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    GPS: Do I want one with mapping?

    Example of use-bushwhack exploration on public lands off Lake Desolation road looking for breeding birds in spring. Limited topographic features. So new etrex 20-30 or older but better featured 60-62 suggested?
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    GPS: Do I want one with mapping?

    Etrex 20-30 series I was looking at the newest released models with mapping, the 20 and 30. Those screens are really small!
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    GPS: Do I want one with mapping?

    My mountian hikes, when solo, are always on marked trails so other than downed leaves in autumn, am usually not concerned about losing the trail. However, in the Adirondack and Vermont lowlands, I plan on increased bushwacks off trails and roads in pursuit of nature photography subjects. I...
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    Softshell pant suggestions

    I ordered the MH Winter Wander. Came in a short inseam. I love Schoeller fabrics and this one is NOT, but I hope to like it once it arrives.
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    Softshell pant suggestions

    one length Just went to EMS. They're softshells as most avalable in one length ( as in long for me). Too long for me.
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    Softshell pant suggestions

    I've long quit using a softshell jacket for winter hikes, preferring my lighter weight more breathable option like whatever tempertures require wool, fleece or puffy insulation and just a featherweight Montane Pertex jacket if windy. WPB Precip carried only. Softshell jacket would take up the...
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    Attaching snowshoes to daypacks

    It's almost time to contemplate ascents where one might keep swapping snowshoes, stabilizers, crampons, or bare boots. I have read that attaching snowshoes on the back of a pack (such as in a shovel pocket) is not as wise as along the sides due to weight distribution outward. In all cases with...
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    DeLorme vs. Garmin maps-Adirondack trails

    In choosing a GPS, is there a preferred mapping between each for Adirondack topo maps along the trail?
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    Vroomans nose

    Am i correct that the trail was re-routed this summer, making a left on approach vs. hugging the private property by the house?
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    Garmin GPS 60CSx vs. the Etrex line

    The size of the 60CSX is probably a downside when trying to manage pack volume?
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    Garmin GPS 60CSx vs. the Etrex line

    I'm looking for a $200 and under low to mid-range GPS for mainly emergency backtracking when bushwacking flat to elevated terrain in the Adirondacks, for nature photography. I am really not sure I need mapping capability and if so, would want to avoid spending excess extra funds on mapping...
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    Insulated Pants-outerlayer

    The main application for carrying pants insulated with Primaloft or similar insulation is for overnights-around winter camp and sleeping. Too warm for activity for most. I am curious how many routinely carry such an item on long winter day hikes, for unplanned overnights and emergencies? It...
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    Rain pants vs. Ski pants???

    No Years ago, I abandoned the idea of hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing with waterproof breathable outer layers, and that includes pants. Simply put, under moderate activity, they do not breath adequately. Whether my Marmot Precip or Gore-tex, they have their place in my pack for rain encountered...
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    Acceptable feathers in down jackets

    It's probably a topic as old as down jackets have been around. I was surprised when looking at an Eddie Bauer down jacket recently to see the feather content listed at 20% (not a First Ascent model). Is this a statistic to inquire on any down jacket purchase or are reputable outdoor brands...
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    Blue Mountain, Nov. 7

    First quarter of the trail and hike had a small dusting of snow on the trees and rocks, with a rather muddy and wet but not icy trail. The next quarter had increasing ice on bare rocks in spots and maybe an inch of snow, which prompted me to put on Microspikes. The third quarter of the trail...
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    Good deal-Marmot Driclime

    With my recent post on mid-layers and comment read there and many other web posts praising this windshirt, got a superb deal today with a 35% off discount on the Marmot Driclime jacket-$40. I did not bother to see if it is the preferred original or newer version, but for that price-did not...
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    Ideal Midlayers

    Primaloft My past primaloft jacket was an ultralight made by REI but discontinued and mine now thrown away from too many tears. It had a fragile pertex exterior that eventually used up a roll of duct tape! At the time, just over $100 and had a hood. The current offerings in that price range...
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    Ideal Midlayers

    I've always been pleased with the comfort of my baselayer and outer layer selections-it's the mid layers for cold weather hiking that never seem ideal for me. For a cold-weather baselayer, I've always been pleased with the wicking of a lightweight Polartec Power Dry or Power Stretch base.A rain...
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    Torn Meniscus and the High Peaks

    Perhaps due to numerous hikes this year or squats with weights at the gym, one knee now has developed a torn meniscus. Only discomfort is with very deep knee bending. Surgery not considered at this point. I hate to miss out on the fall hiking season and the MD indicated that further damage not...
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    Pillsbury Mountain

    The last 1.2 mile drive in was a bit rough in just two places. The trail was mostly dry, a bit of mud in a few places and wet rocks on the ascent. The Miami River was a nice view along the way. No view from summit itself-have to climb the firetower for a nice 360 degree view. Bicknell's thrush...