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  1. RickB.

    Isolation - Iso Express - good to see its back in use

    In 1972, two friends and I climbed Isolation, breaking out the entire hike and using the Iso Express slope, starting and finishing in the dark. We encountered the spruce band you reference and it cost us a couple of hours (RT) to get through it in the deep snow. Fast forward 50 years and our...
  2. RickB.

    Those universal ski bindings.......

    You can also hike in your nnn-bc boots. They will take microspikes and are fine with snowshoes. Just be careful of that front bar...
  3. RickB.

    Agressive Male Spruce Grouse up near Middle Carter

    There is no open season for spruce grouse which is a different species from ruffed grouse.
  4. RickB.

    Moosilauke by Glencliff/Carriage Road 3-11-14

    Trail was consistently well-packed snow with a sticky 1" layer of new snow atop. Summit stretch has shallow, wind-packed snow, minor drifting and a little ice. I hope all this get covered with lots of snow in today's storm! We wore Microspike ST's almost car-to-car, removing them on the descent...
  5. RickB.

    Mts. Pierce and Eisenhower by Crawford/WCT 2-12-14

    Crawford Path and WCT to Pierce summit had packed snow. Crawford Path between Pierce and Eisenhower had a combination of packed snow and occasional high drifts. Very little ice anywhere on the trip. There were a couple of easily managed blowdowns. Conditions required no special equipment. We...
  6. RickB.

    Pemi Loop (clockwise) on a bluebird day - 2013-Sep-19

    Congratulations. Nice to meet you on South Twin, Tim.
  7. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Large purple fringed orchid. Ossipees, July 17.
  8. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    We were up there yesterday. Diapensia, Lapland Rosebay and Alpine Azalea were abundant between Eisenhower and Monroe, better higher up, but there wasn't much going on on Eisenhower itself. We also encountered Avens between the peaks. Enjoy the hike and flowers!
  9. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Pogonia is lovely, nartreb!
  10. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Small Whorled Pogonia, central NH
  11. RickB.

    New NH Trail - Scarboro Ridge

    I've been meaning to resurrect this old post, just to inform any forum searcher that the southern trailhead has been closed for a while (sign at south end indicated access to the trail from the north only) and that the trail up to the ridge south of Prospect was falling into obscurity a few...
  12. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Another day in the Lakes Region, 5/15/13. I messed up a setting while swatting black flies and picking off ticks so these will have to do. Rhodora and Bumble Bee. Rose Twisted Stalk. More Yellow Lady Slipper.
  13. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Fringed Polygala from Crawford-Ridgepole today.
  14. RickB.

    2013 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Yellow Ladyslipper. Today in the Lakes Region.
  15. RickB.


    Yes. Carpet-sized, plus and the fur was consistently white. This shows most of the area:
  16. RickB.


    In the Belknaps today I encountered a swath, ~15'x10', beside the trail covered with this white fur. It was thick like moose fur. Any ideas on the scenario that would result in this? Thanks!
  17. RickB.

    Trailwrights 72 in 6 weeks

    Very nice, SF!!
  18. RickB.

    Moosilauke by Glencliff, Carriage Road, 3-18-13

    Glencliff was icy down low but consistent hard-packed snow above with a few drifts of powder blown in above 3500'. Carriage Road was in similar shape with some larger drifts in the usual places just below the summit. Lots of snow up high covered all obstacles. I wore Microspike ST's car-to-car...
  19. RickB.

    Mt. Flume by Lincoln Woods, Osseo Trail, 3-14-13

    The 1.4 miles of Lincoln Woods Trail was a wide swath of very hard-packed snow with a few stretches of ice in the usual places. Osseo Trail cover was primarily a well-packed track under a couple of inches of new powder with a few icy spots. Steps in steep section were entirely covered with...
  20. RickB.

    Cannon by KRT from the tram lot, 3-5-13

    Trail had a packed snowshoe track covered by several inches of new snow throughout. Section in the glades had been skied off for long stretches. Some deeper powder on the Rim Trail. We wore snowshoes for the entire hike in conditions ideal for them. One skier who bailed for a tough segment was...