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  1. Rob S

    Sort of an event, retirement

    Congratulations peakbagger!! I love my job, but I'm looking forward to retirement as well, ...... still have another 4.5 years though.
  2. Rob S

    How long has VFTT been in existence?

    Same here. Summer of 1995. With 14.4kbs dial-up!
  3. Rob S

    Leaf Blower Assisted Rescue

    Why is that? I must be missing something .....
  4. Rob S

    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    Unable to work out the logistics. So much so, that we've even decided not to stay there. Our back-up plan of Brockport, in the direct center of the path of totality, is where we'll be.
  5. Rob S

    Escarpment trail water sources flowing?

    No direct knowledge, but I'd say you're likely to find water at both locations right now. There was water flowing nicely in the stream on the trail to Windham that was completely dry a month ago.
  6. Rob S

    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    The fields are cleared of snow. The neighbors race boats professionally in the summer, and host ice-fishing and x-country skiing events in the winter. They have parking. Mud is not an issue there. That said, I need to talk to my neighbor friend about the use of his field, or part of his field...
  7. Rob S

    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    No pressure. I'd love to. We'll see.
  8. Rob S

    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    That's actually not a bad idea. I'd have to work out parking logistics with the neighbors as there's only room for 4 or 5 cars. But the neighbor has a large field they use when they have parties. So unless they are planning a big party, that might work!
  9. Rob S

    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    My g/f's family has a house on Honeoye Lake in the path of totality. Her hometown of Brockport is directly in the center of the path of totality. We're planning to be at one place or the other. :-)
  10. Rob S

    Any Hot Weather Hikers Out There?

    Some folks tolerate hot weather better than others. I'll admit it definitely affects me. My g/f not as much. I hike slower, and drink a lot more water. In fact, I drank 2.5 liters on Saturday on a fairly easy 6-mile hike. Staying out of the sun when possible helps. On those very hot days, we...
  11. Rob S

    Black Pond

    The Black Pond herd path was very easy to follow in June. It was our first time there, so we weren't sure how it would be. It's better than some marked trails! And I agree about the Brutus bushwhack getting a lot of use. Some of the steep sections are becoming very eroded.
  12. Rob S

    Finished the Vermont 500 Highest List

    Wow, amazing!! Congratulations!!
  13. Rob S

    Lincoln woods trail closure later this summer?

    Thanks for this. We are tentatively planning to climb Owl's Head later this month.
  14. Rob S

    Poetry thread

    Awesome! Thanks for the laughs guys. Here is my not-as-amusing add: Hiking is my addiction Mountains are the high Mother Nature is my dealer Terra Firma and the sky
  15. Rob S

    Start planning - 2024 Eclipse path runs over Katahdin

    My G/F's family has a camp on Honeoye Lake (Finger Lakes). We are planning to stay there for a few days. Hope the weather cooperates!
  16. Rob S

    Peak Bragging 2021 - Let's hear what you did!

    Does the 2000 summits include peaks like Mt Clay or Sam Adams in the Whites, Ticetonyk in the Catskills, mountains out west, etc? Either way, 2000 summits is a lot of hiking!
  17. Rob S

    Catskill 3500 Club New List

    Even the Denning lot was 3/4 full recently on a Monday!
  18. Rob S

    Past the point of earliest sunset

    There was an interesting conversation about this on a while ago. See link below. That thread is often resurrected. :o
  19. Rob S

    Mt Tecumseh Elevation Article

    OK, I should have said "tradition as known in my hiking lifetime". :p
  20. Rob S

    Mt Tecumseh Elevation Article

    You're right. I should have said "tradition as known in my lifetime". :)