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  1. J

    Ct. State Parks 7/19 +7/20

    This weekend would be a good time to return. Marking the 100th anniversary of the CT state park system, all parking fees and admission charges to state parks and state park museums have been waived.
  2. J

    The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lying Around, the Stitches and the Loose Wardrobe

    I agree. I had the same laproscopic procedure Chip described above ten years ago. Only a couple days of local discomfort, good as new a week later.
  3. J

    Moose sighting in SE NY - And it came from CT?!

    Here's a bit more info. There are more out there than one might think.
  4. J

    In praise of environmental progress

    I live in a CT town settled and cleared starting in the 1600s, a mile from Long Island Sound, in an area now sandwiched between I95 and US Rte.1 and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. You’d think the local wildlife would have given up on this place by now. Rather, a mini herd of a half dozen deer has...
  5. J

    We had to put Genie down today

    I'm sorry for your loss. Genie was a really great dog.
  6. J

    "Full" Winter Gear?

    I’ve also had mixed results with the .5L/16 oz. thermos. I’m still using one from EMS but have thrown away another from EMS and one from Bean. I suspect the seal between the double walls broke down somehow. If stuff is lukewarm after only a few hours, it’s not working as intended. I’ve found...
  7. J

    Camping in VT near Burke - Umpire - East Haven 3k's ??

    Vermont allows off-season camping in its state parks but you need the permission of the district manager. You will have to park at the gate and walk in. The district manager may also be aware of primitive campsites close to a road in nearby state forests and wildlife management areas...
  8. J

    NH parking area vandalism

    The Great Gulf Trail can also be accessed from the parking area at the south end of Dolly Copp Campground.
  9. J

    NH Car Camping Question

    Matt, Jigger Johnson does not accept reservations. Check out the Forest Service campground info here.
  10. J

    Ever see a Northern Harrier (hawk)?

    In winter, Northern Harriers are hard to miss in Hammonasset State Park in Madison, CT. Most hawks look the same to me but the Harrier’s slow, up and down but still low-to-ground, side-to-side flight is quite distinctive. Their preferred hunting areas seem to favor edge habitat – over the...
  11. J

    Galehead Gourmet Group Galavant and Yoga Seminar

    Duuh, not doh! Nancy, that’s affirmative, not yes. Sorry, but not apologetic, some of us are just specifically, though not inherently, more used to using their eyeballs, not their ears. Thanks for the written, not spoken, follow-up, feedback and other good intellect-jogging stuff! Seema...
  12. J

    VT section of the AT....

    There is bus service between Rt. 4 and Rutland. You’ll find a schedule here.
  13. J

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!! (aka party time!)

    Great Party! Typical VFTT event – half old friends, half new friends, rain/snow, plenty of food, everybody drove hours to get there and all had loads of fun. First time I saw the Bluffs and it won’t be the last. Big thumbs up to Carmel and SherpaK! Darren: Aloha…..and come home without...
  14. J

    Homer Stone Trail?

    Yes, I twice used it to access the LT. It’s mostly two woods roads, separated by a ford about half way up. It comes out of the woods at the north end of Little Rock Pond. Fording Homer Stone Brook was easy and safer than any of the nearby rock hops I scouted. Parking (2-3 cars) is south of...
  15. J

    Boston Potluck Saturday, November 4

    Pat and Audrey – many thanks for the hospitality. It was a terrific evening with many old and new friends!
  16. J

    Crampon comparison

    The G 10 wide with flex bar fits both my EU 12.5 Kolflacks (last notch on the bar) and soft Columbia boots (size 12). The rigid bar may fit differently.
  17. J

    Underhill State Park Off Season Camping?

    Vermont state campgrounds can be used off-season with the permission of the park authorities, which is very easy to obtain. They just want to know whose car will be in the driveway and have a chance to inform you that there is no water, showers or toilets. Check here for a number to call...
  18. J

    WInd mill in NH?

    Yes, they are windmills. Route 8 south from Searsburg passes just below them.
  19. J

    Looking for relatively flat trails

    The Zealand and Ethan Pond Trails are flat all the way to the pond. If there is any color out now there are great views of the Zealand valley as the trail passes below Whitewall Mountain.
  20. J

    Boot Woes.....

    Good luck with the Crestas, MEB. I got over a thousand comfortable miles in a pair before they started to fall apart. I would have bought another pair but I wanted to try something with a slightly stiffer sole and found some Asolos on sale. The Crestas were great for everything except a long...