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    jackets for sale both size XL $200 for both arcteryx worn once/ outdoor research never worn both too technical for me thanks
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    morning Seth, have two (2) jackets - size XL. #1. Outdoor Research Foray II coyote (...

    morning Seth, have two (2) jackets - size XL. #1. Outdoor Research Foray II coyote ( #2. Arc'teryx Beta black sapphire ( way too technical for...
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    Lincoln Woods project update...

    akin to rolling up the sidewalks at dusk?
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    ticks: they're out!

    thanks for the input guys
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    ticks: they're out!

    i kick one off my boot monday. what are we using as a deterrent? deet or the other two? (picaridin/ permethrin) spray, lotion, wipes? do any of the products have negative effects on skin or equipment? will any break down nylon gaiters or shoe uppers? thanks.
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    Thinking about changing shoes…

    the ones i bought are removeable, and even included a storage bag!
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    Thinking about changing shoes…

    well worth the investment regardless of boot: MICROspikes® Footwear Traction
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    oops; found another piece of unused kit! petzl ice axe. don't remember the size, but i'll throw it in the mix for the bubble. how can you go wrong?
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    Black Diamond Alpine Carbon treking poles size L 100-130 cm w/ snow baskets never used MSR Lightning Assent snow shoes w/ storage bag no size on the shoes, but i wear a 9 1/2 american size lowa boot & the guy at REI fitted me never used $250 all & you pay postage or pickup in southern RI...
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    Less People Hiking?

    oh brother. i only read the first 3 pages of that thread. i'll hold back my opinions; thanks for the link.
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    Less People Hiking?

    who is Emily Sotelo?
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    Less People Hiking?

    less is more! i have the luxury of avoiding weekends, but every so often i forget which day it is or have to sneak in an 'end because of inclement weather coming in.
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    Thinking about changing shoes…

    somewhere i read hiking boots last only 500 miles. so 5 miles a day = three and a half months. Lowa is my choice. get the unlined unless you are consistently in cold & wet conditions. Merrill are not supportive for my dogs but i bought them a week when i had $100, and not the $250 for Lowas...
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    Bigelow Backpacking over Father's Day Weekend 2022

    just snooped through your YT channel. looks like some interesting viewing.
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    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    i used to eat rum kendall mint cakes by the carton. i guess sugar isn't that good for you now.
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    AMC Backcountry Caretaker?

    good links in you signature!
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    dated threads

    sure; tons of places on the coast - the land trusts seem to be working hard - and then following Ken Weber's books all around. or not. knowledge is cumulative - so whatever is helpful being gleaned from posts here & there.
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    dated threads

    not to be too much of a noodge . . . but could anyone suggest a day hike forum ? i'm too naïve to be more specific, but as i gain experience will try to hone my interests. thanks
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    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    flatlanders were surfing @ 8:00 AM next day in narragansett