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  1. IQuest

    Winter nh 48 canine finishers

    Does anyone know if there have been any new finishers since Gryffin in 2017? Or any that may be finishing this year?
  2. IQuest

    Winter nh 48 canine finishers

    Congratulations Gryffin! I'm looking forward to sewing one of these on Marlie's jacket. Thanks Tim.
  3. IQuest

    Winter nh 48 canine finishers

    I let her have two. No need for a belly ache.:)
  4. IQuest

    Winter nh 48 canine finishers

    Here is Marlie yesterday on Mt Tom, Winter #48!, after visiting Field and Willey. At 8 years old, this Boxer/German Shepherd mix still amazes me. I'm looking forward to many more miles with her.
  5. IQuest

    Butt sledding haters?

    I was thinking about this today while hiking. The Avalon Tr and A-Z Tr were smoothed right out from sledders/butt sledders. Some spots were wiped down to the ice and I know it would be crazy if frozen solid but over all it was a very smooth and fast walking ramp. I prefer to stay on my feet so...
  6. IQuest

    Your NE67 Finish

    I finished on Redington in '09. I was stuck on 63 for 4 years until I dove up with my dog, hiked Sugarloaf, Spaulding, & Abraham the first day, slept in my truck at the AT crossing on Caribou Valley Rd, then hiked the Crockers and Redington on the second day. It wasn't very epic but I was glad...
  7. IQuest

    Wildcat, Winter and Dogs

    This was the slide crossing Sunday as we descended. Unfortunately I lost the picture of the uphill shot. We did an out and back from 19 MBT.
  8. IQuest

    Wildcat, Winter and Dogs

    I'm looking for info on this as well. Option A will be an out and back from 19 MBT. 14~ miles I think. Otptin B would be 19 MBT to A, across the ridge, then down Polecat after hours. Does anyone have a measurement (distance and elev+ for walking the road from the ski area to 19 MBT?
  9. IQuest

    Presidential Traverse - 2016-01-08

    Too funny.:)
  10. IQuest

    Presidential Traverse - 2016-01-08

    Like you said, I think there was a faimiliar face or name in each group I passed. I was going to ask if you brought water mixed with soup broth for Griffin. Marlie didn't drink anything until we were back at the car, just licked snow all day.
  11. IQuest

    Does It Get Any Better? Monroe-Washington-Jefferson January 8, 2016.

    Arguably my favorite Presi day ever. Especially with the undercast moving in. We must have crossed paths at some point. So many familiar faces and names that day.
  12. IQuest

    New Bridge: Highwater Trail at Hastings

    It this the crossing at the northern end of the Highwater Tr? Any word if the bridge is open yet?
  13. IQuest

    Hike Safe Card= Fishing lic. ?

    To the best of my knowledge, you are correct.
  14. IQuest

    Moriah Brook Bridge Closed in Wild River Area

    Isn't the point of this bridge for safe crossing of the Wild River back to the campground? Hence the name Highwater Tr to parallel the river and bring you to the bridge when the water is too high to cross along the other trails. Hopefully it will be fixed.
  15. IQuest

    Mt Davis On Montalban Ridge

    The suspension bridge over the Dry River was there and in good shape three weeks ago.
  16. IQuest

    Mt Clinton Trail

    I descended it in June 2014 and can confirm what Chris has said. Earlier this month I was on the Dry River Tr and the junction at the bottom has a new sign and there were cairns along the river bed to help you navigate across.
  17. IQuest

    Hiking Boundry

    We hiked it from the US side last July and saw no one for the 12 miles that we followed the swath (6+- mi each way).
  18. IQuest

    Mt Davis On Montalban Ridge

    I whacked down from Davis to RB Shelter #2 last fall. Once you figure out how to get through the scrub and off of the summit it was a nice walk through the woods. I think it was only about a mile. I would do it again as it was no longer for me than an out and back to Isolation. Also, last...
  19. IQuest

    Carrigain to Vose Spur?

    I've been both ways and found it easier to go from Vose to Carrigain. Probably because it was my second time. A few key notes would be, don't try to go in a straight line between the two peaks, try to follow the faint herd path along the ridge between Carrigain and it's small subpeak to the...