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  1. Raymond

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    I'm not sure if I remember Moss, but I loved the Early Winters catalog and their gear. I still wear my pile pullover when I hike at this time of year.
  2. Raymond

    Snowshoe found on Gale River Trail, Saturday, February 29

    One of the two snowboarders I met at a big blowdown left behind a single snowshoe, which I found on my way back down the trail later. There was no one waiting for me (in the dark, by then) at the Beaver Brook parking lot, and I did not notice any cars at the end of Trudeau Road, so I turned the...
  3. Raymond

    Accessibility of northern Pemi trailheads

    I thought I had read here several years ago that parking was no longer allowed at the Seven Dwarfs Motel. But it is now all right to do so? What is the charge? I did that in May 2005, I think. I can’t picture where this snowmobile trail is. Somewhere between the motel and the bridge at the end...
  4. Raymond

    GPS backlight out

    Well, the first 64st doesn’t work, and the one before that, a 60CSx, stopped acquiring satellites. So I’m on my third GPS since late 2007. I use an app on my phone to record my track, too, and its maps are more up-to-date than Garmin’s are.
  5. Raymond

    GPS backlight out

    It was the slider on the power-button backlight display, all the way over to the left, somehow. Thank you for the tip. I have my second Garmin 64st. The first refused to turn on last July, after a little more than four years of use. It would crash as soon as the credits/tiny text at the bottom...
  6. Raymond

    GPS backlight out

    How? Why? It had been working, now it isn't. No Menu option to affect it, as far as I can see.
  7. Raymond

    New GPS problem

    It shuts off as soon as the tiny type appears when it is connected to the computer, too. I can hold the ENTER and PAGE buttons down when I start it, which is supposed to give me a screen through which I can restore factory settings, but the screen appears for only a few nanoseconds before the...
  8. Raymond

    New GPS problem

    Until Saturday night, when it began happening again. I can’t get it started at all this time, however. As soon as the tiny type appears, it’s off. I already sent an email to Garmin, just waiting for someone to get back to me.
  9. Raymond

    Mt Clinton Rd from Base road

    Still closed at both ends as of Thursday, August 16. Jersey barriers at both ends; don’t know why there is a barrier at the Crawford Path end, with the gate open. Maybe they were afraid someone would try to bash his way through. Anyway, there is a big washout or sinkhole toward the Base Station...
  10. Raymond

    New GPS problem

    Finally getting around to an update: I did the factory reset (or whatever) per instructions from Garmin, and transferred some tracks into Basecamp to make Adventures and then deleted them, and the GPS has started first time, every time, since, knock on wood.
  11. Raymond

    New GPS problem

    Thanks for responding so quickly, Doug. I removed the memory card before reformatting the unit; even with it out, I still had difficulty getting the unit started. (I saw online that the 62’s sometimes had a problem with memory cards and starting, so I wondered about that possibility with my...
  12. Raymond

    New GPS problem

    I turn on my Garmin GPSMAP 64st, the logo comes on the screen, but as soon as the tiny, blurry letters at the bottom of the screen appear, the unit turns itself off. Over and over again, until something that I try finally gets it going, then it’s fine. ‘‘Something that I try,’’ like swapping...
  13. Raymond

    FOUND on North Hancock — water bottle and insulated bottle

    On Thursday, January 11, 2018, I left the items just beyond the hikers’ gate at the far end of the Hancock Overlook parking lot, behind a birch tree to the right of the gate: A Nalgene water bottle with a picture of a hermit thrush on it and a Stanley insulated bottle that had held coffee or...
  14. Raymond

    Outlook vs Downlook

    On Osseo Trail, perhaps it’s a downlook because you have to go down to get the view.
  15. Raymond

    Parking for Liberty

    Marvin, nice to have met you Friday. Hope you had a safe trip home. That Facebook group is called ‘‘The 4,000 Footer Club-Climbing and Hiking in New Hampshire.’’
  16. Raymond

    Tecumseh view clearing

    I suspect that Driver8 confused Rocket21 with Sierra, and, not realizing that, Rocket21 chose a name at random for Driver 8. But I could be wrong.
  17. Raymond

    Tecumseh view clearing

    Eh. I didn’t even notice it until I was leaving. If they start setting up spy cameras, however ...
  18. Raymond

    Tecumseh view clearing

    I don’t remember the sign being in the way of the view. I thought it was in the woods behind the summit cairn. On October 15, anyway.
  19. Raymond

    Bushwhacking trailess peaks

    I also finished the New England Hundred Highest before I owned a GPS. My method was to look on Views From The Top for trip reports and copy and print out the ones that had good directions. I have been using a GPS since 2008, however, and, as Stan mentioned above, it is nice to be able to look...
  20. Raymond

    # of New England 50 Finest finishers

    Papa, I don’t remember specifically, but I’m sure it was somewhere around the Maine-New Hampshire-Canada junction. I know you did something either there or slightly south in New Hampshire (Mount Magalloway?) around that time. The hike would have been in early October, because that’s when my and...