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  1. ChrisB

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    Sierra, I enjoy your posts and admire how often you and your pup get out. But on this post I gotta take exception. Overall I think the Club's backcountry facilities do more good than harm. First they concentrate and manage usage and camping. Second they provide emergency services to the...
  2. ChrisB

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    What's wrong with telling them they need to leave? It ain't a day spa for criss sakes!! Get OUT!!! A group I was with in Baxter had a very similar experience to what the Croo did here. On a minus 10 winter night we get a knock on the Roaring Brook cabin door. A panicked guy appears and in...
  3. ChrisB

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    I too have had my ups and downs with the Club over 50+ years of hiking. But... If you use the many trails they maintain, water up or take a dump at their facilities, or benefit from their conservation, land acquisition and lobbying activities, I suggest it is a bit hypocritical to bash them.
  4. ChrisB

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    Par for the course here, unfortunately. Haters gotta hate. Did Croo feed these folks? Shelter these folks? Pull their dam asses off the mountain? Probably. But for some haters that's just not enough. Some of us hold grudges waaaay to long in life.
  5. ChrisB

    WMNF Road Status as of May 10th

    Is the Bear Tooth Highway to Red Lodge open?
  6. ChrisB

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    I read “The Maine Woods“ by Thoreau in which he documents several canoe trips deep into the Maine backcountry, which of course involved lots of camping. He and his guides has a simple prescription for keeping the bugs away: build as smoky fire as possible, wrap yourself head to toe in a heavy...
  7. ChrisB

    A full day up on Franconia Ridge.

    Great video of Damnation for sure. These kids are good! Q: How did the second skier do the rap without leaving gear?
  8. ChrisB

    I met a genuine dirt bag on Monday, May 8, 2023

    See the movie “Nomadland.”
  9. ChrisB

    Old Man of the Mountain in the NY Times

    I think it's cool it fell in our life time and we got to witness the aftermath. All that talus below Cannon cliff has been raining down for thousands of years.
  10. ChrisB

    The Next Big Accident Generator?

    So this is what I don't get: If his problem is very common place and costly to SAR, why is it allowed to persist? Obviously the signage at the summit junction is NOT doing the job of directing the great unwashed down to the hut and thence home. So fix it already!! Better call Saul, or the...
  11. ChrisB

    Vaucluse Backpack Frame

    Maybe it's not an issue with a small day pack, but does the frame concentrate the load into pressure points where it rests against back?
  12. ChrisB

    Got a parking ticket at Kearsage North today

    Is Hurricane Mountain Road open to N Chatham? (You have two days to respond to this question after which I’ll ask another.)
  13. ChrisB

    Mr Pizza in Gorham is Closing

    What poppycock! Mr Pizza is off my list of places to dine for sure.
  14. ChrisB


    Welcome. Some big lines to ski in the basins at Baxter but a lot of work to get to them !
  15. ChrisB

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    Sounds very similar to my old North Face Expedition tent featuring the “inverse catenary cut” design. Twin A frames, Snow flaps, tunnel and zip doors, air vent and removable cotton frost liner. And about 20 stake out and guy line anchors. I think modern free standing, stressed frame tents are...
  16. ChrisB

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    One of my big experiments was with a Serria Designs “cagoule.” This exotic piece of foul weather gear was all the rage in Wales and Scotland before it made its way to the states. Idea was you could crouch down in the knee-length hooded garment and survive anything the mountains could throw at...
  17. ChrisB

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    For my recent -12 sleep out I dug my Alpine Designs expedition parka (circa 1971) out of storage. What a great and massive down garment! And still extremely lofty and warm. I used to bivvy in it with a pair of REI down pants that zipped into an elephant’s foot. Good times!
  18. ChrisB

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    I think he had some of his kids posing nude in the catalogs. Strange then and probably illegal now.
  19. ChrisB


    On my first hike with Over 50 I told them there was no Over 70 meet up group so I had to go with the Over 50. They laughed and said you're in good company with us.
  20. ChrisB


    Glad you’re alive n hik’n. Hope we will “Meet Up“ at some point. That Over 50 is a good group. Best, Chrisb