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  1. Bushwhack

    Babies and bugs

    Hey folks, When I hiked before adopting my son, I would see eight year old kids jumping around the presidential range and hope that I would have kids that cool some day. I adopted a little guy, and there are hints that might be the case for him- he likes to be outside in any weather, and cries...
  2. Bushwhack

    Infant formula advice on the trail

    Thanks folks! the more different forms of advice, the better. Ben
  3. Bushwhack

    Infant formula advice on the trail

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for advice on feeding a little one on the trail for a few hours to a few days. As adoptive parents, we have to exclusively use infant formula, but most websites assume that parents are breastfeeding. Does anyone have any guidance on using infant formula on the trail...
  4. Bushwhack

    Pemi loop advice

    Awesome! I feel much better about this now. I was thinking there was some water (and the trails on garfield are sometimes a waterfall), but this adds more certainty to my planning. I was not looking forward to carrying 25 miles worth of water.
  5. Bushwhack

    Pemi loop advice

    Hey Folks, It has been a long time since I have done a Pemi loop, and was hoping for some reminders, as my memory is getting foggy on the details of the trail. I'm looking to do a one day pemi loop this July. due to parking restrictions, I'll be starting from the Hancock parking lot. What I...
  6. Bushwhack

    looking for advice on a honeymoon hike in Nova Scotia

    Hey folks, I have a very specific question. My wife and I are planning on backpacking in in Nova Scotia soon, doing the Chignecto loop trail during our honeymoon. Everything I have seen says it is very challenging, but my question is, compared to what? Has anyone hiked this? My wife is...
  7. Bushwhack

    Catskills a perfect place to return to trail running after injury

    Last September, I felt a twinge in my heel one morning. Not true pain, just a seed, something that indicated rest was needed. No problem- I had no time to run that day. Fast forward a month, and that seed had blossomed into full-blown plantar fasciitis. One by one, the activities went...
  8. Bushwhack

    Mahoosuc Range hike Columbus day weekend- anyone interested?

    Made it out alive. That is one heck of a tough trail. I decided to do it in two days instead of three, and that is a decision my legs are suffering the consequences of.
  9. Bushwhack

    Most Difficult Trail In The Northeast

    I suppose this depends on what you consider a dayhike, but I found the Adirondacks Great Range out and back to be probably the toughest day hike I've ever done. A hut traverse is harder, but that technically spanned two days for me- 4 AM -12:30 AM. for a single masiff, I would say the trip...
  10. Bushwhack

    Mahoosuc Range hike Columbus day weekend- anyone interested?

    I'll be doing a three-ish day hike on the Mahoosuc range from Rt 2 in NH to Rt 26 in Maine, and would be happy for any new companions. I'll likely camp out friday night a mile in, get an early start saturday morning. let me know if you are interested in tackling the legendary Mahoosuc Notch...
  11. Bushwhack

    Pace, Intervals And Rest

    Hey there Daytrip, My advice would be to bring a book with you. When I did longer trips such as a hut traverse or double presi, it was nice to sit down and read for five minutes once an hour. I find that if I am trying to eat up miles, I don't rest long enough unless I have a book to hold me...
  12. Bushwhack

    Old Bridle Path Info, anyone?

    Thanks to all for the advice. Given the conditions reported for the kinsmans, I think we may wait on the sleds for more snow. I will certainly look into the mountain missile. My method of keeping the sled from becoming a runaway missile is to use a very short and easily breakable strong to...
  13. Bushwhack

    Old Bridle Path Info, anyone?

    Hey There, I've been planning on using the time off after christmas to bring a few people up lafayette via the old bridle path. We'll be microspiking it up the trail, but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any snow up there. I like to sled down the bigger ones in the winter, but if...
  14. Bushwhack

    Women, Endurance, FKTs in the Paper of Record

    Though a different type of muscular action, ultrarunning might a place to look at the gender gap if you need higher numbers to extrapolate from in a somewhat similar form of exercise. it is pretty popular, or at least more popular than most would think running fifty or more miles is...
  15. Bushwhack

    Interesting article on NE Alpine usage

    This article reflects a conflict I struggle with each time I bring people out in the woods. I am an outdoor educator, and bring groups out on a regular basis, knowing that each time I do, there is a chance I will get a few more kids to connect with nature. However, I am also introducing one...
  16. Bushwhack

    Bushwhacking trailess peaks

    I'll repeat a few thoughts that bear repeating, and add a few. the larger the area and the less you know about it, the more you should consider bringing a friend or two. the LESS location-based tech you have (like maps or GPS), the more likely it is that you ought to bring emergency overnight...
  17. Bushwhack

    My Feet Are Wrecked

    Regarding walking wrong- I would look at the wear on the sole of your hiking boot. the uneven wear that shows up tends to reflect how you hike. Also, to reduce pounding on the bottom of your feet, focus on walking softly. try to place your feet so that they do not make a sound. I doubt you...
  18. Bushwhack

    Carter Notch Caves and Cliffs

    Quietman, I have not yet been through the King Ravine trail. it was one of the places in the presidentials I did not get to play around on this summer. There are so many places left to explore up there- I'm really excited for that one in particular. I was intending to do it in august, but got...
  19. Bushwhack

    Looking for hiking partners in Candia, Auburn, Hooksett area

    Hey Brian, I'm not quite in the same area as you (newmarket), but if you are looking to head up to the presidentials this winter, let me know! I'm busy through the fall, but my winters are quite free. car pooling is a great idea! Ben [email protected]
  20. Bushwhack

    Carter Notch Caves and Cliffs

    Eighteen years ago, my older brother returned from his very first trip in the White Mountains with stories of wonders. The landscape he described sounded like something out a myth: A boulder field so large it can't be crossed, caves a hundred feet deep with ice at the bottom of them, cold...