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  1. pks4000

    Jewell to Jefferson, Your thoughts?

    amen, my friend,, here's hoping huh?. I can go anytime midweek but my "usual suspects" have a hard time going then. I need S Twin and Jeff (and the Bonds) I am waiting for the right days as I want to enjoy this finish. Its been 7 wonderful decades of hiking for me and I'm introducing my...
  2. pks4000

    Jewell to Jefferson, Your thoughts?

    Except for the extended time above timberline is there some reason so few take the Jewell Trail (3.7 miles) to Gulfside (jct at (5400) then north up the Loop to Jefferson?(another 1.8 with little net elevation gain) . I recall a gradual "down" in there on the way to the Jeff Loop?
  3. pks4000

    Video- "What NHF&G Carry in a Winter SAR

    What a great vid. Thank you. It should be a benchmark and guide for all new winter hikers/climbers.
  4. pks4000

    NH 48 finale finally! (tecumseh+moosilauke)

    Congrats on a great achievement . You should be proud. Your untimate reward will not be the completing of the list, but the huge cadre of memories you can recall at will forever. Enjoy the second time around even more. Explore and enjoy!
  5. pks4000

    Southern Presi Traverse on an Outstanding day 2-21-12

    Man these are amazing images.. Thank you. I was on Whiteface Tuesday and it was truly Bluebird also. What was your camera? It's splendid Climb onward
  6. pks4000

    Emergency Backup Battery for Cell Phones

    Hey Kev, I always carry a spare battery for my cell phone. No responsible montaineer would climb or hike without one. Ive always felt those who have cells and dont carry them are simply selfish or trying to prove something they were born to late to maker happen. Why? Because if they are...
  7. pks4000

    Instant Clotting Factor

    Great testimonial and thanks for the in the field report.
  8. pks4000

    Wildcat pass required for hikers?

    Climbing passes for sale? What a bowl....errr ahhh crock this access pass seems. To this Old Indian, it's more sad than anything else. As a former ski area Marketing Director and GM at Loon Mt. Recreation Corp. I can empathize with the area. But as a climber I'm upset. A large component of...
  9. pks4000

    Kahootla's warranty and field repair

    Yes great idea ...with the cable ties, the stainless wire and duct (or is it duck? Quack quack) tape I feel ready to go. I am adding O rings to my essential kit . Climb onward
  10. pks4000

    Kahootla's warranty and field repair

    Kahootla Microspikes Tom, yes that top of the line multitool weighs a lot :)but it goes with me everywhere I climb. May I ask where theKahootla spikes broke?
  11. pks4000

    Instant Clotting Factor

    Clotting agents Yes, They do work well. They were develeloped for our troops in the field to stop bleeding from severe wounds . I also carry Liquid Bandage which helps with really small cuts (like my cuticles every winter that simply hurt like hell so I use Neosporin and coat it with...
  12. pks4000

    Kahootla's warranty and field repair

    Just did a maiden voyage up Whiteface yesterday on our Kahootlas and what a difference in exertion and knee action between them and Denalis or Crampons. Thought I'd call them (Kahootla in Flagstaff) and get their ideas on field repair and warranty. The woman suggested plastic ties. I always...
  13. pks4000

    Bartender, I'll have a Tom-Field-Willey with a Tecumseh chaser

    WIlley et al Great report. Is there a MICRO spike (Kahoolta's) repair kit? I used them yesterday on Whitface and LOVE them. But if they break and I lose a spike or 2 what then. I alway carry stailess wire in my kit. CS
  14. pks4000

    New Weather Information from Cannon

    Mesonet Thanks Michael , Good info to have and yes at the rigt elevations. CS
  15. pks4000

    Whiteface via Blueberry Ledge/Rollins /Dicey's Mill

    Loon and I and my new replaced knee. Trails: Blueberry Ledge to Rollins to Dicey's Mill Peaks: Whiteface leaving 5 left on the winter 4000kers. Zero wind on this epically Bluebird day! Snow conditions: Primary: frozenand loose granular. (Great footing with Kahootlas) to 3000 feet then very...
  16. pks4000

    Kahootla microspikes

    What are your experineces with them?.... please share . I'm hearing some great things about these Kahootla microspikes. Light, easier on the knees than crampons, fit nicely, super in variable conditions in hard snow. easy to put on and take off. AND Not good : They ball up in new, wetter snow
  17. pks4000

    Bindings for Koflach Expe

    Hello Do you know if there is an alpine binding compatible with the Koflach Expe (circa 2005). Or rephrased: Is there a binding that will fit the boot and allow alpine sking? The sole is rolled very slightly like a banana by design, Also the toe flange on the sole of the Expe is too short...
  18. pks4000

    Awesome travelog of the Caps climb. The images were great and captions great too . Looks so darn...

    Awesome travelog of the Caps climb. The images were great and captions great too . Looks so darn amazing AND warm! Bravest thing ya did was the Jeff. Notch road tho......LOL Going up there solo took courage!
  19. pks4000

    Summit forecasts

    It's all Irrelevant My trick is to click on the summt of West Bond. No matter how cold, and windy it is there, no matter how much snow is forecast ................ I know I will never be able to get there in this lifetime.
  20. pks4000

    Total Knee Replacement Question

    TKR and pain management/driving That was a really helpful reply. I appreciate the time you took to answer. I'm rooting for you and really hope someday we can compare "zippers" under our shell pants on some far away summit . When I got to the poiint about 10 years ago of no cartilege or...