east from Utah and wanted to get out for a little outing so we combined a car camp at White Ledge campground (a nice little place) with a short hike on White Ledge Trail in late August. I'd been here before with my dog Nellie and enjoyed the simple terrain and exposed ledges up...
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    Dealing with / avoiding altitude sickness (Utah)

    As stated above, hydrate a lot before and during. I'd also recommend constant light eating during exercise rather than bigger meals. Just makes breathing easier. Else should not be a huge deal .I was working at 10,000 swinging a pick-axe for lift maintenance at a ski area within a short time...
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    Poll: Hiking or Climbing Solo - Do you do it? Ever?

    Mostly winter. Mostly solo. My last one really didn't count as I didn't catch a picture of that little piece of snow I saw...
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    Hiking Part II - First hike in the new home (Utah!)

    I had a few things happen in late 2013 that ended up with me moving from Freeport, Maine to Park City, Utah. One of the changes is that I went from living and working at sea level to living at 6,000' and working at close to 10,000' at one of the local ski areas. Can you say acclimate...
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    Your Choice for Winter Boots

    Answer to the original question.. Same as summer. Bean Crestas with SmartWool socks and thin poly liners. The only thing I change is the height of my gaiters.
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    NH Hikesafe Card in NH House study committee

    Not seeing the article either but I'm a bit confused by this statement.. The buyer will not be charged if negligent but will if reckless? Do they define the difference?
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    Simple Parking Pass Question - No debate please...

    Mods - Please close. Drift has started. THanks.
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    Simple Parking Pass Question - No debate please...

    Note the original question. I've ben using the yearly pass for quite some time and seeing fee tubes covered as I park..
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    Simple Parking Pass Question - No debate please...

    Crawford and 9 Mile have stations. Often covered but not always. Hence the question. ..and DayTrip - the price change thing has been around for a year or two if I recall.
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    Simple Parking Pass Question - No debate please...

    Just a question on WMNF parking pass and a request for no debate on the validity of parking fees... Any news on whether fee tubes will be covered through the winter? If not I'll be picking up a new parking pass. Thanks.
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    Government shutdown...

    When a large object like a ship is brought to a halt it takes a while. Does it take just as long to get back up to speed? I'm hiking this weekend (I hope). Location might depend on a few things being voted upon. Any thoughts on how long it would take to be 80% (no need to be greedy).
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    Government shutdown...

    Well lets hope that this action doesn't result in too much damage to the environment from folks making other arrangements to deal with closed formal parking and sanitary facilities, or harm to people using the areas because of a lack of organized management...
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    Pleasant Mountain via Ledges and Bald Peak Trails

    Date of Hike: Feb 23, 2013 Trail Conditions: Well packed and even a bit icy going up Ledges Trail all the way to the fire tower. As we started down Bald Peak there had been little traffic and a bit of drifting so it was quite a bit of post holing (half way up the calf) and general sliding...