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    Overnight at Ethan Pond and Willey Range/Zealand Notch Loop

    Definitely go! We loved that section of the A-Z.
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    Alpine Garden

    That time of year again and I know it's early, but if anyone has any info in the next few weeks we'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Overnight at Ethan Pond and Willey Range/Zealand Notch Loop

    Hey, everybody! Don't miss this lovely video!
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    Mountain Laurel Report

    Representing the Great City of Lawrence, MA! In my yard.
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    Less People Hiking?

    Saturday afternoon we had the Laughing Lion Trail all to ourselves. Five or ten minutes in I could see why. Sunday - Rumford Whitecap lot was full, but folks were dispersed so it did not seem crowded.
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    Hi all!!!

    Welcome! Is your work on display anywhere?
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    Greetings Everyone!

    From two other valley residents (representing the Great City of Lawrence) Welcome!
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    Mt. Tremont

    It was in good shape on my birthday (Aug 21, 2021). Although TBH we did not go all the way to Tremont, just to the cliff. I'd like to go back and get the rest. Even the forest service road from Bear Notch was nice. Good way to spend a birthday.
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    53rd with a view?

    It should still be on the list based on the trailhead parking view alone! Beautiful!
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    53rd with a view?

    Prema and I climbed Whitewall and lived to tell several summers ago.. I wrote a report on it entitled "Stupidity in High Places."
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    Mud season trail closures - new to me

    Trail closures, flooding, and (soon) bugs. God's way of getting me to paint the kitchen (95% done and looking great!) and other home stuff.
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    Got a parking ticket at Kearsage North today

    For the love of God people, if you have the option of dropping your ticket off at Town Hall or wherever, do it! When not in the woods I am behind the counter at the post office by myself constantly apologizing to the ten customers in my line while awaiting for the later clerks to come in (they...
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    Post-knee replacement hiking ?

    Let us know how you are making out.
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    1% for the Planet

    We actually rinse out our ziplocs! Good work and best wishes for all you do!
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    Hello everyone

    Best of luck recovering! Lots of folks here who have had to take a break occasionally.
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    Anyone Hiking after Knee Replacement?

    Hey thanks! I never finished the NSAIDs, which my doctor was happy to hear. When I told him they wreck your stomach, he told me overuse could lead to kidney disease as well. My cousin is on dialysis, so I have a reminder right under my roof to avoid such things. I have rheumatoid as well...
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    Anyone Hiking after Knee Replacement?

    Have not had knee surgery. I felt like I needed it, but upon looking at my x-rays and examining me my doctor said it was MILD osteoarthritis and recommended temporary NSAIDs and physical therapy. Off the meds and have just a little minor pain from time to time. The reason I am joining your...
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    A full day up on Franconia Ridge.

    Nothing like the outdoors for neurodiversity as well!