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  1. Barbarossa

    Mountain Laurel Report

    Townsend State Forest in Massachusetts is full of the stuff. It is quite a sight in full bloom, but it can make for some horrific bushwhacking. As far as I have seen the northern limit for the plant is just north of the New Hampshire state line.
  2. Barbarossa

    Sunset hikes, below 4k footers??

    Or if scheduled just right, hike down under the light of the full moon.
  3. Barbarossa

    Stevens Brook Trail - Carr Mountain Ridge

    I was on the Wentworth side yesterday. It started as FR 429 and is good shape for quite a way. I did a lot of meandering and in places the GPS was telling me I was on the trail, but there nothing on the ground that appeared trail-like. There is a skidder path that will get you above 1600' that...
  4. Barbarossa

    That is so tacky

    That is so tacky
  5. Barbarossa

    Bald Mountain from Cook Hill Road

    Good thing you specified the location. I thought it might have been the one near Black Mtn & Sugarloaf ;-) Not yet. But reading this bumps it higher on the list.
  6. Barbarossa

    Green Mtn, Claremont NH 4/8/2012

    This is somewhere on my 'To Climb' list. Good to hear that access is not a problem. It appears to have enough woods around to make a day of it.
  7. Barbarossa

    Showdown at Pillsbury

    Somehow, I just couldn't get myself to step closer ;-) At first, I saw Mom from behind, but seeing the yearling changed everything. I stayed at the edge of the road and looked for escape routes.
  8. Barbarossa

    Showdown at Pillsbury

    Mom wins!
  9. Barbarossa

    Showdown at Pillsbury

    I can take him.
  10. Barbarossa

    Crampons Found -- Sandwich Notch Rd - 1/22/12

    Describe them and your trip and I'll send them along. It's like an essay contest to win a pair of crampons! ;) Email username is eric_soli Any yahoo can figure out the rest.
  11. Barbarossa

    Temperature record broken for Mt Washington

    I took a nap on a hilltop with no name, trail or notable prominence. I wore a sleeping pad.
  12. Barbarossa

    Thorn Mountain in Jackson

    Dundee Road on the east and southeast has potential. IIRC it may have some potential parking spots. You would need to be careful navigating back, though. It does have it's share of back yards.
  13. Barbarossa

    Conditions on Mount Roberts?

    I saw the Bureau of Trails groomer and one snowmobile all day, but it was a Monday. On a weekend day, I would advise staying alert.
  14. Barbarossa

    Conditions on Mount Roberts?

    Probably won't need the snowshoes. I barebooted on Shannon Brook on Monday. The mountain is covered with groomed snowmobile trails. With the thaw on Weds & Thurs, followed by freeze, the trails should be good and crusty. Sorry Mo, too late to do you any good, but someone might make use of this...
  15. Barbarossa

    Pilot Ridge?

    On the ridge north of Hutchins I found something that looked like an old snow machine trail. Doesn't qualify as 'between', though. :--)
  16. Barbarossa

    Canisters on Trailwrights Bushwhacks?

    NW Hancock still had one about 6 years ago. There were entries going back to 1970 or 71. With the lack of snow pack, you may even get to see the remains of the wood stove.
  17. Barbarossa

    Harris Center Trails

    The entire area has a thin, icy crust. I ascended Skatutakee, went over to The Thumb, then did a meandering bushwhack over to Cobb Hill. I barebooted the whole way, but some sort of traction aid would have made portions quicker. Any spot that was skating rink smooth was easily by-passed, as the...
  18. Barbarossa

    Scar Ridge, Middle Peak 2/4/12

    I did it three or four years ago and found it to be the same. It had quite a reputation, though. Like Roy said, either the spruce trees are growing or dying.
  19. Barbarossa

    Exciting Helicopter Footage From Mt. Washington

    Chilly flashbacks of my yute! Ft Wainwright, AK was still flying Hueys in 1984.
  20. Barbarossa

    Crampons Found -- Sandwich Notch Rd

    Describe them and your trip and I'll send them along. It's like an essay contest to win a pair of crampons! ;)