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  1. REK

    Reservation rd. Is it plowed ?

    Reservation Rd. is public and is plowed all winter. The park roads are not.
  2. REK

    Water Source Near Jim Liberty Cabin?

    Dry is an understatement up there. We were there 2 weeks ago and last real water was second crossing on Hammond Tr. We found a really nasty puddle on the ledge behind the cabin and filtered 3 quarts for supper and breakfast. We didn't die. It's up to you BK
  3. REK

    Stone churches

    St Andrews Church on Old Rt 25/Whittier Rd in West Ossipee Bob
  4. REK

    Is There a Name for the Craggy Section of Franconia Ridge S, of Mt. Lincoln's Summit?

    Sounds to me as if you just did! :cool: Lincoln's Beard works for me. Sort of goes along with Jefferson's Knees. Bob
  5. REK

    Article about the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

    Bear Brook State Park is an old CCC camp. They built the park around it. There is a nice museum there. My son's Eagle Scout project was the rehab of the Smith Pond Shelter, built in 1937 by the CCC. Bob
  6. REK

    Bushwackers BEWARE: A charged rescue!

    I have no problems with this one at all. Bob
  7. REK

    GPS, Maps, and cameras ILLEGAL

    Do you have any facts, citations, or anything at all that supports this statement. Connecting the dots can give you any picture you need to see although it may not be right. This bill is pretty straightforward. Read it; it's about property rights and limiting the reach of government agencies...
  8. REK

    Thorn Mountain in Jackson

    That's the old Tyrol Ski Area. The folks on the north side, where the lodge used to be, have spent several small fortunes on "No Trespassing" signs. That's OK, at least you know where you stand. I don't know about posting down by that trail but unposted land in NH is open. It is always nice to...
  9. REK

    Another stone structure in woods

    I remember seeing that trail. Now to go back there soon. Thanks so much Bob
  10. REK

    GPS, Maps, and cameras ILLEGAL

    That's pretty insulting:( Bob
  11. REK

    Another stone structure in woods

    I was down there a few years ago and I didn't notice any obvious spring. It would cool to go back down and clean it out if I knew where to look.
  12. REK

    Another stone structure in woods

    It's a spring house, a pretty nice one. I love finding things like that in the woods. Look around for apple trees and lilac bushes. Bob
  13. REK

    Leave no Trace...Really?

    Porcupines chew on everything!:eek:
  14. REK

    Stun Gun Used on Hiker

    "You will respect my authoritah!!!!!!!" Bob
  15. REK

    WMNF Closure!

    Just because it's legal doesn't mean that it's right:mad: I'm so thankful that the federal government is here to save me from myself:confused: Thanks sir I'd love some Kool Aid! Flame Away, I couldn't care less. Bob
  16. REK

    Need a new 3-season shell

    I have found this to be true as well. I test my rain gear while riding on my motorcycle. My Precip does well in a rain storm at all speeds. The only leak I had was when I forgot to close the storm flap over the zipper. I got caught in a prolonged ride in the rain last week and I was OK. Of...
  17. REK

    What (or who) got you hiking?

    Wow! She's in the club!;)
  18. REK

    What (or who) got you hiking?

    I started as a young kid with my parents who hiked and fished a lot. My father taught me the woodsy bushcraft hiking stuff and my mother taught me to fly fish. My mother is gone but at 91 my father doesn't hike anymore but still goes out on his boat several times a week. In junior high I would...
  19. REK

    Adams, Madison, and A Humbling Experience

    Idiotic Big Mouth Unfortunately I suffer from that same affliction. Thanks for your honest and heartfelt post.:cool: It takes a big man to admit something like that publicly and I can learn a lesson from it. I think that's one of the best trip reports I have ever read. I'm gonna shut up now and...