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  1. flypn

    MSR Fuel Pump Problem

    Howdy all, I was out this weekend on a ski/ice trip, and encountered a problem with the fuel pump on my new xgk ex. After boiling a few pots of water, we shut it off, then tried to turn it back on to cook dinner. The pump pressurized the bottle fine, but when turning the simmer valve, it...
  2. flypn

    Help!!! (I need ideas!)

    Excellent ideas, all! Hmmm, a paddle & some inner city debauchery mix sounds excellent! sardog1, you may have hit the nail on the head with that one! Some pan-fried fish & Allagash aged, mmm, thats fine livin'. I'll do my best to live up to your uncle's legacy ;) As for Montreal, for those...
  3. flypn

    Help!!! (I need ideas!)

    Howdy all, My bud Danny is getting hitched in Ripton, VT late this may. As best man, it is for me to plan a killer bachelor party. We're looking for some quality time in the woods somewhere in VT/NH. While we're both pretty into backcountry, some of the other folks are not. I was wondering...
  4. flypn

    Webshots extremely slow???

    to answer your second question, yea. when you post a pic to flickr, you are provided with a url, or address for it, which you can then post to forums like this one. this is a pic I took years ago, and is on that account: <a href=""...
  5. flypn

    Mount Rainier National Park officially closed

    We're planning to hit it up in march w/the 10mi ski in to the trailhead. Should be good, weather permitting. Will let y'all know how it goes!
  6. flypn

    Repairing Gaiters After Crampon Run-In?

    I'll second that solution, the goretex I've found isn't really worth it, even on the uppers, you can always uncinch the tops to cool down if conditions are ok. Cordura is cheap, and easy to sew up @ home. I know a guy who has sewn 2" seatbelt webbing over the insteps, but that always seemed a...
  7. flypn

    Picture Sharing Site Help, (please).

    bang for the buck if its best bang for your buck that you're looking for, I'd highly recomend, its 25$ for a 1-year subscription, which gives you a 2gig/month upload limit. I've used a few others, but this has been the best by far, with a good user interface, awesome & interesting...
  8. flypn

    Webshots extremely slow???

    the only solution I found when I had a similar problem a year back was to move to, much smoother system cheers
  9. flypn

    Bibs bead?

    Hey all, I'm going to be spending 2mo on the Juneau Icefield this summer, and am in desperate need of new hardshell bibs/pants (low bibs are ideal), any suggestions? I've been hunting around on the web and am having difficulty finding anything quality for a reasonable price (thanks a lot...
  10. flypn

    Hello from a newbie here, also a question

    about 1 out of every 10 people pack heat up here, but there's fairly good reason for it: encrouching subdivisions and open landfills = irritable, hungry bears......
  11. flypn

    "Uh-oh" Moments

    this winter, b/c outside of mt. rose in reno, whiteout conditions in an unfamiliar area. I'd seen the area once before, but made an overcorrection on the return trip after being unable to find the turns. Went out for an hour, then three hours later finally found the road. I kept telling...
  12. flypn

    Ideas for dehydrating food

    not to hijack the thread, but heres another question. what kinds of dehydrators are folks using, why do they like them, how much$$$? etc. thanks in advance.
  13. flypn

    Ultra-light tarp tents.

    I've got a golite hex with all the fixins and love it. its been on the glaciers up here to the beaches in costa rica and performs well in all conditions (with the exception of extremely high winds mixed with precip, it gets blown up into the vents). For winter camping, the small size and light...
  14. flypn

    Looking for Koflach Degre owners!

    I've used both the degrees and arctis. found the arctis are much better for walking if you relax the laces a tiny bit, but took some fine tuning. both boots are excellent for ice, but again, the arctis excelled on the approach. they are extremely warm as well (designed for -40F climbing in...
  15. flypn

    Foggy glasses

    The only solution that I have found is to wear a good (usually more expensive) balaclava. something like the OR gorilla mask works great, as its got large openings for the nostrils and mouth, but you still have to be moving away from exhaled air in order to get your glasses away from the warm...
  16. flypn

    Backcountry Sleds?

    thanks... thanks much, I'll do some more reseach cheers
  17. flypn

    Backcountry Sleds?

    Anyone know who makes backcountry haul sleds besides granite gear? recomendations appreciated. -cheers :)