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  1. J

    What Kind of Snake is This?

    Was out fishing in southern NH today and saw this guy eating a frog, anybody know what kind of snake it is? Snake
  2. J

    Checklist for winter trip to Baxter (bunkhouse/cabin)

    I started using Aqua Mira a long time ago and still think it is a great option. I do still filter on a select trips depending on water source using a small filter like the sawyer.
  3. J

    Tips for the new Dog

    One thing I would caution against is strenuous constant exercise. Some hikes like you are doing now are great, but don't push it in the first year. Their growth plates are still growing and you don't want to risk long term damage just to get a few extra miles in the first year. If you are...
  4. J

    Backpacker Magazine

    Yes, I should probably sign up for a PayPal account sometime....
  5. J

    Backpacker Magazine

    I think if you sign up to have a Tanga account, it is $1 cheaper...probably not worth it though. I also generate a Virtual Account Number for the credit card. If you guys haven't tried it, you should. It is a great system for online shopping when you don't know the site well!
  6. J

    Backpacker Magazine

    Yes, this is legit, I have ordered magazines from them in the past without issue.
  7. J

    Backpacker Magazine

    I saw this and thought people here may enjoy it. Good price for 2 years (under $5 total). Link to offer with instructions Enjoy, JR
  8. J

    Loon, Loons and more Loons

    That is a lot of loons! I was recently out fly fishing on a pond and a loon came over to see what was up. It proceeded to get within arms reach (I could have actually reached out and touched him!). It then dove back and forth under the boat for the rest of the day and even took a fish off the...
  9. J


    I have gotten in the habbit of spraying some tick spray on my lower pant legs, boot area. Not sure if it really helps, but it doesn't hurt. I will have to say the ticks aren't as bad here as they are in Scotland. At one camp site, my wife walked into the woods a few feet to go to the bathroom...
  10. J

    Snowshoes - MSR Lightning Ascent vs. Atlas 10 series

    I really enjoy my Evo Ascents. +1
  11. J

    Wachusett Season Passes

    two more days to sign up!
  12. J

    North America's Deadliest Animal

    the domestic house cat must be pretty high up on the list.
  13. J

    Wachusett Season Passes

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if anybody from the area (MA/southern NH) is interested, I have started a GPS clubs at Wachusett. By joining a GPS group, you get a good discount (over $100 off) over individual season passes. Bronze pass - $199 (5 day 7 night) Silver...
  14. J

    Asolo discovery..

    Jay, I unfortunately do not have any experience with the Discovery boots, but I have been wearing Asolo FSN 95 boots pretty much since I started hiking. They were the first boot that fit my feet after trying many pairs and I have replaced them with new boots as needed (my current pair is worn...
  15. J

    Want VFTT stickers and don't have them yet?

    Stickers and Patches I would take 2-4 stickers and 2 mail
  16. J

    boot shop in southern NH?

    Nevermind....I found it after another extensive search. The place I was looking for was Alec's shoes in Nashua. -JR
  17. J

    boot shop in southern NH?

    I read on here somewhere of a good place for buying boots that is somewhere in southern NH. They apparently had a lot of good mountaineering boots along with some popular winter boots like the conquests, etc. Does anybody know of the place I am talking about or have any recommendations for a...
  18. J

    A bad expierence in the woods today......

    Well there are a lot of stupid people in this world and unfortunately some of them venture into the woods with guns to "hunt". I used to hunt and it pisses me off beyond belief to hear stories like excuse for it (on the "hunter's" part). Why in the world would you shoot at something...
  19. J

    Dog and owner attacked by deer

    Am I the only one that found this hilarious? Maybe I found another bad pun/joke lover. Gotta love a good bad joke.
  20. J

    To treat or not? - Ticks

    Well, I went to the doc "just in case" and they scheduled a titer for 4 weeks from now along with a 1 time dose of antibiotics. Apparently if you take this one time dose within 72hrs of tick removal you should be set. after that time, the treatment is meds for a month or so. Better safe than...