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  1. DrJJFate

    AMC's Trail Sign Auction has started

    I have heard this misquoted a few times by omitting the beginning ("A foolish consistency is the. . ."). Also, there's a recurring joke about this in the movie "Next Stop Wonderland".
  2. DrJJFate

    Primaloft jacket recommendations ?

    I'll second the Compressor. I bought it just over a year ago and it is fantastic.
  3. DrJJFate

    Waterproofing boots

    I swear by the stuff as well. Easy to apply and quite effective. Not just a water repellent, but also a conditioner. It reminds me of the beeswax EMS used to sell under its own label. Stuff was great, but I haven't seen it in years. Unfortunately, I'm half-way through my last tub.
  4. DrJJFate

    Performing high-risk rescues: 'It's the New Hampshire way'

    It doesn't tell the taxpayers much. Just like the members of VFTT, some AMC members are willing to pay additional fees and some are not. The same can be said for people who have no club affiliations who also recreate in NH's backcountry. What is one's "fair share"? As an alternative, you...
  5. DrJJFate

    ...Think alike. Indeed they do. Thanks for the greenie.

    ...Think alike. Indeed they do. Thanks for the greenie.
  6. DrJJFate

    Dry River Campground

    You could always try Tarry Ho in Twin Mountain.
  7. DrJJFate


    Most of the National Guardsmen/women from other areas of the country, who are in VT assisting with the recovery, are departing today and tomorrow. Appreciation, it appears, goes both ways: VA Guardsman Thanks VT
  8. DrJJFate

    Question Re: parking in VT

    There are two lots at the trout club: The upper lot (as you drive in it's on the right) is public and you can park there overnight. The lower lot (in front of you and to the left as you enter) is for the trout club only. Lake Mansfield Trout Club is private and they will tow if you park in...
  9. DrJJFate

    Road Closures in Vermont

    This is an email from someone who lives in Waitsfield sent at 9:30 this morning. I've deleted names to maintain anonymity:
  10. DrJJFate

    Road Closures in Vermont

    This says it all: VT Statewide Road Closure Map & Descriptions
  11. DrJJFate

    Will a little ol' hurricane slow you down?

    Personally, I don't eat them. However, love Wal-Mart or hate Wal-Mart (or fall somewhere in the middle), their computer systems have been tracking every item purchased at every store since the 70's. They really know what they're doing when it comes to inventory control. Wal-Mart Way in...
  12. DrJJFate

    Will a little ol' hurricane slow you down?

    Strawberry, in particular. And no, I am not kidding.
  13. DrJJFate

    GMC Winooski River Crossing

    No. Bolton doesn't have its own P.O. Jonesville is still the nearest.
  14. DrJJFate

    GMC Winooski River Crossing

    As many of you know, the Green Mountain Club has been working for years on a more practical crossing of the Winooski River, north of Camel's Hump State Park, than the current road walk through Jonesville. Recently, they have been actively coordinating with other groups, local landowners and...
  15. DrJJFate


    Here's some history: Passaconaway's Papooses
  16. DrJJFate

    GPS or Map & Compass?

    Always carry a map and compass though I don't use the latter too often. I'm just comfortable using a map. Never used a GPS.
  17. DrJJFate

    Snowshoes by Garneau?

    They look angry. Like they're going to a metal concert.
  18. DrJJFate

    NPR/Fresh Air interview w/Hugh Herr

    Perhaps it is less dispassion and more transcendence. Hugh appears to have moved beyond his own injuries and immersed himself in the research and development for how to improve the lives of everyone who has ever required the use of a prosthetic device. Some people raise money. Hugh raised the...