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  1. Robs

    Wapack (Old Mt Road to Miller State Park)

    Hiked the Wapack from Old Mt. Road to Miller State Park (5.2 miles) last night with a partner and a dog. 15 degrees. No running water anywhere. Left a car at Miller State Park parking lot, and drove to the Old Mt. Road lot, which has a "no parking at night" sign but we had no problems when we...
  2. Robs

    Monadnock area hikers/after work hike

    Hey, The Dublin Trail parking area was no problem to get to, and we just used spikes to get to the summit. Tough to keep your bearings up there in the wind! I've found a hiking partner, and we're probably keeping the group size small, but I hope to run into y'all when I'm out there!
  3. Robs

    Monadnock area hikers/after work hike

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is anyone on here in the Monadnock region that would be interested in doing the Dublin Trail on Mt. Monadnock after work some time? I'm also interested in a fellow hiker to check out the various trails on Pack Monadnock. Also, if you're going up to the White...
  4. Robs

    Planning an above-treeline hike Saturday 11/28? Be careful...

    I was hoping to do Washington on Sunday... If the conditions are still too bad, what is a good backup mountain to climb? I'm not worried about the cold as much as the visibility; I can deal with freezing conditions and I have the equipment, it's the possibility of navigating in a white out...
  5. Robs

    Pres. Range, weekend of the 28th

    Good call on being prepared, thanks for the advice!
  6. Robs

    Pres. Range, weekend of the 28th

    I'm thinking overnight, the 28th/29th. I didn't figure there would be much up there, but I want to be prepared and the others don't own snow shoes or crampons, so I'm trying to figure out what they'd have to rent. With what's up there, would you need some kind of traction for your shoes...
  7. Robs

    Pres. Range, weekend of the 28th

    I'm planning on tackling the pres. range on the weekend of the 28th with a few friends. What special equipment do I need this time of year? (e.g. snow shoes, crampons, etc.) Thanks, RobS
  8. Robs

    Sugarloaf (ME) via ski trails?

    I hiked Sugarloaf via the trails a couple weeks ago. Hayburner was really steep, but I chose it just to say there was some challenge to the day, and to test out equipment since I'm new. The people that work there are really friendly. I found the hike down via Timberline-Scoot-etc. was very...
  9. Robs

    Crocker 1/11/09

    Parked at the crossing of ME27 for the AT at about 7:30. The parking lot was closed so I parked on the side of the road. Went up and down and all around the trail crossing Stoney Brook Mt. Snow stopped falling eventually and made it all the way up to a clearing near the last push to the...
  10. Robs


    Shifted it to tomorrow. Anyone know how much snow we're supposed to get up there?
  11. Robs


    I'm going for the Crockers tomorrow, getting there at sun up. Any takers are welcome, just post or PM me. I'll be driving from Orono, and can pick anyone up that needs it.
  12. Robs

    Bigelow Attempt

    I went on candyside from the superquad, then took Hayburner, which was ungroomed enough to make snowshoes slide a lot. At the top of the superquad, a guy told me there were cables out for the groomers, so I had to backtrack to timberline, and took that up. I took timberline to scoot to tote down.
  13. Robs

    DEEP snow

    So, I did sugarloaf today, and was hoping for Spaulding, but the snow was Way too deep; chest deep for a 6'1" fella, and too loose for snow shoes to help enough. From experience in previous years, how long before it compacts? I want to get as many peaks as I can this winter, but that was...
  14. Robs

    Bigelow Attempt

    Went up sugarloaf, great trip. Posted a trip report with equipment stuff. I couldn't find the AT at the summit, but it didn't matter: the snow in that area is too deep to do anything with. I'm talking chest deep, and I'm 6'1".
  15. Robs

    Sugarloaf, 12/23

    Went up Sugarloaf. Attempted to find AT to go to Spaulding, but it was not easily found and the snow was WAY too deep to traverse anyway. If your hiking in this area, wait for the snow to pack unless it's pre-packed (think "ski slope"). I got there at 6:30, the base lodge was open for a...
  16. Robs

    Snowshoe Advice

    Good crampons (more than just the toe, we're talkin all the way around) and a televator, a thing that flips up that your heal rests on. It really helps a lot when climbing. I got the MSR Lightning Ascent, and they're great, but I think the Denali Evo Ascents would work just as well, and are a...
  17. Robs

    Bigelow Attempt

    12/23 change 41 inches is a lot more than I thought it'd be; thanks for the heads up. It's a really long hike into the foot of Bigelow, so I'll settle for the Crockers if it's not too bad, or Sugarloaf with a Spaulding option if it's just altogether too deep for anything.
  18. Robs

    Bigelow Attempt

    I've been trying to get Bigelow in winter since I've started liking hiking. I'm making an attempt tomorrow, bright and early, weather depending. If anyone wants to come along, I could use the company and you're more than welcome. XC-skiing in as far as possible, then snow shoes/crampons up...
  19. Robs

    Orono/Bangor area

    Does anyone know of anything that is a good testing ground for equipment near Bangor/Orono? I was looking at the topo map on Google maps and it looked like everything within an hour is way under 2000 feat... I know there is a trail network near UMaine, but it's almost completely flat...Do I...