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  1. DreamFarmer

    Bond/Zealand Traverse - December 28, 2022

    Thanks for letting us look at your videos. Good Stuff !
  2. DreamFarmer

    Pemi Loop: September 8-10, 2022

    Nice report on a nice time . Well done ! A warm Franconia Ridge must've felt good.
  3. DreamFarmer

    Lillian Brook path not broken out

    Was hoping to get Hough for the winter list but when I got to the cairn marking the path it was snowed in. I continued on to Lillian Brook LT for lunch and headed back to the car at Elk Lake.
  4. DreamFarmer

    2000 Views from the Top!

    Wow ! That's a heap-o-summits ! They should have a patch for that...not really.
  5. DreamFarmer

    Butt Kicked on Pemi Loop and Waumbek for #115

    Saturday I set off with high hopes of a one-day Pemi loop from Lincoln Woods parking lot at 4:30 AM. I would do a clock-wise route so Flume was 1st. I figured I could get it done in 20 hours. It was colder than expected and I spent a lot of time adding and removing my outer layer throughout the...
  6. DreamFarmer

    Marcy from the Loj June 7

    Buggy. Trail fine.
  7. DreamFarmer

    Mt. Waumbek - April 11, 2021

    Nice video !
  8. DreamFarmer

    Stinky Pack ? - the solution

    I went to Lahout's Summit Shop in Lincoln NH a couple days ago because the pack was getting a little gross smelling. I bought a $5.00 bottle of "Mirazyme" after hearing that Thru-hikers ask for it. 1.5 oz for up to 20 gallons of water, then submerse your pack in it. The directions say soak for 5...
  9. DreamFarmer

    My Glorious Trip to Maine 7/5 to 7/12

    My Glorious Trip to Maine 7/5 to 7/12 part 2 As we slowly headed down Abraham’s talus fields towards my car it was apparent everyone was anxious to see if we could get back to the car before dark. At that point, none of us were real sure about the relationship between where we parked, and...
  10. DreamFarmer

    My Glorious Trip to Maine 7/5 to 7/12

    (Saddleback, The Horn, Sugarloaf, Spaulding, Abraham, Baxter Peak, Hamlin, North Brother) Saturday ( 7/5) I drove to Rangeley and checked in to the Town and Lake Motel about 5PM. I grabbed a snack, unpacked and got my pack ready for hiking Saddleback and The Horn on Sunday. When I finished, I...
  11. DreamFarmer

    Cliff & Redfield Across Flowed Lands at the Gathering (3/1/14)

    How long were you able to stay awake at the party ?
  12. DreamFarmer

    Just for Laughs, Most Annoying Hiking Partner Behaviors

    Annoying---People who keep looking at their GPS and telling me how many feet we've climbed and how far we have to go...ugh...I ask them to not tell me.
  13. DreamFarmer

    2013 In Review: Peak-Bragging!

    Happy to have finally made it to Maine to get some peaks. Chipping away at the 115 (at 85). Didn't hike as much as I would've liked, but do any of us ?
  14. DreamFarmer

    Congrats to Today's Calendar 4K Finisher - on Mt Hale

    Hey ! That's a cool accomplishment-Congratulations !
  15. DreamFarmer

    Moosilauke and Tecumseh Double Hit & Run, 10/19/2013

    Nice slide show, Big Earl ! Interesting climbing aids-never saw anything like that. Looking forward to making that climb.
  16. DreamFarmer

    Baxter weekend, 9/26-9/29

    Beautiful Shots !
  17. DreamFarmer

    First Presi Traverse on a Perfect Day - 9/20/13

    Way to go ! Great pics !
  18. DreamFarmer

    Baxter - Katahdin - Brothers, Fort and Coe - NEHH

    Wow- Great trip and pics. The "view down the Chimney" is awesome.
  19. DreamFarmer

    48th Finish on Carrigain Sat 8/10/13, A Special Coincidence, and Lots of Thanks

    Beautiful story. Congratulations to you all !