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  1. Jay H

    Mt Greylock map

    Even if the lodge is closed, there is an outside spigot so long as the water is on... Jay
  2. Jay H

    Mt Greylock map

    Like jfb, I got mine at the Mountain Goat in Williamstown but it is no more.. I would think the Arcadian shop would have it or perhaps even the William's College bookstore, it is their outing's club, ya know... :) Jay
  3. Jay H

    Mt Greylock map

    I have all three, I have the DCR map, the AMC map, and the Williams Outing's Club map.. Despite being paper, I like the WOC map the best... They also have nice descriptions of the smaller peaks in the Taconic Range, their lands that they maintain and other nice short hikes in the northern...
  4. Jay H

    Pokemon Go - hiking?

    Might not be the only thing you'd find :) Me, I'll stick to Neko Atsume...
  5. Jay H

    Full Escarpment traverse

    Hey, that looks familiar :) Jay
  6. Jay H

    "Rab" Brand Products

    Timely post. I lost an old MH shell (Conduit) and just bought a Rab Viper 2.5L DVL) from a store for $140... I'll see how it is but it's gotten some good reviews for it's price.... Jay
  7. Jay H

    Taconic Crest Trail End-to-End

    haha, I know that steep descent north of berlin mtn! Was there any snow/ice in the Snow Hole? Nice obscure trip report in an area near me. I used to live just down the hill from the TCT south of Berry Pond, I'd take some woods roads and stuff occasionally up towards Tower mtn and West/Smith...
  8. Jay H

    Mt Greylock via Bellows Pipe trail to Willaims Reservoir

    Date: Friday, Sep 25th Route: Notch Road parking lot to Bellows Pipe trail to Summit then A.T. north to Williams Reservoir on Pattison Road. trails are dry and in good shape. Somebody burned a 5ft hole into the Bellows Pipe Leanto (prob from a cook stove gone awry) so it's missing a big chunk...
  9. Jay H

    Mtnpa RIP

    ...and long time members of VFTT will never forget MtnPa! Jay
  10. Jay H

    Road near LOJ

    Correct, to expand on David's reply, the Adirondack Org's Firetower Challenge also has you hiking 5 of the 5 Catskill firetowers but that is not the same list as the 46er list (or the NE 115) As per the OP's other question, I presume you are talking about South Meadow Rd which has some popular...
  11. Jay H

    First trip to Adirondacks

    FYI: The ADK org does have 2 ? leantos across from JBL itself that is reservable, but for members and not free... But the normal leantos out and around the park are not as mentioned already. Jay
  12. Jay H

    Garmin Repair / Customer Service

    ha, yeah this is garmin's flat fee service charge, which it seems they still do. I had an old b&w etrex many years ago which broke the clickstick and garmin wanted $125 or something like that to "repair". I simply took a pin and a glue gun and drive the pin into the nub so I could still use the...
  13. Jay H

    Buck mtn (east Lake George) 7/26/15

    Date: Sunday, 7/26/15 From: Shelving Rock Road, (Hogback) out and back Northern approach was fairly dry, stream that the trail follows was almost dry but the rocks and roots were slightly wet. Usual trash at the summit from this popular peak :( Bugs were surprisingly mostly absent at the...
  14. Jay H

    Osceola Advice Please

    I agree with Mike that if you have an old MTB to lock up at the end, you can bike back to your start on tripoli road. Jay
  15. Jay H

    Name this plant

    hobblebush? w/o the berries
  16. Jay H

    Smallest lightest bear canister

    Probably better off in the NY QnA but this link might be of interest: don't forget about the regional differences and date range. The canister regs are only in the Eastern High Peaks and some 4krs and many parts of the ADKs fall outside the Eastern HPs...
  17. Jay H

    Black Mtn, Clemons NY (Lk George) 7/12/15

    Date: 7/12/2015 Route: From Pike Brook Road trailhead out and back. Note, there is a "road closed 2.3(?) miles ahead" sign posted at CR 6 (Hulett's Landing road and Pike Brook Road when driving to the trailhead from the north. The trailhead is only .8 miles from CR6 so you can simply ignore...
  18. Jay H

    Best peak to end 4000 footer list in NH?

    Moosilauke with Little Chair (r). :) Jay
  19. Jay H

    Need Catskill trip-planning advice

    If you backpack to tremper, there are two leantos on the mtn. They're kind of beatup but I believe totally functional although I am not sure if the one at the top has a water source and if the one at the bottom has a reliable one... Jay
  20. Jay H

    Need Catskill trip-planning advice

    might also check the reservation minimums on a weekend, sounds like you want to camp at WV on a fri night.. Might just make sure you can stay one night only, NY has some ugly rules about DEC campgrounds for summer weekends and a horrible reservation fee charge... Thursday at noon, hunter loop...