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    winter boots

    Okay, the same questions repeated. My Sorels have seen better days (leaking at the seams, right around the toes). I like the Sorels at that type boot. I heard good words about "boz" boots? Any two bits appreciated. Lavafalls
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    New AMC Logo....a good or bad?

    new AMC logo...stupid looking Curious on how much AMC paid for some PR agency to come up with that design. What was wrong with the older logo? Nothing for my two bits. It showed mountains, trees, river/water and that is where the AMC does all it activities. This new logo, you see none of...
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    A strange "hiking" partner

    While descending Owls Head yesterday (August 25) I saw two ladies climbing up the slide. Both were chunky, tight poly pro tops and leggings, no packs, no water, K-mart Special "hiking sneakers". One of these ladies had what looked like purse/small day pack in her hand. When I passed her I saw...
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    re-soling boots

    Anyone know of any shoe makers in the northeast that re-sole hiking boots? Lavafalls
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    Winter Whites 48

    I just completed the Winter Whites "48". Can one get a patch/"certificate for completing them? If so from whom? Thanks. Lavafalls
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    Watch the GPS or the Trail

    I agree with you. I was close to following the trail I pointed out. always, but, there was one slow/weak member in the group and six of us and the hike leader was strong on holding the group together, I agree with that.
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    Watch the GPS or the Trail

    Last Saturday six of us started up the "Ammo" trail towards clouds hut with the goal of getting Monroe and maybe Washington. We were in snow shoes for the start. I was on the Ammo two weeks ago and recognized landmarks. The lead/trail breaker had the gps/garmin, etc., He also said he likes to...
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    Tent Question

    I have a Moss Star dome two man four season tent. It's old, the fabric is in good shape, with a bit of a musty smell when it's unpacked. Cleaning the tent today and there are a lot of small dark spots on the outside surface of the tent fly. I am using NIKWAX Tent & Gear Solarwash with a...
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    Trails from Zealand Hut

    Questions. The trail from Zealand Hut up to Zealand summit is in decent shape? As in no major blowdowns? And the trail towards Guyot shelter and the two Bonds? A lot of blowdowns or clear? Thanks. Lavafalls
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    Fire Warden Trail to Hale

    Does a cairn on the North Twin Trail mark the old Fire Wardens Trail up to Hale? Lavafalls
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    Need to replace my goggles. So what is/are the difference(s) in goggles going for $49.95 up to $150. Lavafalls
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    planning winter hikes

    Little River Road...Past Haystack Road maybe 1.5 miles and Little River Road goes due south off Route 3?
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    planning winter hikes

    Yes: Can you provide tracks. BIG THANKS.
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    planning winter hikes

    Questions on roads that close in Winter: Gale River Loop Road: How far is the ski-in to the Garfield and Gale River Trailheads? Haystack Road: How far is the ski in to the North Twin Trail? Zealand Road: How far do they plow it? How far a ski into the Hale Brook Trail? York Pond Road, off...
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    Osceola/Tripoli Road

    Do they plow Tripoli Road up to the Osceola trailhead. Do they plow the Sandwich Notch Road? Reason for asking is I am planning to hike that peak and the other 4000's in the Waterville Valley the second week of March. Thanks Lavafalls
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    Tripoli Road in wnter

    How far do they plow Tripoli Road in winter? Do they go as far as the Tecumseh trailhead? Lavafalls
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    Threats to public lands

    All: Go to They have page set up that explains what the resolutions would do. It also has links to find your senators and reps. Apology for the partisanship.
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    Threats to public lands

    All: Republicans in congress are pushing two resolutions that would take away guidelines the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) uses to preserve lands for recreation. The two resolutions. SJ Res 15 and HJ Res 44 will be voted on this week. Call/email your senators and representatives to vote...
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    Trail litter-Do you pick it up?

    We are all pretty consistent in response to the comments: No to TP, facial tissue, sometimes band-aids (put into a zip lock bag), pick up on the way out, cigarette butts sometimes, wrappers, plastic lids to water bottle. Do I stop to get every last piece, I admit I don't, but a small dent was...
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    Trail litter-Do you pick it up?

    Over the years, I have/we have seen trail litter from the cigarette butts to "avian", "Poland Spring" water bottles, to sleeping bags, etc. I have been on club hikes and see folks walk past the litter and no effort to collect it. These are the same folks that call out for trail preservation...