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  1. darren

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday October 27 in Lexington, MA

    Hey...remember me? The Grand Poobah plans on attending. Looking forward to it. Aloha, - darren
  2. darren

    VFTT in transition about being late to the party... :o I had the intention of being the person to break all of this news, but word broke and the mods jumped in to cover me as usual. So...he is my day late, dollar short story... First off, it has been 18+ years (not 16) that I have been running...
  3. darren

    The true source of VFTT

    I want to thank every one of you that replied here or sent a PM or email. Your kindness is appreciated very much - it really helps me remember the great friends I have made through this site and how we all come together when needed. Thoughts like that help me get through the tough times...
  4. darren

    Carrying a DSLR: gotta be a better way

    My setup (and other good setups) is detailed in these prior threads: As I said in those threads, I just use a hip belt / biner combo. Easy to get at and out of your field of view for foot...
  5. darren

    The true source of VFTT

    Various issues have kept me off of the site lately, but this is a story that I feel needs to be told. So the history lesson begins. Where to start…back the old days I guess. I’m the youngest of six kids. That gave me the benefit of having older brothers and sisters that could teach me...
  6. darren


    I'm 6' 4 1/2" and pants are 34x34. (I was 36x34 the last few years and started pushed my way up to 38x34, but I said enough is enough and 6 weeks of effort got me back down to my college size of 34). So anyway, the only real difference between me and your brother in law is the leg length. His...
  7. darren

    hut to hut in ME by bike

    As Stan said, I think it is in reference to the new Maine Huts & Trails system. I posted a TR of a stay at the Flagstaff Lake Hut: You would have to check with them on restrictions on mtb on the trails. I seem to remember that biking is...
  8. darren

    Photo Project / Assignment

    Hardyb - your shot on Monadnock reminded me of a shot I took on Adams many moons ago: Here's half a silhouette of Swamp (still counts, I guess): My favorite silhouette shot is of an elk in Colorado. I don't have a bigger version online, but I have a 18x24 print of this hanging over my...
  9. darren

    A suggestion?

    I dont think there will be enough posts to justify a bike forum. Again, there is nothing wrong with mtb posts in the forums. It is just as much a backcountry activity as is hiking or xc skiing. Road bike posts are ok if it is about a long touring route or as road biking pertains to cross...
  10. darren

    Canadian Rockies - Aug. 2009

    Great TR, but where are the pix????? :eek: Wish I could have made it, but I am glad that you finally got to see the beauty of the Canadian Rockies first hand. you have to see it to believe it and even then you think it is some kind of fake movie backdrop. Aloha - darren
  11. darren

    Terry Frost dies at 88‏

    Received this from Terry Frost's son Jay:
  12. darren

    Mauna Kea 11-28-09

    Have fun. Post pix when you get back. Aloha - darren ps: we are at 6 now, so you will be 7...
  13. darren

    Photo Project / Assignment

    I'm down. -d
  14. darren

    bike training

    One of my observations on road / mtn biking: I was a road only rider for many, many years. Got to the point where I was pretty good. I then moved to an area that was not bike friendly and stopped road riding for several years. Then I got into mtn biking and loved it. I thought the fun of...
  15. darren

    Why I love REI

    Received the below message from Peter Sachs, General Manager of LOWA Boots:
  16. darren

    Kalalau Trail

    Info right on so far: water, sunscreen, camera and mud. Lots of slippery mud. I believe red dirt mud is what they make teflon out of. It is super slippery. Awesome trail though, you will love it. Zombies? Well not really, but you do need to keep an eye out for the Night Marchers. Ghosts...
  17. darren

    Tecumseh skin up, ski down?

    That is why they (and all the other ski areas that have leases on Natl Forest land) sell you a "lift ticket" and not a "ski pass". They can charge you to use their lift, but they can not charge you to use public land. At least that is what I recall from a discussion many moons ago. - darren
  18. darren

    Seedhouse SL1 modification/improvement

    Cool, thanks. I will fix mine that way too. I'm not a fan of the loops either. Instead of cutting the loop, did you try to pass the loop through the hole in the clip and then put the loop over the top of the clip and pull it back down the other side? If the loop is long enough it might be...
  19. darren

    Your favorite photos of 2009

    Nice ones Darlene! How could I forget extreme sledding??? Certainly one of the highlights of 2009. (in some countries I would get arrested for running this website....just look at the type of people who hang out here.) :) - darren
  20. darren

    Your favorite photos of 2009

    Nice stuff everyone! Always nice seeing everyone getting out and doing things. My camera spent more time in the closet this year than it ever has before, but here's a few that I like: Somewhere on the coast: Flagstaff Lake at sunset: The new Flagstaff Lake Hut: After finally...